[8.90.6] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

  • Thanks for a new release.

    I updated from the 8.90.5 release and tried a clean install.

    Unfortunately, the new kernel still has some a/v issues. I tested for a couple of hours. It's better than the test releases, but for livetv theres still a/v regression to the point that it becomes unusable.


    - Picture will start frozen for some time (sound continues), especially with hd content. Sd has the frozen picture on start, be it less frequent

    - Both HD and SD show artifacts and/or picture will freeze for some moments. Sometimes sound drops out.

    Reverting to 8.90.5 gives a perfect picture and livetv starts fluidly.

    If you want me to do more specific tests or provide logs or more info please tell me. I will do what i can to help troubleshoot this issue.

    Thanks for your efforts so far and have a perfect weekend!


  • Hello guys, I want help about latest build regarding remote. If I use 2.4GHz UKB - 500 - RF Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse In latest build 8.90.6 (just plug dongle into USB port and remote is ready to use) and remote is ready to use or also have to configure this remote just like default andriod box remote? I m also uploading the photo because I m going to purchase this wireless remote/keyboard, because I don’t have specific skills to add default nexbox’s infrared remote config file/follow the procedure. That’s why I m purchasing wireless remote/keyboard.

  • Hans Gruber have you continued watching livetv for a longer period of time? If so, after it 'sorts itself out' do you still have black screens / artifacts every now and then, more noticably with HD content ?

    I've not actually watched Live TV with it yet. I'll keep an eye out for that. I've not noticed any artefacts/black screens during playback, just a brief black screen at the start of videos, and not on all of them.

  • Ok, i havent seen black screens on non-livetv content. Livetv has some serious issues, that's why i asked.

    In your case, are you sure the black screens are not caused by the auto refresh rate change setting ? It's activated by default..

  • No it's not the the refresh rate change thing, it lasts a bit longer than that.

    Just watching a bit of Live TV (BBC Breakfast on BBC1 HD on Freeview) and it seems ok so far, although the picture does appear to be shifting a pixel or so left or right every so often, noticeable on static backgrounds. But I have no idea if it was doing that before the new kernel, or if it's something broadcaster is doing.

  • DTS-HT, Atmos, 4K, HDR, DTB-T, IPTV All works fine on my KI Pro.

    The only thing is that:

    - AAC 2.0 don't play.

    - Sometimes an old image in the video-buffer is display when switching channels.

  • So no frozen livetv picture or sound dropouts on your setup with 8.90.6?

    I hope i can provide some info for GDPR-2 is it seems it's not a 'one-hits-all' issue but it makes this build not usable as it is now sadly.

  • I took a look at your video, your issue is indeed different.

    In my case, picture freeze/catchup and audio dropouts are (much) more noticable. Capturing the .ts stream will not show the issue in my case because its done by the backend. Recordings play fine.