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    I'm growing increasingly tired of all the problems, not just user or build related issues but things that have happened behind the scenes which have greatly effected me and other developers.

    I have asked for issues to be posted on the issue tracker where they can be better managed and where I will happily respond to each and every issue raised, posting issues here accomplishes nothing and just bogs the thread down.

    By opening an issue on GitHub it is not just myself who will respond but also afl1, Raybuntu and others, issues can be dealt with on a 1:1 basis without all of the noise the forums generate and they can be better tracked and issues will generally get resolved much much quicker and in a more orderly fashion.

    I figured as much and I do understand.

    Just make sure it stays enjoyable for yourself, one way or the other. That's the only important part.



    GDPR-2: wow, are you ok, man?

    Your posts have grown more and more angry lately towards almost anything and anyone.

    I was just trying to get it to work in the current state and i did...sort of.

    It wasn't ment as a complaint about alpha software, i thought you would know that by now.

    Anyway, you will not see any more posts from me concerning the matter if it bothered you that much.

    In the mean time i wish you well. Remember this is all for fun.

    I am a little bit weird on that stuff and keep a copy of the addons\packages dir, where all your installed addons are cached.

    Unfortunately, i cant provide you with a tvh copy, ‘cause i use a different backend.

    It’s always a good idea to keep a full copy of a working installation as well.

    In any case, better to be on the latest, so hoping this gets solved in 8.90.2

    That will be because the repo version is compiled against the new build i think.

    Try using the version that initially came with 8.90.0. Solved it for me (pvr addon will be wanting to get updated). Installing to internal should be unrelated

    I suspected as much, seems to be mce remote related. I switched back to 8.90.0 because of this, but still have a test system running the latest. I'll have another go at it later, but i dont expect to be able to solve this at user level.

    Cheers, Atreyu

    No, codes are not recognized so remapping is not an option.

    I guess the new keyboard approach causes it ('menu' key, which i use for 'home' is also not putting out an ir code).

    I tried with the buildin xbox360 map and creating a custom one. No dice.

    Is anyone else having problems with rc-6 mce remotes? It’s my understanding they are supposed to be supported out the box.

    All keys work apart from ‘back’ when I go into key map editor back shows as ‘browser back’ and won’t allow me to add the back key from the remote?

    Yes, i reported this already. Cant get 'back' to work no matter what on 8.90.1.

    8.90.1 has broken Mce remote but i guess that is a known issue? Seen from Kodi forum that more people have that problem with latest builds.

    Same for the xbox 360 mce remote, which worked ootb on 8.90.0

    I switched to a different ir/rf remote for now, since i did not succeed in getting the xbox360 to work 100% in this release. (Back/home not responding). Previous method works on other standard ir remotes.

    Oef. Looks like some no-name exotic model.

    Look at the thread mentioned by bubblegum57 and try some of those, see which one works best. You could always remap with the keymap editor in Kodi afterwards