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    You cannot do 4:4:4 10-bit, this will actually go over the 18Gbps limit of HDMI 2.0b. You can either do 4:2:2 10/12-bit or 4:4:4 8-bit.

    I actually have the below HDMI extractor because my Pioneer receiver only supports 1080p and can confirm it will work with full 18Gbps 4k HDR content and DTS-MA/True HD audio. It should support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

    Grr I typed a detailed response but it has all disappeared.

    I did try to say that the Gofanco is supposed to support all these modes including UHD 10 bit HDR and 444 but there is no way my capable LG Super UHD SJ850 model shows what the display characterics it is showing actually are. Not that much of a problem right now as little material is available in 444 10 bit UHD / HDR of course with most being 422 10 bit still. But for the future of course I want the best I can possibly get and can normally see the benefit of the lack of banding you see with a 10 bit source, particualrly in the blue sky, with an 8 bit displays where it is very nopticeable and annoying. The Gofanco splitter does not as yet support Dolby Vision but I am hoping a firmware update may eventually fix that.

    Sorry for delay in replying but had some problems logging into this site after some probelms with my PC Chrome browser. Tried switching to the new Brave browser, which is very fast and looks excellent but have a frequent text corruption problem within it I cannot yet fix and makes it unusuable for me.

    Thanks also to Shoog for his response and indeed I have not yet really joined the CE based forums here but indeed I must now do so. But I do not relish the time consumming task of going through hundreds of posts to find my answer. So would greatly appreciate a quick answer here if possible as to whether or not to enable this 4.2.2 option in the System settings and exactly what does it do.

    It works

    Yes indeed it does using the CE 9.0.1 official build . I have started this Leia build from scratch i.e. not restoring to it a previous Krypton backup so that ensures I do not carry over lots of baggage from old stranded dependencies etc. ot indeed any non compatitble old addons. SO I do prefer a nice clean start with a new KODI system.

    One question so far is regarding the option in the System Settings for the special configurations. What is the 4.2.2 option for. Does that option if enabled force the system to not output 4.4.4. or maybe 10 bit too and downgrade it to 4.2.2. 8 bit for equipment that cannot take 4.4.4. like many projectors etc. ?? There is no inbuilt help info on that option and it is ambigious as to what exactly it does.

    I do want the full 4.4.4. HDR and 10 bit output to my fully capable TV when available. So I have recently purchased a special high quality, not cheap (about US$60), Gofanco Prophecy 2 in - 1 out HDMI 2a splitter that has an astounding 18 Gbps bandwidth capability and supports full 4K HDR and 4.4.4. chroma too. Amazingly this unit also has the means to downscale output to 1080 on just one outport port with a non UHD display or AVR attached. It has EDID editing DIL switches too for many different options to meet your needs. Works a treat, so I can now enjoy the full UHD, HDR, 4.4.4. output to my TV just about as it would be if connected directly to my TX9 Pro box, and cAn now use the HDMI connection to my non UHD/HDR Denon AVR so I can enjoy full spec high quality passthrough audio modes like DTS HD MA etc which were not available to me running the audio via FIbre Optic Toslink connection from my TV to the AVR Toslink input. This Gofanco splitter does just about all I need but not Dolby Vision HDR as yet, though there is a means to firmware upgrade these splitters so maybe a firmwware update may be released by Gofanco that can facilitate Dolby Vision in the future even in restricted to 8 bit 4.2.2. in such a high spec mode ??

    So I can happily recommentd the Gofanco Prophecy splitter. Other alternatives are available of course like the SIIG almost identical high spec splitter, which I am certain uses exactly the same hardware.and has the same features but is about $10 dearer generally.

    If you image a working SD card you are creating a file that matches the 16GB? of the card, even if the card only has 1GB of actual data on it. It would be faster to create a backup (in LE settings) that you restore after installing the default LE image, as this will only be the actual data. The difference in time is simply the difference in how long it takes to write 1GB vs 16GB (or whatever capacity the SD card is).

