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    Just joined to post as I am having exactly the same issues and pretty sure same box too. Beelink Mini MXIII II 2GB/16GB rom (Running from SD card though).

    I'm still on 8.0.2e as 8.1.5 just isn't usable over 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz wifi. Getting pretty much the same speeds of around 300KB/s. Ethernet is fine however.

    Edit: just wanted to add thanks for the hard work and effort to bring this to the masses!

    Are you using Realtek DTB on Beelink Mini MXIII II 2GB/16GB ?

    Already playing with 8.0.0.a with a fresh install on SDcard
    S905 P200-2G-100mbits device tree (minim8s)
    Nothing wrong for now, wish I could choose French as a Language, but this is a beta so no big deal

    Will maybe try an update, hoping I won't have the boot bug I had last 2 times.

    French is available. Install it from kodi repository

    Amlogic can't provide fbdev library for S912 because they don't have a licence that has to be bought from ARM. They only have Android DDK license. We will get the library as soon as the situation changes.

    Amlogic didn't pay already ARM chip design ?
    They should also pay for fbdev drivers ?

    I'm presuming you mean Beelink minimx iii...?

    On my MXIII with LE 7.0, in /flash/remote.con, I've :

    Default remote.conf for LE ?

    It can work, but I didnt want to keep my prev configs, a clean install is recommend.
    "I did everything from scratch": putting everything to work costs me 10min effort (thanks to app)-(and also learned the new menus).
    Good luck

    +1, better do clean install.

    Just did it, installtointernal and rebootfromnand, so far, so good

    I took a look in install script. It search for remote.conf in various locations

    But I didn't have any of those. Do you have one for MXIII ?

    Yep, it works great for me (eth + wifi), Beelink MiniMXIII has RealtekWIFI, maybe try with that: gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb

    Seems better now

    Paithan, Did you flash it internally ? Any special advices ?

    I use LE 7.0 on 2 Beelink MiniMXIII (S905/2GB RAM/16GB ROM/1G Ethernet) and it works great.
    I decided to have a look to 7.95-beta6 on USB (using gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb from 7.0.3).

    As I have no ethernet, I should stick on wifi but it seems quite unstable.
    Anyone with MiniMXIII succeed with 7.95-beta6 ?


    I seems Index of /devel/ is stuck

    Any operations in progress (hosting, DNS, ???)

    I pushed a build for the Odroid_C2

    Remember that the retroplayer builds are based on master and kodi 17, so they are drastically different then what you are using.

    My git repo is as official as it gets.

    Downloading your build right now.

    BTW, could you details how you 'build' it, I used your branch retroplayer-kodi-17 and I guess it's not the good one.


    My git repo isn't always up to date as I don't always push the changes up to github.

    So it's probably not really worth it. I can try and do more builds eventually, but it's just too much work managing 4+ builds by myself.

    Build failed on Odroid C2 :(

    Same error on your side ?

    PS: Where is the official LibreElec / Retroplayer git repo if it's not yours ?