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    I think your friend may be better off with osmc. Unless you want to make an addon with all the dependencies.

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    Yeah, I already told him to check out OSMC, it will still boil down to me setting it up for him heh. A plugin for flexget I tought about it but with the gazillion code changes and version updates I am not gonna bother, besides I rather run transmission+flexget on my NAS. Maybe I should tell him to get a cheap NAS on top of a RPI!

    I'd be rather disappointed if it didn't work.

    My Krypton LE builds are here: Index of /builds/master/

    I'd be jumping back and forth between OE and LE without any problems the past 3 days. Kudos!

    I wanted to check out LE but since I am running Eminence (Krypton Mod) I had to revert back to #401 due to LE running on Jarvis and any build above 401 breaking the skin due to the "include name=" to "include definition=" change for all skins. I updated all the .xml files for Eminence 2.0 (Krypton) and will test if builds above OE401 will work. Is there any chance we get LE Krypton builds or there are and I just missed them?

    Also while testing the latest LE build I noticed differences in the CEC key mapping between OE and LE, e.g. the "Exit" button on my Samsung TV remote in OE builds is mapped to "Remove from library" while it does nothing in LE. Although this could again be related to the Eminence skin maybe?

    Finally there was no Estuary skin in LE after updating from OE401, only Confluence, Box and Eminence, which didn't work and caused a lot of reboots.

    Very much looking forward to seeing how LE is shaping up!

    You certainly don't need rtorrent AND transmission as they both do the same thing. rtorrent should use less resources, it is very efficient.

    anybody did any try running flexget as a cronjob on a rpi2 or 3? I take it one would need to install distutils first? Still wondering if there is any plugin in development for flexget... it is running on my ancient buffalo nas like a charm but a friend of mine wants to just do everything (kodi & flexget/torrent during night hours storing on usb and/or wifi hd) with a rpi3.