    I have found this is not the case as not only does the 16GB image include my data and setting too (yes I can use LE backup and restore) but also it has the right DTB, which also would otherwise needs writing to the SD card manually, and then it is all set up for special needs like TX9 front panel display drivers and settings. The time it takes to simply restore the image to a matching 16GB SD card is really no problem as I just leave it copying on the PC whilst I get on with other things and anyway it does not take that long. I am dubious that it would take any less time doing it all from scratch and restoring a user backup, and also remember when first booted the SD card needs its data partition configuring by the system too and that all also takes time. Alluneeded using the image restore of course.

    I have used both methods and personally far more recommend a full SD card image restoral using say Win32DiskImager.

    Hi Devilkin

    Well that device is certainly not the best these days. Newer higher spec boxes with more memory, dual band WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth etc are now availabel and so very very cheap that it is a no brainer not to upgrade.

    However I can suggest with your box that you try a different method to switch your box so it can boot from the SD card or USB stick (recommend SD cards and be aware that USB stick method usually only works from only one of the available USB ports on your device). The toothpick/pin in the reset hole does not work with all devices. So use the Terminal Emulator method as that may well work for you as it usually always does fro most devices. Get hold of the Terminal Emulator APK from say here

    Download Android Terminal Emulator APK 1.0.70 from APK4Fun - APK4Fun and install the downloaded APK file into your Device in Android in the usual way say via a USB stick. With your specially prepped LE KODI bootable SD card in the device's SD card slot run up the newly installed Terminal Emulatot app whilst in Android and in the command screen that pops up simply type the command "reboot update" , that is without the quotes and a single space between the two words. Then be patient and your box should soon boot off the SD card into LibreELEC. No need to repeat this process of course as now your box is configured to always boot from the bootable SD card if it is present, so suggest you leave it in always.

    For your information to return to the default Android firmware then select Boot to Internal from the LibreELEC KODI onscreen shutdown options, and this will simply boot into Android without needing to remove the SD card which will obviouolsy result in wear and tear. Then to return to LibreELEC KODI from the Android home screen you simply hold down the red power button on your remote until the Power Off &/or Restart message appears onscreen, and then hit the remote OK button. This will shut down the box, so simply hit the remote power button again and it will boot back up into LibreELEC KODI, as long as you did not remove the special SD card of course. This certainly works with Android 6 and 7 , but not tested it with earlier versions. Hope that helps.

    Just friendly notice for all users who was happy with kszaq's build and missed his releases badly. I had hard time with the continued LE releases ie. reboots the box when 4k video was opened etc... I have switched to coreelec and cannot be happier. Great support, releases with splendid changelogs, no more test1, test2, 1000nits gamble. K1 plus combo working great with tuner, no more headaches with LE. I really encourage you to switch.

    I have experienced no problems with the latest "experimental" build from wrxtasy LE and it works beautifully with my S912 box TX9 Pro box. No intention of switchignup to Leia in teh immediate or as yet foreseeable future as I am very happy with what I have right now/ As long as you use HDMI 2 cables it supports full UHD with HDR too and supposedly 10 bit 444 as well (if your TV does of course) which is set to auto enabled when the source material deictates, but I have no means on my TV of confirming that, though hey it looks great and fails without a HDMI 2 link..

    So I had to initially change my old HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 cables for some new dearer but not too expensive HDMI 2 cables. Also note if you use an HDMI splitter, whcih I have been trying to do as my old but still excellent Denon X500 AVR does not support UHD, then you must ensure that the splitter fully supports HDMI 2 as very few truly do. Make sure it specifies HDMI 2 as the 1.4 ones say and do support normal straight 8 bit non HDR UHD/4K signals at 25 fps. Just trying to source a good HDMI 2, 1 In 2 Out splitter locally but no joy so far so it seems I will have to get one off of ebay and wait so bloody long for delivery as usual. Then I will not be restricted to the Toslink Fibre Optic digital audio connection to my AVR as that is of course limiting for the higher spec digital audio modes a lot of more recent material supplies.


    All my files are stored on my NAS and I use NFS protocol

    I´m also no noob - working as IT prof since 1995.

    Yes, I saw some issue report @CE forum and the CE chief developer said it was just only mud and deleted the forum posts.

