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    Read my initial question again, it's all there. Your comments do not help at all.

    This is not about flicker or personal reception of refresh rates.

    LE should play 24.00Hz content without frame skips.

    It does so if the menu refresh rate is switched to 24.00Hz beforehand.
    It does not if the menu refresh rate is at 60Hz.
    It used to work with a 60Hz menu refresh rate in older builds.

    Please refrain from commenting if you cannot contribute or understand the issue.

    jd, I answered to your question exhaustively and I understand it very well :)

    Your problem is not related to build number. If that would be the case everyone here would report it.

    Your Kodi installation may be corrupt.

    1. Did you try make fresh installation?

    2. Did you try to set refreshrate overrides in advancedsettings.xml?

    If 1 is not fixing the problem make step 2.

    Create file advancedsettings.xml and paste this:

    Copy advancedsettings.xml to Userdata folder.

    Adjust display refresh rate to match video in Kodi settings must be enabled.

    Restart your box and see if that helps.

    Yes it does for 23.976Hz, but not for the rare, even 24.00Hz sources.

    I respectfully disagree, I like my sources being playbacked with their native refresh rate. :)

    Cinema movies are shot at 23.976fps which is known as 24p. Exception are UK movies shot at 24.000fps and Kodi interpretation is the same for both. It will switch (should) your TV to 24Hz. It does in my case. I checked it like minute ago.

    If it doesn't on your setup make adjustrefreshrate overrides in advancedsettings.xml (advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki).

    The downside of 24Hz if flickering which is more or less visible in some scenes. Especially bright.

    Not even cinemas really show 24fps. The shutter rotates so actually you are watching at 48Hz or 72Hz.

    More Hz = less flickering.

    So if don't wanna hurt your eyes buy a 48Hz, 72Hz or 120Hz panel TV.

    I personally like to set 50Hz and let Kodi to match the rest. Basically it's played like PAL standard (all Europe) and it's smooooth :) And no flickering! ;)

    Check the settings again.

    Refresh rate works as it should.

    For smooth playback you can also set:

    - 50 Hz in GUI

    - Adjust display refresh rate to match video ON

    - Sync playback to display ON

    It's better solution than 24 Hz in my opinion.

    I'm curious - is anyone able to play h264 4k stuff with this build? For me it always starts stuttering and crashes the box after a few seconds. However, h265 4k stuff plays fine. Will provide logs..

    kszaq's build plays fine with both, in my experience.

    (S905 box here)

    I had all kinds of problems with 8.2.5. Buffering issues, freezing, tons of framedrops when playing with external subs with some files, YouTube had huge buffering issues. I did clean install and that helped like for 3 days and problem returned. Thought that box was overheating and turned off GPU OC but I wasn't that. Went back to Test2 which is still the most stable.

    With which base code?

    What do you mean by base code...?

    You just need an image of LibreElec for your box (S905) prepared on a microSD card (better) or USB stick and proper dtb file. I wrote about dtb in messege you quoted.

    I use Rufus to make an image:

    Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

    Image for your box would be this one:

    How to prepare bootable microSD here:

    [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds on S905/S905D/S905W/S905X/S912 device

    It looks complicated but trust me. You'll be surprised how fast and easy the whole process is.

    Hi guys,

    I just purchased the "T95X". It's description is:

    2018 New Configuration SeekEdge Android Mini TV Box with 64Bit Amlogic S905X Quad-core CPU 2GB Ram+16GB ROM EMMC and Supporting 4K (60Hz) Full HD/H.265/2.4G WiFi/100M

    Has anyone tried this particular box? I'm trying to determine the combo to get this to run LE.


    Try all p212_2g dtb's. One of them will work for sure.

    gxl_p212_2g.dtb should work. If not try others p212_2g

    It is not the same issue. With wwrxtasy build, (test 1 I think) I use external subs, they didn't crash kodi. I'm using it in a nfs and smb folders.

    Correct. I'm using version on my S905X without any issues. All subtiles are working fine. Box is connected to PC via SMB and I use external subs almost always. Had no crashes at all.

    Something must had change between releases and 8.2.5.

    I want GUI to boot and stay at 50Hz always.

    If I change refresh rate to 50Hz in System settings it keeps it until the next restart. After restart it boots in 60Hz.

    Is there a way to force Kodi to boot and stay at 50Hz?

    Is anybody having errors using the "Library Auto updater" Addon ?

    I have two Beelink Mini MXIII II boxes that gives me errors when I install it.

    The auto update doesn't work and I get errors when I try to do a manual update.

    Set scanning library on start in Kodi settings and put

    cleanonupdate command in advancedsettings.

    This will clean your library on every boot. Works flawless every time.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    I've never noticed it. I have S905, S905x and S905w boxes. I have a Panny plasma TX-P42X50B model. I've never noticed it on any of these boxes with all releases I've used up to and including the excellent wrxtasy latest release.

    I'm very sensitive to video stutter, motion judder etc, so I would think I would notice it if it was occurring for me.

    Does it happen on a fresh install without any extra addons or advanced settings? Just wondering.............

    This happens with first line of subtitles showing on screen and sometimes somewhere in the middle when there's a line with italic subtitle.

    Happens to me with every Krypton and Leia build.

    It's not visible in every movie but in some very.

    Star Trek Beyond HEVC 1080p 10bit PSA rip is a perfect example. First line of subtitle "My name is James Tiberius Kirk" and the stutter is very big :)