the ever popular rTorrent is (still) not supported ?

  • Hi all,

    I usually use OpenElec but after my pi's card dead and need a replacement, I choose to use NOOBS installation because it's simple and straightforward.
    During install, I no longer find OpenElec distribution in it but only LibreElec. yeah sure I just chose that and everything runs well just like it was

    Except ... I can't run these torrent add-ons like rTorrent ( my usual choice ), Transmission ( 2nd choice ), and uTorrent ( laste choice ) at all.

    How do I make sure my new LE can run rTorrent like it used to ?

    I'd like to stay with LE, but after searching Google and this post there seems to be no straight forward solution to this yet ( the ones offering solution like Thoradia add-ons only has Tranmission and not rTorrent )

    Maybe someone here can help me ?

  • There are no torrent and related add-ons in our repo because we are a mediacentre distro and providing the tools for you to steal content in addition to being an excellent playback OS isn't going to happen.