    OK, he is the big boss in his own forum and he can do there what he wants to to

    Yep Tim is absolutley right. It is why having no time to spend working on KODI 18 and CE with the developers I will of course sensibly of course stick to what works and works bloody well and that is reliable great versions LE 8.2 including the latest excelletn releases from Wrxtasy too. All solid on my S905X and S912 boxes. No issues at all currently including playing 10 bit UHD content with HDR from both online streaming tests and off of my NFS NAS drive files. Also works no problem off of the NAS drive using Samba shares too BTW. But far mroe reliable and smoother on the S912 for such high spec content much helped by it having a Gigabit Ethernet port of course.

    So my advise to all those who have not got the time or wherewithal to help test CE KODI 18 with the devlopers, is to stick with KODI 17.6 unitl Leia KODI 18 is fuilly released and then wait some for most of the early bugs to then be ironed out. No need for impatience as what we have now with LE 8.2 K17.6 is bloody excellent and works very well indeed so really there is no need to be impatient IMHO. Just enjoy what we have working so bloody well right now. with the excellent LE 8.2.x.x KODI 17.6.

    I really appreciate wrxtasy hard work but in my opinion it's time to move. CoreELEC is almost ready and works just better and faster. The CPU temperatures are lower, GUI seems snappier and maybe it's just subjective but I think the picture quality is also better.

    Downside is the whole remote control issue but you need to try it for yourself.

    Feel free. I love the latest LE 8 with KODI 17.6 thanks and do not want the almost pointless hassle of switching over to Leia certainly for some time yet to come. Let all the bugs get sorted and then I will reevaluate just whether or not it is worht all the effort of switching over from a perfectly good system with many thanks to wrxtasy for his continued great work. I briefly tried an earlier version of KODI 18 with CoreELEC and quite frankly I was not impressed. All it gave me that was relevant was NetFlix but that is infinitely better for us all to watch on our Smart TV's and indeed NetFlix is available with Dolby Digital surrouind sound and most ocntent available in full UHD with Dolby Vision HDR too if you have a suitable say LG TV that suports it. Of course some still have quite old now TVs with out NEtFlix support on their Smart TV setup.

    Got to say though that TV sets that are suitable for NetFlix are so cheap today if you get last years model on promotions, that it simply is not worth soldiering on with an old way infererior picture quality out of date TV set. I know how big an imporvement it maskes as I got a new on promoation offer Super UHD with HDR LG set back in March to replace my then 6.5 year old out of date FHD TV which was still workign perfectly. The improviemtn in picture quality was amazingly huge, I was stunned and very very happy. I just love this LG 55" Smart TV which you can get even cheaper now than when I got mine. As a struggling UK pensioner I too could not afford it really but simply going without a few things for a while like eats and beer and clothes etc it was soon paid for LOL

    So for me no point I stay with LE 8.2 incarnations and KODI 17.6 thanks on my Tanix TX9 Pro and TX7 boxes.

    P.S. for the moderators. Why the hell is F O O D a censored word. Absoiutely stupid !!!! I have to change it to eats.

    Have a problem with a good friend of mine's brand new Tanix TX9 Pro 3/32GB box. It boots fine into its default Android 7 but when I try to boot it from a bootable LibreELEC 8,2,2,3 or a build it fails to boot up. I have tried using both the pin in the reset hole method, which works with all other TX9 boxes I have set up with LE, and tried the Android Terminal Emulator APK with the "reboot update" command. I know both SD cards I have tried plus a brand new virgin one with 8,.2.2.3 on work fine in my own TX9 box but when used with my friends new TX9 box all I see is first the usual S912 Octacore Amlogic logo and then the screen blanks out to a black display but then instead of popping up the LibreELEC logo it does not boot into LE but just stays for ever as a black screen until I power off.

    Never had this before. I also tried reflashing the Android 7 Tanix TX9 firmware using their USB burning tool and the official Tanix TX9 image file, and indeed that worked perfectly for the Android bootup. That flash bunring process also even erases the bootloader which the image file then rewrites I understand. So used the USB burning tools default options settings which auto enables two options "Erase flash - Normal erase." and "Erase bootloader". Box was fine after reflashing Android and still booted into the newly reflashed virgin Android firmware BUT it still would not boot into LE when any of the bootable SD cards were inserted, so nothing changed in that respect. I even tried a few different DTBs with no luck, just in case the box had some different chip set, though it does not seem to be a clone as the serial number is in the same range as my own TX9 box and the case is identical even with identical small moulding imperfections visible on close inspection.

