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    Any difference by switching between 2160/1080 in Kodi system settings?

    Yes, there is a difference but just a bit better. When I use build in player and play the same movie from the same source (NAS over DLNA without any transcoding) or from USB, the picture is better and there is no over-saturation.

    Also, when I switch between full hd and UHD settings on android Kodi, there is no difference in saturation.

    Hey guys :)

    First of all, happy holodays to all, especially to all dev people that allows us to enjoy our media centers :)

    I have the issue with oversaturation and I compared on the same TV, and same TV settings when I play a h265 movie on Kodi installed on stock android and latest version of Kodi/LibreELEC.

    Specifications are:

    Nexbox a95x with s905 processor and 1gb of Ram.

    Lastest LibreELEC.

    Moreover, this issue is present in earlier builds also since I have tried to downgrade.

    Is there a way to resolve this issue since there is no Saturation option on my Philips 4k TV?


    Hi 8.1.7 works great on my x96 box and mini m8s II. I use 16gb micro sd cards with my own build. I have some faster 32gb cards that I want to use. What is the easiest way to copy the 16gb card to the 32gb card so that I can use the full size of the card? I know I can backup the 16gb card with windiskimager and write it to the 32gb card, but than I can not use the full size of the card (only 16gb).

    Or you can simly do the backup content and settings from kodi, install fresh new card and do the restore.

    Starting from 8.1.5 release on my MiniMX box, status Led on front panel remains red all the time. Last working version (when led was blue when box is on) was 8.1.4.

    Does anybody else have same issue ?

    I can confirm on my NexBox A95x box. I didnt want to bother kszaq with it since I dont consider its something big and broken. :)

    Could you post a link to firmware with fixed uboot?

    [HowTo] solve power on u-boot bug in NEXBOX MXQ PRO (s905)

    Here is the link to the thread on this forum about this particular issue.

    You will find also this:


    Firmware(NEXBOX-A95X 8189etv 8g1g 160812 with uboot fix) and uBoot separately can be taken here:


    It is important that I have tested this only on this box (NEXBOX-A95X 8g1g) and don't know whether it will work on other similar boxes.

    This is the link for stock firmware.

    Hi All,

    I have a problem with remote control, I can't start my box after shutdown. I tried different

    remote.conf (copied from Android and net)

    Does remote controll require some driver or module? it's in dtb file?
    It's "MXQ Pro" 1G 100Mbit without BT. LibreELEC boot from SD normally.

    I had the same issue with NexBox A95X (S905) and the same configuration. This is not an issue with remote.conf file, but uboot. I have found here an image of original firmware (Android) and fixed uBoot but it is just for that box, not sure about mxq pro. After flashing with burning tool and successful booting from internal (Android), I was able to boot into recovery using microSD card with libreElec on it. Starting box using remote working now.

    In short, you will need to find an image for your box with fixed uBoot.

    Hi, I love this LE, feels so much responsive (in my head anyway) i do have some questions as im new to LE,

    Does the use of samba have the same limitations as it has in original boxsoftware (minix U1) <2gb? , do i still maintain upgrades to the boxsoftware if i use only LE?

    How many [external with own power] harddrives can i use with LE if i use this satechi-12port-usb.jpg

    Well more to come in near future.

    Thanx in advance

    I have never copied files but rather connect (trough samba) to my NAS where I keep my library and almost all of my files are over 2GB. Never had an issue regarding this. So, you don't need to worry about file sizes.

    If under "boxsoftware" you actually mean original Android that came along with your box, LE is totally independent and you dont need to bother with Android.

    For your last question, lets wait for someone who actually tried it. I dont have 12 port USB hub and I have tried up to 2 external drives at the same time and had no issues.