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    You need to get an ovpn file from Express VPN, it will have things in you need and those things will be extracted. I'm not a subscriber so I can't describe where or how Express offer this download.

    I’ve pushed v7.0.0 to the repo now for those using Matrix. I left the older 6.4.3 version on there too for those using older versions of Kodi but I honestly haven’t tested if it can still be installed.

    If you’re not on Matrix you'll see a message that 7.0.0 doesn’t meet the pre reqs and it’ll not upgrade. This is working as designed. 7.0.0 needs Python 3 which only Matrix has

    That log, from boot shows that ovpn can't connect because it can't resolve the names, eg

    2021-08-29 19:38:51.549 T:927 INFO <general>: Sun Aug 29 19:38:10 2021 RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: (Name or service not known)

    I can ping from my laptop so it suggests an issue with your network. Also from the log it even looks like other addons you have are failing because there's no DNS resolution. I'm not going to be able to tell you why your network is broken, just that VPN Mgr can't connect because the network is not there.

    You might try running without a VPN see if the same thing happens. Although you kind of are in the log that you shared because it doesn't appear to even connect.

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I'm having to come back to this forum but I seem to be having an issue that crops up every so often. The problem is basically while connected to the network via ethernet or wlan the internet connection stops working. A dead giveaway is the time is usually incorrect and "VPN Manager" cannot connect. The RPI is accessible via the network but there is no internet connection. The only way to fix it is try disable wan/lan, reset and sometimes it will kick back into life, sometimes it wont.

    This happens every so often and most of the time it works but when it goes down it can be days before I can get it going again by trying the above steps. Also of note is this happens on three separate RPI4's at 2 different locations. Any help would be super appreciated.

    My money would be on your VPN provider killing connections that aren't being used. You should look at whether your ovpn file has a keep alive or ping setting. If the openvpn executable hasn't been killed then it'll still look like it's running and not try to reconnect (even tho you have no path to the provider).

    Of course if you'd provided more diagnostic than 'my internet connection is not working' then we could provide a more informed answer...

    The VPN changes the IP address of your box as viewed by external services to your network. When the VPN is disabled, your previous IP address returns. This is working exactly as designed from your description.

    FWIW, in the past I've used Bitvise SSH with port forwarding to get music streaming working outside of my network. I spent a bunch of time thinking about what I wanted to make available externally and how to do it based on my own network infrastructure and what I was targetting. I did not want to open up ports to make it generally available, or worse punch holes in my network generally.

    No, frequent updates to the XML is fundamental to the way the addon works. Most people don't have many machines, and this should be a one time (or infrequent) operation. This is too niche a problem to go and solve given the amount of effort that would be involved.

    Is brZJbX4nL81tkt4JrJ***** really your userID? You need to enter the user ID you use when you logon to the Nord website. The API goes off and fetches the ID you need to log on then.

    I think it's optimistic to expect anything without a log, with debug enabled just for the add-on (as per the trouble shooting on the wiki).

    Do you have non-English characters in your user ID or password?