    So is this a faulty box or is there something else I can do to correct a possible bootloader problem maybe ?? I have yet to try using an LE bootable prepped USB stick instead of an SD card, but hold little hope that will work either, though I will try that later when I can get hold of a free suitable USB stick. Maybe I need to enable some of the other more intense USB burning tool options which may fix any possible bootloader corruption ???? Or is this simply a faulty box that should be sent back for replacement ??? J ust any ideas would be very welcome here.

    Many thanks in advance for any help. This box was wanted for use over Christmas so sending it back for replacement will end up being too late for that, so would be good if I can fix this if it is not a hardware fault and somehtign silly I have missed.

    Merry Christmas to all my friends here and indeed everyone else who is part of this forum.

    For once the undocumented closed-source GPU drivers won't be the issue (or probably won't be) as this time around Amlogic licensed the right blobs from ARM and we already have them. The bigger issue is that S905X2/D2 hardware requires the Amlogic 4.9 BSP kernel, which in an evolution of all the low-quality Amlogic proprietary media code from the 3.14 kernel with additional new capabilities (none of which follow emerging kernel standards) and everything a bit more Android oriented than before. We can expect all the old bugs .. plus new ones. So the challenge is all about persuading good developers to take an interest in a(nother) bad codebase. You fix something, you break something else. You fix that thing, you break two things more. You fix those two things, something else doesn't work. So it's a shitty thankless slog, and with Kodi dropping amcodec support after K18 ships the large effort has a potentially short lifespan (far less than the run 3.14 has had). I'm not aware of anyone poking their nose into the Amlogic 4.9 kernel at the moment, so right now these boxes are Android only.

    In the long-term there will be mainline support, but at the current near-glacial rate that Amlogic is submitting G12 platform code (which all requires nip/tuck rework, which incurs extra time) it's going to be "some time" before G12 hardware is mainline usable. There is also a conspicuous absence of media code being submitted, so we could be looking at a rerun of the current GX platform situation where Amlogic upstreams core platform support only and media support is left entirely to the goodwill of the community and a couple of vendor benefactors. It won't be quite such a drama as there's a moderate level of code inheritance from GX, but until core platform support gets further along we can't really start. I doubt we'll have mainline support for G12 boards within the next 12 months. Current GX boards will have moved to mainline long before then as the codebase is ~85% complete and so much easier to work with (and nearly all the major code components are written by LE team members). Once you've moved forwards and seen the light it's really (really) hard to resume an interest in the older kernels again.

    NB: Apart from USB 3.0 support the main addition to S905X2/D2 boxes is hardware support for more codecs, e.g. HDR10, but support in hardware needs matching support in software and Linux doesn't support any of that stuff yet (and nobody has media to watch) so once you put the spec. sheet down and re-enter the real world there's no major compelling reason/advantage for S905X2/D2 over current S905X/D.

    Thanks very much chewitt. That was an excelletn detailed reply.

    I now can fully understand why there will be no forthcoming LInux firmware developed for these new S905X2 devices. So AFAIC I am perfectly happy with the S912 and even S905X boxes with the LibreELEC KODI 17.6 firmware. There is IMHO no reason to worry about upgrading from this current excellent set up we have. To be honest I have no real reason or interest to change up to KODI 18 Leia as so far can see nothing in there I particualrly want or need except for some different eye candy which is really irelevent. A Netflix working addon may be useful for some without smart TVs, but for most Netflix runs excellently with Dolby Vision HDR and UHD contecnt too on my LG Smart TV system and is not a rip off monthly price either for a considerable amount of good content too. So can anyone say why we actually really need KODI 18 for now ???

    Since the S905X has been out for quite some time, are you infact referring to the newly released S905X2 ?

    Since this represents yet another GPU with undocumented closed source drivers - it will be quite some time before there is any Linux support. On past form this could be over a year before it gets support.

    So S905X2 is not just another iteration of the S905 range - it is entirely a new beast and it would be extremely foolish to be an early adopter unless you intend to do development work with it.


    Yes I am referring to the S905X2 I mistyped XS sorry. Yes I also realise it is a completely new iteration with its support for Gigabit LAN port and USB 3.

    Thanks for the info and indeed it is what I thought woudl be the case. Just wondered if any of the developers here were yet working on this new Amlogic cpu as the boxes are now becoming available of course. Maybe indeed the archecture of this new device may be loosely based on the S905X and thus not too difficult to recompile from an earlier S905X build, but probably this is not the case.

