[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

  • Btw would you know where to put in a boot parameter like quiet/ morequiet to hide the version info on the wallpaper at boot?

    Not off hand. Maybe kszaq knows if such a switch exists?

    If not, Choose a picture with a white patch up in the top left corner and you wont see it ;)

  • Hi All,

    I have a problem with remote control, I can't start my box after shutdown. I tried different

    remote.conf (copied from Android and net)

    Does remote controll require some driver or module? it's in dtb file?
    It's "MXQ Pro" 1G 100Mbit without BT. LibreELEC boot from SD normally.

    I had the same issue with NexBox A95X (S905) and the same configuration. This is not an issue with remote.conf file, but uboot. I have found here an image of original firmware (Android) and fixed uBoot but it is just for that box, not sure about mxq pro. After flashing with burning tool and successful booting from internal (Android), I was able to boot into recovery using microSD card with libreElec on it. Starting box using remote working now.

    In short, you will need to find an image for your box with fixed uBoot.

  • Hello!

    Box:TX3 Pro Processor:Emotiva UMC-1 LE versio 8.1.5 Kodi 17.4 Crypto-RC

    Problems:DTS-HD Master audio NO audio signal.After 2-3 audio changes, ok DTS-HD Master

    Dolby-Digital,DTS,True-HD audio no problems,ok.

    I'm sorry about my English knowledge.


  • Hi, clean v8.1.5 install on Odroid C2 and I only get 100Mb/s lan, with original v8.1.0 LE I get 1000Mb/s, should I enable it somewhere?

    I know that because ethernet led is green ODROID • View topic - Gigabit Ethernet Problem




  • Some box and AVR do this together. There is no cure for it as I know.

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  • ..

    Problems:DTS-HD Master audio NO audio signal.After 2-3 audio changes, ok DTS-HD Master


    I've had something like this, on one box and had much better results when auto frame rate switching was turned of.

    Not an optimal solution, but worth checking if this makes things better,

  • Hi kszaq

    I have a small problem with WIFI, every 5-10min WIFI is disabled and completely disappears from the Menu-Networkmanager. Distance TV-Box <-> Router = 0.5m


    Maxelsa Max-E AML S905X, 8GB-emmc, RAM : 2GB DDR3, WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Hz (Chip AP6212a), bought in


    The current Version of LE-8.1.5 with gxl_p212_2g.dtb on the SD card.

    I compared the files gxl_p212_2G.dtb and the file * .dtb, which was extracted from the internal memory of the TV box .. into the contents of the "wifi", here they are:



    Do I understand correctly that wifi_pwm = wifi power management? I tried to remove this block from gxl_p212_2g.dtb, converting it to * .dts, then back to * .dtb, but the TV box with this dtb hangs on maxelsa bootlogo. Help me please understand this problem.

    Thank you so much for your hard work!


  • Using v8.1.5 on Beelink MX64 S905 box 2GB/8GB and notice that the led colours are incorrect.

    Off/Standby are red (that's ok)

    On is red (should be blue).

    Only started with v8.1.5.

  • Tried it and I have no wifi at all. My box is a S905x (Beelink Mini MX3 2) not a S905.

    I thought I had to use device trees from the S905x folder hence why i used gxl_p212_2g.dtb

    There is no need for DTB on S905X, right ?

    Odroid C2 (LE 8.1.0), Beelink Minix 2G/16G (LE 8.0.2a)

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  • Hi guys!

    As always, many thanks to @kszaq for his awesome job, you rock man! ;)

    In my current setup I have a TX5 Pro box with Kodi Jarvis 16 installed on the system memory (using LibreELEC 7.0 for S905/S905X provided by kszaq, of course). I want to try this new build based on Kodi Krypton, but first I want to test it on a USB drive to see if everything works correctly.

    My question is really simple: is there any terminal command that I can type to start the device from the USB drive? How can I tell the box to start from the pendrive? Just to be sure, this is the configuration that I want to test: internal memory -> Libreelec and USB drive -> Libreelec 8.1.5.

    Thanks for your help and keep up with the good work,


  • kszaq - any idea about this? Thanks in advance!

    Recompile kernel, remove console=tty0 from CMDLINE.

    Simply follow installation instructions, running from USB drive won't touch internal memory. If you want a command: reboot update

  • Do I understand correctly that wifi_pwm = wifi power management?I tried to remove this block from gxl_p212_2g.dtb, converting it to * .dts, then back to * .dtb, but the TV box with this dtb hangs on maxelsa bootlogo.Help me please understand this problem.

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    No, I think it's about Pulse-width modulation - Wikipedia, something introduced in Nougat kernel and required to boot. I am working on improving Broadcom WiFi stability.

  • Just to say great wrok Kszaq on the latest & greatest 8.1.5 build. All working very nicely including of course the auto 3D switching you have now fixed :)

    One problem, which may or may not be related to LE, is that recently I have started using the PVR IPTV feature with a client (SCTV) and using the LE PVR Simple Client add-on. All works very well except that every boot up it keeps re scanning my very large libraries of movies, TV shows and music and this takes ages to complete, slowing down my system whilst it is scanning of course. Is this due to something with LE or is it KODI 17 itself ?? Trouble is I rarely change or add to these libraries and only use them for playing music and for rare times the internet is down and can turn to this big source of locally stored media. I have disabled the scan library for changes at boot up function too, but that still does not stop it rescanning at every boot up. I cannot remember this happenign before I started using this PVR IPTV feature (which is I have to say brilliant BTW with the client that I use).

    I appreicate this may or may not be the right thread for this annoying problem, but all I want scanned in at boot up are the IPTV channels and EPG etc., not my usually unchanged huge library. So I am not sure if this is a function that can be corrected within the LE build or is it simply just some obscure setting I need to change. Does anyone know the answer ??


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  • Thanks kszaq just updated.

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