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    I wouldn’t think samba would be part of the issue. As the fopen/fwrite/fclose function calls are handled by the kernel filesystem drivers. Samba is a userland application (that happens to offer its services across th3 network.)

    The actual issue with samba 4.16.x and the dcerpc was that the samba team were seperating the non file RPC calls into a helper program.

    Hi humdinger - wget is part of busybox on LibreELEC as an intentional minimal install. (The curl installation on LibreELEC is the full curl implementation.)

    I'm not the world favorite english speaker, but I guess that should read " I bought ..." or even "I have bought"

    - me is unsure -

    As I was word-smithing another sentence - what about “I purchased …” :) It is a cold Sunday morning here alongside the beach, and not much else to do here, and my Football (AFL) team lost last night :-(. Have a great day all.

    See Librespot no longer works for the workaround

    By way of a note. librespot update to 0.4.x has been in the backlog for a while. It has been updated but the following compile error still needs to be addressed. Based on the GitHub comments 0.4.2 might address the “issue” but blocker is time/knowledge in fixing the below first.

    LE wouldn’t be writing to the 6TB in the scenario you point out.

    Here is what would have been mounted as a guess?




    LE would be busy using /storage/ .kodi .config …

    Unless you had something specifically configured (addons) or some configuration. lE shouldn’t have been writing to the “SeagateSomething” disk at the time. We’re you copying files across to the drive via samba….

    All guesses, but hope the info helps you piece together what may have been happening.