    I see there is a new S905X processor generation now available certainly seen on a new MXQ box advertised. It is I believe if my memory serves me correctly an S905XS Amlogic processor and seems to also support USB3 too. So my question is will it be supported here with LibreELEC ?? Not worried about CoreELEC as I have currently no intention of moving to KODI 18 for some time yet as I am very happy with KODI 17.6 and there is nothing essential or otherwise in Leia to tempt me to be honest.

    Love these builds here from wraxsy and currently use the 444 1000 nits edition with my S912 TX9 Pro box . Much appreciation to wraxsy and to kszaq before him for this excellent fimrware.

    There is no legal way of watching BBC One/BBC Two/ITV/C4/C5 outside of the UK apart from the cable companies in Benelux, Switzerland etc. who have a formal agreement with UK broadcasters to retransmit their services. (Unless you are a member of UK armed forces...)

    The BBC only negotiate UK and Ireland Public Service Rights for content they broadcast - be that bought-in or co-produced shows, shows they commission from independent production companies (which is most BBC drama these days), and music, archive, stills, talent etc. they include in their own productions. A key element to this is 'Public Service'. Once the BBC start selling content commercially, the rules change radically... (Their Public Service Rights contracts include a small clause that allows for small-scale Benelux/Switzerland 'cable rights') It is totally against the contracts the BBC have signed to make their content available outside the UK - in fact it is now incumbent on the BBC to mitigate illegal viewing I believe (by blocking commercial VPN providers)

    The BBC negotiate separate deals on content to allow their shows to be re-sold (in some cases re-editing them to remove music, stills, archive they can't afford to commercially licence) overseas or on their non-UK commercial channels (BBC Brit, BBC Knowledge, BBC Entertainment etc.)

    Implementing an internationally iPlayer that the BBC can legally operate is a non-trivial task, and would cost a significant amount of money. The experimental International iPlayer service (I think it ran in Australia) wasn't a success...

    Deeply dull - but if you have an IPTV service available outside the UK offering you BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, C4 or C5 - it's very likely to be an illegal service...

    Sorry if this has been posted twice but it was still here as a draft and not appeared posted.

    Thanks noggin for your input. Yes I knew much of this but some services on Android (not KODI) say they are 100% legal even so, clearly they must be lying but they do this openly on many internet sites with adverts. Anway this is all it seems caused by excessive greed that causes the problems. All I want to see happen to save all this unnecessary nonsense and keep it all legal is that the UK TV companies simply ensure their licenses for material they buy covers the use for licensed UK expats viewing using a subscription encrytped internet service, like an internet only TV license for UK ExPat users then beign able to simply and legally watch their home TV. Technically it is superbly possible today. Without that availability then what happens so much today is hardly surprising I feel and should be so unnecessary too with a little effort to demand that they secure suitable licenses when they buy content. Surely many shows are actually produced by the BBC and other UK TV broadcasters themselves so with those they surely make their own licensing rules.

    Just looking for a future where we have a better World and good much needed legal use of the excellent KODI system to have a legal home UK TV service via an exncrypted service to a legal KODI addon. I am trying to be positive here and look for answers not to encourage any form of piracy which most folk truly prefer to avoid and do look for a legal alternatives which should be available. I was just unaware that some of the popular IPTV services so well openly advertised and it seems well supported were in fact somehow illegal. One well known one available on Android ( I dare not name it here just in case it is banned and I break understandable forum rules ) do openly advertise on many public open reputed websites stating that they supply legally available UK TV for Expats on Android, and also even on big manufacturer named Smart TV apps too would you believe. So most folk would from that do assume rightly or wrongly that they are watching legally even though as you say they may well not be. That is pretty naughty if so and folk should be careful and made fully aware.

    As for me well my ISP have been in and found my streaming problems as they had a bad international routing link when they monitored my traffic and have corrected it. Specifically they did not consider the KODI IPTV service or that Android app I referred to above, as illegal sites BTW as I asked then out of interest to see what they would say. I do all I can to keep my KODI system clean of course but it can be a minefiled for many folk.

