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    To clarify, I don't believe there is a way to disable/enable/restart addons in kodi/le from cli.

    However, as others pointed out, the linuxserver docker addons use systemd so if what you're after is simple stop/start, you can do that via systemctl. But you won't be able to change addon settings in between.

    The proper and the only supported way is through the gui.

    I don't recommend running docker container apps as root. Some flat out don't work (anything with php for instance). It also creates a security liability especially for ones with exposed guis.

    Linuxserver docker addons run as nobody:users (65534:100). If you're mounting an external drive (or a remote share), make sure to mount it as user 65534:100 and chown as needed and it will be fine. Libreelec runs as root so it will be able to access it anyway.

    As a docker container, by default it is sandboxed. Anything the container should have access to, should be defined in the docker arguments. The addon only allows access to the config folder for saving persistent data and the music folder for access to media.

    For that to work, the Bluetooth device likely needs to be mapped into the container. I've never attempted such a feat so I'm not sure if it's even possible.

    There is no such thing as install when it comes to docker. It runs in a container. So you create a container and start it. That's it.

    "docker create . . ." creates a container

    "docker start . . ." starts a container

    "docker run . . ." is the combination of docker create and start.

    Check the log via "journalctl -u docker.linuxserver.nextcloud" and it should tell you what's going on with the creation and start of the container.

    A potential issue could be that port 443 is already taken so the container can't be started with that mapping. If that's the case, go into addon settings and change the port to something else that's not in use.

    Hi there,

    If I'm allowed to pick up an old thread, I'm also stuck on this issue. I am very new to docker and can't find a way to use portainer. Here is the log:

    I have no idea what the lsio network is...

    lsio is the custom docker network set up by the updater addon, which is a dependency for all the docker addons in the linuxserver repo.

    No idea why it says it doesn't exist. Try disabling and re-enabling the updater addon and check its log