[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

  • I've got a question.
    Every time I turn on a movie black screen with "No Signal" message appears for 2-3 seconds.
    Same thing happens when I turn it off.
    Also on boot i've got LibreELEC loading screen --> "No Signal" message for 2-3 secs --> Kodi loading screen.
    Is that normal in LibreELEC?

    Probably refresh rate change, which is normal.

  • Hello...

    I have Tanix TX5 Pro with Libreelec 8.1.10 and i have connected box with sound amplifer directly with optical ...

    I do not have any issues with DD or DTS and i can play AAC 2.0 without any issues... I cannot play AAC 5.1...

    When i play AAC 2.0 amplifier shows sound stream as PCM 2.0 and when i play AAC 5.1 i see nothing in amplifier's display...

    I have enabled in Kodi "Passthrough" option and also AC3 and AC3 transcoding...

    Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

    Thank you in advance for your help...

    Best regards...

  • I hear that the Beelink factory in China have now stopped production of the excellent Mini MXIII II S905X model. I am told the replacement is the new Beelink A1 with an RK3328 processor. So my question is will LibreELEC be likely to support these new RK3328 based boxes in the near future or even at all ?? The spec of the RK3328 compared to the S905X is very similar with the S905 slightly winning on benchmark score from a report I read. However the RK3328 supports USB3 and Android 7 (not that I ever use Android bloatware). Just wish they would not keep changing boxes as it is not very long ago that the Beelink MXIII II came out !!!!

    Anyway must report that 8.1.10 is superb on my Beelink MXIII II S905X box and I am very happy without any thoughts or needs of upgrading to any new RK3328 boxes or other box unless proved to be a genuinely worthwhile change for the better.

    Many thanks to Kszaq for everything he does here and I hope he is having a great vacation, indeed a well deserved one.

    EDIT. Ah just realised from some researching that the RK3328 is a Rockchip device not Amlogic. So maybe should not have posted this here but hey I like it here :) I understand from past comments that Rockchip cpus are inferior to Amlogic so why would Beelink change from Amlogic ?? Beats me.

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  • We have been working with Rockhip Linux developers for a while now and there is a roadmap towards future support for RK3328 devices. Based on the simple fact that this work is based upon recent mainline kernels and proper standards (not just the hacked-up junk kernels Amlogic has shipped in the past) RK images look quite promising.

  • Hello,

    Since version 8.1.9, I am experienced stuttering with live-tv (using dvblink pvr client). On my computer, same configuration, I do not have any problem. I rollbacked to v8.1.8, and the issue has gone.

    Does anyone have experienced this also ? Is there any fix regarding this ?

    Thank you