    Just useful information that many here should find useful with many thanks to noggin's good input, so apologies if it took up valuable space here for those that already knew all this already.

    Ray just go to #1

    And install the addon.

    Forget about defending yourself under Thai Law in this forum.

    It's fair enough for Admins pulling you up on this forum as the heat on Piracy is red hot on Kodi.

    Don't take it personally mate. :)

    Thanks Kostaman Yep I know it is red hot re piracy but I honesty did not know those IPTV links were piracy as seen so many here talk of connection to IPTV services so my bad if so. Would love to know a legal way then to watch UK TV as I am really willing to pay for a legal internet service as I really do need my UK TV service here reliably and legally too.

    Thanks for your installing VPN help too. In the circumstances I may not now use any VPN as I have no concern as to privacy wearing my heart and being on my proverbial sleeve. I am told there is an IPTV service in Android that is spposed to be fully legal adn no need for anyh VPN becuase of thet as they pay the necessary dues to the UK TV companies they claim. Obviously I wont name it just in case. It would be really helpful if the BBC and ITV licensed theri service to Expats over the Internet on a fully legal incrypted internet service at a suitable reaslitic price like say a quarter of the UK license fee for the clearly reduced service would help Expats and UK Tourists too and woudl raise revenue for the BBC. Just an idea nbuit maybe wrong section here for that.

    Anyway Chewitt I apologies for the problems I have inadvertently caused and will be more careful in future and keep my KODI system clean. I broke the forum rules but certainly not knowingly or deliberately as I genuinely thought my IPTV service was legal being so widely used worldwide and recommended to me by so many. Thanks for your detailed reply too and yes I do fully understand the reasoning behind these rules. I love this forum and why like you I have been around with KODI and before XBMC for about 8 years too. I am also an Expat for a long time now, in fact over15 years living here in my retirement. Anyway back to business and away from my ill fated digression. Once again a sincere apology to you and any others I may have unintentionally offended here.

    Chewitt please do not be anal which I found surprising as I have always supported you in the past. I was trying to help as I think the only way to truly stop piracy is not to simply try to ban it which has and clearly will never work, but to remove the very need for it and most folk I speak to agree with that rational logic.

    The international live tv (IPTV) streaming service I use (VS not BS) has been recommended to me by several other users here and has been highly rated from all reports I have publicly seen, and I also have not seen it on any banned addon lists here either to be honest. So AFAIK it is a pucker and a pretty good service at a good price (not a free pirate crap site at all !!) . I am a pensioner retired here in Thailand and have been around here for a long time my friend and tried to be helpful and work where I am able to assist in testing for some of the developments as a very keen advocater and supporter of the KODI system and LibreELEC in particular. I have also brought many cups of coffee too for good folk like Kzsak. My system I would guess is as clean as probably 90% or more of everyone elses here and certainly cleaner than most other folk I know personally. I am here for LE and CE development mate so please cut this unnecessary aggressive stance out I must politely ask you!!!

    Once again is there a problem with using VPN's officially here as I have never seen that as a banned topic either ?? If it is then my apologies as I know we have to keep the forum clean so it does not get threatened and closed by big brother :-0 I do realise that fully my friend and think you have the wrong end of the stick as far as I am concerned. I am an avid Netflix user and love the paid for live TV streams (IPTV) that so many here openly use, so I can watch my home UK TV of course as there is truly no other way to do so here and I really do need such access to my home country TV as a now elderly pensionner living here in Thailand. That is pretty normal use for sure for most folk I know and others I have heard from for which there are indeed very many of those over the many many years that I have been active here. I have been an XBMC and then KODI user for a long long time.

    I posted on the other forum too BTW as my query related to and also to the great Wraxsy's 8.2.5.x series builds too and I thought maybe it was possible to get a VPN on one and not the other build or a different method of employing it ?? So it most certainly was not a deliberate underhand double post as I am NOT an underhand type of guy!!! You really should have politely PM'd me first as the decent thing to do and clarify where I had traversed any forum rulings, as I genuinely did not think I had. So yes you should have simply removed my post quietly and got straight in touch with me, especially considering how long I have been here and the efforts I have made in the past to help the forum. You have treated me as though I am a regular troublesome offender here which is so untrue and which I find pretty offensive to be honest.

    I wanted to PM this too you but could not find your PM access to be able to do so ????