running LibreELEC in KVM?

  • I'd like to run LE for tests in a VM. Unfortunately the X server could not start and I found these erros in the log file:

    1. ERROR: failed to initialize egl
    2. ERROR: GLX Error: vInfo is NULL!

    Does anybody got it working in KVM on linux? Using the video card Virtio LE hangs in a boot loop. All other video cards do not start X server (no GL).


    *LibreELEC 9.0.0*

  • For kvm, you need to pass through a physical gpu

    If you just need a testing environment without a physical gpu, you can use the ova for vmware

  • Perfect! Didn't know that there is an ova image. This is working for me....

    ...except shared data:

    I enabled "Folder Sharing" in VM settings, added my host path /mnt/data and its name data.

    SSH to the LE VM, I tried

    1. # mkdir /media/data
    2. # mount -t vmhgfs .host:/mnt/data /media/data/
    3. Error: cannot canonicalize mount point: No such file or directory
    4. mount: mounting .host:/mnt/data on /media/data/ failed: No such file or directory

    Any ideas?

    Can I list VMware shared folders to see if it exports my share to the VM?