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    Well you didn't provide a log, so I have no idea what your problem was. I'm not good at guessing.

    Other people were raising issues on github regarding similar issues and did provide a log. This has resulted in a bigger timeout period for the authentication and an updated version of code. Maybe you also picked that up via the repo.

    Authentication is still working for me, but I can't do the final connection because my account is expired. so I think authentication still works. If you reset the VPN provider (settings/utilities) it'll delete the current settings and you can force a full authentication again.

    The user ID and password to connect is not the same as you type into the GUI - it's retrieved from Nord using the API. Just because the user ID and password you use to access their services hasn't changed, it doesn't mean the one you're using to log on hasn't changed or expired. I thought the code dealt with this and retrieved a new user id and password. If it happens again I'd like to see a trace with debug and http tracing set on (settings/advanced)

    When you validate the connections, the add-on will make a call to an external service (like whatismyip or whatever) to see what your IP address is. If you see the same address as your IP provider gave you, then the connection to your VPN provider has worked (in that openvpn returns that the connection is successful), but probably some aspect of the routing or DNS has gone wrong. This is probably caused by a bad ovpn file.

    Follow the trouble shooting guide on the wiki using the command line to eliminate Kodi and VPN Mgr and go get help from your VPN provider support team.

    And do it on a regular build and not some bullshit wizard build with Indigo installed.

    Is it normal to use port 443 here. I would've expected port 1194 when I chose UDP, where am I wrong? I didn't change anything in VPN Manager settings. Logs copied on pastebin, after UDP and TCP connection tests.

    Different providers use different ports. Some providers allow connections on multiple ports. If you switch off 'Use VPN provider default UDP port' on the VPN Config tab in settings, then you can choose the port you use. It won't work unless your VPN provider allows it though.

    duckdns address. Local traffic shouldn’t be going through the VPN. It should come into the router (which isn’t using the VPN) and be forwarded over your local network to your Pi. It’s exactly how I run mine, albeit with a different dynamic DNS service

    Connect to the vpn, do a ps -ef and check to see that openvpn is running and then ping something you know is working.

    If it doesn’t work then my money is on dns not could try pinging an IP address directly if this is the case to check that it has connectivity.

    If outbound traffic is fine and it’s just inbound traffic then it depends on how your network and devices are set up. I can ssh into my home network and forward to a box that’s externally connected to a VPN, no problems. Can’t help here.

    Complain to Cyberghost, they’ve been submitting fixes for their service recently, so you should at least check you’re using the latest files.

    To me this looks like it’s connecting but taking too long to become active/resolve the DNS. They can determine why this is and what to do about it. Other providers don’t have this issue.

    when I start EmulationStation OpenVPN stops.

    I have Transmission installed as well and it keeps running even after starting ES.

    Any idea how to persist OpenVPN after running ES?

    The addon manages VPN connections from within Kodi. When you quit you’re not in Kodi any more and the connection goes away (by design). Outside of Kodi you can manage VPN connections however you would for your base operating system anyway

    The bit I highlighted shows it connecting to your VPN provider and then connecting to a web service external to your box. If DNS is not working you would have failed at connecting to the web service.

    Your log shows this :

    2020-05-10 17:46:37.561 T:140163766281984 NOTICE: VPN Mgr : ( Received connection info from, IP location New York, US, ISP AS35913 DediPath

    2020-05-10 17:46:38.070 T:140163766281984 NOTICE: VPN Mgr : ( Connected to a VPN

    Profile is USA - New York (UDP)

    Server is

    Using, located in New York, US

    Service Provider is AS35913 DediPath

    which means you've connected absolutely fine and it's been able to use an external site to check that it's working. If you can't connect to something after you see this, then it's not the VPN connection that's the issue (unless the target is blocking it - which is neither my problem or your VPN provider)

    CyberGhost are fixing this, I've just approved another one of their commits. This is good because it means I don't have to bother with it.

    Mistico most providers are parsed but not all providers share their ovpn files. And honestly, I'm not good at keeping all ~40 up to date because life is too short (especially when it comes to writing software for free that enables someone else to sell VPN services)