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    GDPR-2: I transfered the SYSTEM file to my Linux desktop computer and was able to mount the SYSTEM file as a loop (see below) using mount /tmp/SYSTEM /mnt -o loop. However, I don't see any gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb file. Anyway, I tried using the gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit.dtb file and ended up with the same issue as before. Perhaps, you can add a support for the MXQ Pro S905 platforms in you next build?

    Then yes it's most probably the dtb at fault, you can try and mount your external card/drive and browse to /usr/share/bootloader to pull out the latest version, I would upload it for you but I'm away from a machine right now.

    GDPR-2: I am not sure I understood what you were saying above. I booted my MXQ Pro (S905 with 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC) into LE and the partitions (/var/media/LIBREELEC_DISK and /var/media/LIBREELEC) that contain LE 8.90.5 (see below) on a USB memory stick does not contain any /usr partition. The only /usr/share/bootloader directory is from the running filesystem of LE and it does contain all the DTB files (if that's what you meant). Anyway, I tried all these DTB files (built for LE for S905 platform to no avail. My MXQ Pro does boot into LE 8.90.5 (at least it shows the LE logo) and then dumps out a debug message asking to type 'EXIT' to show the debug message. On the mounted /var/media/LIBREELEC, I see a data file named SYSTEM. Can this SYSTEM file be mounted and now? Can you please help?

    Currently, I have an MXQ Pro S905 TV Box with 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC running on the last version of LE v8.2.3.1 with a device tree of gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb (S905). Right now, I would like to try LE 9.x (from here), but I did not find any DTB image from here for this device. Since my device has only 1 GB RAM, I tried all the 1GB version DTB images from the device tree to no avail (ended up with debugging messages). I certainly will appreciate if anyone here who has managed to run LE 9 on an MXQ Pro can lend some hands on which DTB version for an MXQ Pro to use.

    I am not sure if this will be a good thing to implement. However, it certainly will come handy when one has some need to manually tweak the GPU clock. All I can say is to be wise in doing so to avoid any mishaps. Good luck all.

    • I want to buy :
      • a stable S905X box, cheap but not flaky
      • from reliable seller, perhaps geekbuying(?)
      • with 802.11 ac, BT4.0, 2GB ram, 16GB emmc
      • Android with few security issues,
      • kszaq's build of LibreELEC
      • booted from SD card,
      • using internal memory for data,
      • maybe SD card for data,
      • maybe install an Android TV ROM ?
    • this is the claim by the vendor for "MXQ Pro+" at $37.
    • Any advice ? (noob...)
    • P.S. : the word "f e m a l e" is censored ?

    About 2 years ago, I bought an MXQ Pro (S905) from a Chinese ebay seller under $15. The device kept rebooting. So, I complained to the seller asking for a partial refund. S/he decided to give me a full refund. Anyway, the device still runs on LE and never crashes.

    About two months ago, I bought a Mecool KM8 P TV Box Amlogic S912 with 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC storage under $29 from AliExpress and it too has been running on LE sans any problem. For both my devices, they all boot LE off an external USB memory stick. As such, I can't check if their internal eMMC storage is defective or not.

    Anyway, you can find a Mecool KM8 P TV Box Amlogic S912 with 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC storage under $40 (which is a bit higher than $37) from GearBest, AliExpress, and/or GeekBuying. I just checked GearBest and it has a Mecool KM8 P TV Box Amlogic S912 with 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC storage $34.56 (less than $37).

    I just received a new KM8 P and managed to boot LE- from an external USB memory stick and/or microSD card. Everything looks just fine, but the original remote control that came with the KM8 P device does not work. I am looking for any KM8 P running on LE owners who managed to get original remote control working to help. Anyone?

    I bought this KM8 P TV Box from the above link and just received it after 3 weeks of shipment. Anyway, I already prepared a USB boot disc using the dd utility as mentioned in the LE wiki - installation. When I inserted a tooth pick into the AV port, it just went in all the way, i.e. no reset button inside. I also booted into the Android OS, did a factory reset, and it just booted back into the Android OS. So, has anyone had some ideas how to proceed to install/boot LE on this device using a USB memory stick?

    Hello Pila,

    Thank you.

    At this moment, I am completely lost. I am trying to start from beginning

    1. Renamed my existing ~/.kodi directory to something else and launched kodi from CLI to start from scratch.
    2. Go to Add-ons -> Add-on browser -> Install from repository -> Services and saw TVheadend Power and Recording Management service. I don't suppose this is what you refer to as TVH service package. Am I right? If so, where can I find the TVH service to install?

    BTW, if I install the TVheadend Power and Recording Management service, it prompted a sudo password request @CLI which I never expected.

    I am on RPi LE7 with TVH 4.0.9. Addon runs perfectly, once a day at 3:00 is perfect for me.

    But, this is version v1.57.

    Hi Pila,

    Can I send you a PM (through conversation) asking for help on how you setup TVH + WebGrab++?

    Here is a preview of the webgrabplus addon, which provides webgrabplus 2.1.5.

    It should run on any LibreELEC system.

    Configuration files have considerably changed.


    Is the above the manual or the program itself?

    Freezes mean no good, AFAICT. However, I believe this is a matter of software. So, eventually problem like this will get fixed in the future. In the meantime, the one I purchased for less than US $30 for a 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC storage is alright, AFAICT. I will see to it to get the latest LE run when arrived. Thanks for your feedback.

    Currently, I noticed one of AliExpress sellers has a Mecool KM8 P TV Box Amlogic S912 1/8 GB $28.99 (US plug version). I understand this item is supported by LE and am thinking to grab one to play with LE. However, I would like to know if currently there is a better deal than this $30 item. Thanks.