Odd behavior remote vs keyboard keymap?

  • I just noted something odd.
    CEC remotes are supposed to use the regular master keymap for remotes.
    The "OK" button on my "TV-remote" will automagically have the PlayPause function when playing music.
    Now, my other RPi is using a IR remote that I force into being seen as a keyboard using keboard.xml.
    Here comes the funny behavior. If I remap the ok (return) button on my IR remote to PlayPause, it looses the "select" function and can't start any music or anything.
    Looking at the master remote.xml
    - Play is mapped as PlayPause
    - Select as Select
    - enter as fullscreen
    Looking at the master keyboard.xml
    - return is mapped as Select

    It would seem Select for a remote vs Select for a keyboard is not the same Select?
    Or PlayPause is different comparing remote vs keyboard?

    I'm running LE8.0.1 and the Confluence Skin btw.
    It would be nice if I could find a way to make my ir remote behave as the tv-remote but mostly this is just a bizarre behavior that made med go "huh"?
    Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?