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    Thank you very much for this. Connman also didnt work for me with

    Connect reply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply)

    Your idea saves a day. Not sure, why connman doesnt work for me and some others, and for some yes. I dont use pre-shared key nor config line.


    Default LE Setting Addon is dependent on Estuary. Without it has some bad messages in logs, cant be used-acessed from GUI, and maybe do other things which doesnt do any good with using other skins (includes in service-LibreELEC-Settings-mainWindow.xml).

    11:47:36  67.841087 T:1961553920 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: DefaultBackground
    11:47:36  67.841209 T:1961553920 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: TopBar
    11:47:36  67.841263 T:1961553920 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: BottomBar
    11:47:36  67.849884 T:1961553920   ERROR: Window Translator: Can't find window videolibrary
    11:47:36  67.850266 T:1961553920 WARNING: Label Formating: $VAR[GlobalFanartVar] is not defined

    I understand, that its made for default skin. But there are many people, who stays on Confluence, which is still, basically default skin, not some 3rd party obscureness (and, AFAIK, superior to Estuary :saint:). I understand those things needs to be setuped somewhere and I am using Estuary for trigger LE Settings actions.

    But, as this addon cant be disabled later (and skin obviously could be changed), I really dont want it to interfere with my (other) skin (especially when its useless without GUI access).

    Please, could you add some basic try-catch, if the addon dependency (=Estuary) is fullfilled or not, before triggering addon actions? Or allow users to disable addon, after initial setup by users, who are changing default skin and are aware that addon functionality interferes with non-Estuary skins.

    For me, with Pioneer VSX-930 + Panasonic TV (fully supporting 23.987, 24 etc.), the value -200 works: this is mandatory delay, when is AVR in turn off state, and works just like HDMI passthrough to the TV. Interestingly, when is AVR turned ON, the delay seems to be gone (even when AVR auto delay is OFF), so I just have setuped +200 delay on AVR.

    Thank you very much for this thread, until now I need to setup audio delay for all videos within Kodi Audio OSD - and that way I cannot choose different values for different fps.

    I am using following

    if pgrep "autossh" > /dev/null
      autossh -M 0 -f -N -R <target_machine_availability_port>:localhost:22 <target_machine> -p <target_machine_ssh_port> -o "ServerAliveInterval 30" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -o "ExitOnForwardFailure yes"

    keys are setuped between Rpi <--> Target_machine already, so simple ssh <target_machine> -p <target_mchine_ssh_port> works out of the box from Rpi shell.

    + just to be sure, crontab item

    */15 * * * * /storage/

    I checked mysql vs mariadb Peter's configs before (when mariadb plugin was created) and they looked fine to me (I mean, thigns defined on Mysql and working years for me was present also on mariadb config).. Also I gladly noted that binary loggin is disabled by default..

    Klojum, did you start with the fresh/clean content and db/schema? I am using now maria 10.1.37 and didnt notice anything wrong..Thumbnails shows just fine for TV Shows / Movies.

    If you talking about Recent episodes thumbnails on the main screen,

    • I am using service skin widgets and improved recent function on Confluence (Estuary is bad and downgrade for non-tablet/mobile devices) on Kodi though (which removes watched from recents), but I doubt it has any impact on SQL queries.
    • I have scheduled job for c which does caching thumbnails.

    Thanks.. That sounds promising and propably deserves some digging :)

    Triggering events manually (need to use two more buttons, but better than 20% CPU all the time)

    Keyboard input

    I dont use keyboard anywhere, from the quick google seems that actkbd would must be ported.

    IR remoted environments looks easy:

    Create /storage/.config/lircrc

    prog = irexec
    button = KEY_UP
    config = systemctl start kodi
    prog = irexec
    button = KEY_DOWN
    config = systemctl stop kodi

    lircrc deamon isnt started in LE automatically, when lircrc is present, so we need to start it via / etc

    irexec -d /storage/.config/lircrc

    CEC-related inputs:

    I think libCEC should handle inputs even when Kodi service is down - otherwise I dont know, how would be possible to wakeup sleep/hibernated device through it. How to catch input and execute command is another thing.. I look on the Input-libCEC settings, but I dont see there CEC related option, how to "wake-up" Kodi box, when TV is turned ON. Correct me please, if I am mistaken.

    Next big question is, if this could be

    Automated solution

    Shutdown Kodi - I can imagine grep kodi.log, to find, if there is inactivity, or use some Addon (1 / 2) to trigger stop action instead screensaver etc.

    Startup Kodi - Here is really troublemaker. Only thing I imagine there is CEC environments, so Kodi would be started (ie. script would be called) when connected TV is turned ON. But here I am struggling still. How to catch and interprete CEC command: outside Kodi, but just on Linux LibreELEC level?

    Didnt find anything in this thread yet, so I wonder, if following workaround is doable:

    Add option to shutdown/startup kodi service (systemctl) to the usual Sleep/Hibernate functions. So it could be assign for example to CEC TV turn on/off actions. Or additionaly also by keypress through lirc/remote?

    Not sure if this is possible (especially turn-on) part, ie. if using Lirc/remote.xml (maybe lircd) need kodi service running to process keypress. And the same thing for CEC..

    Is this total nonsense, or something, what could be done?

    I would raise a hand for "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" :D (except case, when Kodi will be dependent on some brand new DB function, which is I think very unlikely) I am running Kodi's on MySQL 5.1.73 years, without hickup and I hope I will stay years on MariaDB the same way :)