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    Good idea! I got syncthing working with a clean configuration and could upgrade.

    The only thing is I couldn't find the service unit file to restart syncthing. How is it started?

    But after reboot syncthing does start again!

    However, is the addon not upgraded anymore?

    Thank you very much awiouy!


    Syncthing is not running anymore on LibreELEC 9.2.2. I've installed latest "Syncthing for Kodi addon" that seems to use syncthing 1.4.2. but current syncthing binary version is 1.9.0. Can you provide an update for Kodi please?

    This repeats 5 times until it fails...


    No process with squeezelite is running.

    On the terminal I listed the available outputs

    and I could start a squeezeboxserver with

    squeezeboxlite -o default:CARD=PCH

    So I want to change the audio device in the addon from auto to default:CARD=PCH

    but I get an error, see log file.2019-12-16 18:59:53.950 T:140152416491264 WARNING: Previous line repeats 83 times.

    Looks like the default addon permissions are not correct...:/

    What permissions should be set?

    Thanks, that is working!


    After starting ScummVM a second time per boot the mouse is captured in a smaller virtual screen. I cannot click on any buttons. After a reboot of LibreELEC it works again until next start of ScummVM.

    Interesting: it is just a issues ticket system.

    Anyway, on Generic x86_64 system addon only needs to be rebuild. And then it runs fine.

    Access to the ticket system is still denied.

    Unfortunately on LibreELEC 9.2 this bug still exists.

    I'm running the generic x86_64 build. How can I rebuild this latest LibreELEC addon?

    Thank you very much!


    since LibreELEC 9.0.0 the automatic update is broken for me (x86_64). LibreELEC 9.0.1 was not installed automatically for me although it is set to auto in settings. After some days I updated manually to LE 9.0.1 by downloading the image and placing it to .update. Now LE 9.0.2 is out for a while and I still get no automatic updates. When I set updates to manual I can chose the available releases and there is 9.0.2 available. It looks like the automatic updater does not run?!

    Is there any service responsible for update checks I could examine? I did not find a proper systemd or cron job that could do this...



    I found the appropriate settings file:


    The channel element was empty. After changing it to


    it seems to be ok again. Waiting for the next update....

    I've waited some days after the release of 9.0.1 while I was on 9.0.0 but I didn't get the update automatically. That's why I updated manually with the image and .updates.

    Currently I'm running the official image LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0.1 on Intel hardware.

    On the previous releases LibreELEC 8.X I could see the appropriate update channel when I've changed it to manual updates. Now this list is empty for me.

    It would be great to have an "check for updates now" in the update-settings...


    I have installed LibreELEC 9.0 x64 and I did't get updates automatically for 9.0.1. I set updates to manual and checked the update channel. It is completely empty! So I installed the update by copying the LE 9.0.1 image to .updates. That worked. But I still have an empty update channel on manual updates and I think that's why I also get no updates on automatic updates.

    What's wrong?


    Perfect! Didn't know that there is an ova image. This is working for me....

    ...except shared data:

    I enabled "Folder Sharing" in VM settings, added my host path /mnt/data and its name data.

    SSH to the LE VM, I tried

    # mkdir /media/data
    # mount -t vmhgfs .host:/mnt/data /media/data/
    Error: cannot canonicalize mount point: No such file or directory
    mount: mounting .host:/mnt/data on /media/data/ failed: No such file or directory

    Any ideas?

    Can I list VMware shared folders to see if it exports my share to the VM?


    I'd like to run LE for tests in a VM. Unfortunately the X server could not start and I found these erros in the log file:

    ERROR: failed to initialize egl
    ERROR: GLX Error: vInfo is NULL!

    Does anybody got it working in KVM on linux? Using the video card Virtio LE hangs in a boot loop. All other video cards do not start X server (no GL).


    *LibreELEC 9.0.0*

    As for your observations: this sounds a bit like you have wireless reception problems with the receiver - to weak signal or interference. Try to move the wireless remote receiver to some other location and also try replacing the batteries in your remote.

    I have fixed the location of the remote receiver inside my case. Replacing batteries did not change anything.

    Other than that the ati_remote kernel module seems to have 2 parameters you could try playing with, repeat_filter and repeat_delay. Not sure what they actually do, just noticed these in modinfo

    # modinfo ati_remote
    parm: channel_mask:Bitmask of remote control channels to ignore (ulong)
    parm: debug:Enable extra debug messages and information (int)
    parm: repeat_filter:Repeat filter time, default = 60 msec (int)
    parm: repeat_delay:Delay before sending repeats, default = 500 msec (int)
    parm: mouse:Enable mouse device, default = yes (bool)

    Create a /storage/.config/modprobe.d/atiremote.conf file like this:

    options ati_remote repeat_filter=XXX repeat_delay=YYY

    That is, what I was looking for! Thanks! :thumbup:

    I'm not sure if I've understood the options properly, so please correct me:

    repeat_delay: this is the delay how long I have to press a button before a repeat is detected. Shorter values could lead to double button press when pressing a button for a short time. With larger values I have to keep pressing longer on that button before it is detected as a double button press.

    repeat_filter: when pressing a button for a long time ( > repeat_delay; like scrolling down a list) and a repeat is detected, every X msec an action for this button is executed. So you can increase or decrease the amount of actions executed while pressing a button for a longer time.

    Am I right?

    What I still not understand is which module I'm using for my remote.

    lsmod shows me these loaded modules for remotes:

    rc_medion_x10          16384  0
    ati_remote             20480  0
    rc_core                24576  8 dvb_usb_dvbsky,rc_medion_x10,ati_remote,rc_dvbsky,dvb_usb_v2,nuvoton_cir

    My remote is a wireless (no infrared) X10, which was sold by medion and ati too.

    Fernbedienung - USB X10 – VDR Wiki

    Both drivers are loaded (maybe both needed?). lirc debug detects key presses on general device devinput.

    However, I get good results with /storage/.config/modprobe.d/atiremote.conf

    options ati_remote repeat_filter=120 repeat_delay=1000 mouse=no

    Maybe this or similar settings for this remote kernel module should be distributed by default in LibreELEC if other users using the same module and can eliminate their double presses too?

    Best regards,



    I'm running LibreELEC on x86_64 hardware. I do not use a logitech harmony but a X10 wireless remote (no infrared). Previously on linux I used the driver lirc_atiusb or atilibusb. Now the X10 remote is working on LibreELEC using devinput.

    There are three processes for lirc running in the background (is that normal?):

    301 root       0:00 /usr/sbin/eventlircd -f --evmap=/etc/eventlircd.d --socket=/run/lirc/lircd
    801 root       0:00 {} /bin/sh /usr/lib/kodi/ --standalone -fs --lircdev /run/lirc/lircd
    806 root       4:12 /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin --standalone -fs --lircdev /run/lirc/lircd

    Interesting: I recognized that the double key press events disappear when I'm direct in front of the X10 receiver. The more far away I'm sitting to the X10 receiver the more double key presses I get. Usually I'm sitting around 3m away from the receiver and producing many double button events which was not happening before LibreELEC 8.2. Is there any way to tune this?

    Thanks & best regards,