VPN Manager for OpenVPN

  • Cert got updated just now for TorGuard as they changed it recently. You shoudl see the update somewhen in the next day.

  • zomboided hi there and thx for the great work. But recently I got an issue with the swiss server list from ipvanish. I guess they are not updated cuz other countries work fine. Also I can connect to swiss servers in windows without a problem.

  • Somewhere in the manager, there are settings to exclude certain apps like netflix & bbc iplay

    Just realised you from scandanavia,

    I'm in the uk, even if I i have UK set as my location on nord, it won't work

    Hi, first of all: Many thanks for providing VPN Manager!

    But unfortunately I also struggle with OpenVPN manager on LibreElec, NordVPN and BBC iPlayer. When I use my Android with Nord-App, iPlayer in browser and signed in with BBC ID, I can watch BBC.

    When using (2 different) LibreElec on Raspberry connected to NordVPN UK and signed in with the same BBC ID I always get the message that this is restricted to UK locations.

    I marked BBC iPlayer as AddOn which uses VPN UK per default and see some success messages when connecting.

    I think it might have something to do with the connected server. Is there a way to control which UK server is used?

    How can I prove that the connection is really up and that iPlayer is really using it?

    Best regards


  • Nord is controlled via their api, they determine the server to use based on the country selected. If you want to use a specific country you can create your own ovpn file and connect directly to that server

    You can see If the vpn is connected by looking at the ip table or checking running processes via the command line. Or you can check whether it’s connected within the addon menu