LG TV Remote

  • Mine only has it on 1 of the two HDMI ports, although they are labelled differently as well.

    I fairly often have to re-enable it if I switch sources and then go back to HDMI 2 where the Pi is connected. The Pi appears as "HDD Recorder" (or something like that) under the Simplink menu, in my TV via the green button from the sources menu.

  • yep, my LG is also little bit picky.. Doesnt run simplink automatically, and often I must manualy set up for HDD recorder. TV says "Simplink doesnt work" or something like that, but after few seconds it works. So, if you dont have AVR between Pi and TV, and your LG knows CEC (Simplink), you should be good after all (standard setting, righ HDMI port, enabled CEC in LibreElec and enabling CEC on TV)