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    1. Copy plex.conf to /storage/.config/plex.conf: (then run systemctl daemon-reload)
    2. Copy the .service file to /storage/.config/system.d/plex.service (also edit to change location of, or remove the ExecStartPre)
    3. Run
    4. Run systemctl enable plex; systemctl start plex
    5. Enjoy

    thanks for this.

    how do I do this right ?

    when i get to 3, i cant get further.

    after pasting the 2cip into the plex.conf and upload it to folder my putty gives me:

    LIBREELEC:~ # systemctl daemon-reload


    -sh: not found


    can you advice on this ( for you:D ) simple task ...

    Hi all.

    I have installed

    I cant visit the local page.. no page loads.

    the unit has a local IP, and i have tried both and this..

    no success in connecting to the admin module..

    what Im i doing wrong ?

    I dont care whats on the image on the box.

    Its the hardware i want, Im always installing to internal.. i DONT want google in my house either.

    just a pure libreelec with KODI.

    my beelink and X96 are working fine, but I just cant get this box to boot from microsd.. and I dont know why..

    just got this home, and have tried to boot it all day using s902 builds and 3g device trees.

    XGODY S10 Kodi Media Player Android TV Box 7.1 Amlogic Octa Core S912 DDR4 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Arabic IPTV Subscription 4K Streamer-in Set-top Boxes from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

    I just cant get it to boot into libreelec..

    any of you have the same box and had succes ? and which image ? i have tried all versions, even coreelec..

    Im considering just bying another one of my X96 S905 boxes, since it works fine.

    I have no Idea how an update could break something like a Flirc, as it is nothing more than a usb-keyboard for the os.

    And mine still works, no matter what device or what os.


    i dont understand the issue.. this is the second one im having trouble with. and the funny thing is on my universal remote, the power button is a direct copy of the s905 (china remote) power. it works fine. but the other buttons dont.

    I suspect its not a libreelec issue, but coding of the flirc. yet still a good place to ask if any have had the same problems.

    i will recalibrate my remote for the 3´th time at test again..

    Hi all.

    Solved it.!

    1: disabled overscan on plasma..

    2: and added to advancedsettings the following lines so that the resolution is fixed at 50hz



    <description>1920x1080 @ 50.00 - Full Screen</description>











    its the TH-42PX80E

    I also had the plasma set to automatic screen resolution( by mistake ?), so I have set it to 16:9 default..

    it hasn't changed any thing the last boots of Librelec, and since my eyes are old and the black is still very good in this plasma model, i have no need for more than 720.

    now it seems to work.! lets see..

    very happy with Libreelec!!

    Hi all.

    running a S905X (named X96) from china..on a 42 Panasonic plasma from 2007 with a flirc2.

    it works fine.

    but I just cant seem to force 1080/50Hz in KODI. every now and then ( not every time... which is even more weird) my X96 switches back to 1080/60Hz. and I have to change to 50Hz again an calibrate...etc.. very annoying. and the only thing that is wrong with the player. otherwise it runs smootly. ( not using logitechs products - since they lag 0.5-1 secs )

    50Hz makes my movies run smootly but when the player chooses 60hz by itself after powered of for some hours, the movies have small glitches/lags which I can see right away.

    what i dont understand is that ajust to refreshrate is turned off. and the setting to 50Hz should!?? be remembered right ? but it doesnt.. something overrides the setting on kodi..

    my advancedsettings follows.

    I dont know what the issue is..

    please give input..

    is it something to do with hdmi ports ?
































    <loglevel hide="true">-1</loglevel> <!-- Disables logging -->


    <skiploopfilter>0</skiploopfilter> <!-- For low CPU device use 16 or higher -->