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    THere won't be any more developments for this addon, I'm no longer using it and not really interested in maintaining.

    You can use User Defined to import an ovpn to continue to use the latest configs

    I use PIA outside of Kodi and I've noticed the latency has been horrendous lately.

    Both of these are from RPi3 systems that got a fresh install with LE10 and are using the default skin. The non-working system, 'KodiLounge' got a restore of a config backup I took in 'KodiBedroom'. Turned on logging, did a reboot and played the same file on both boxes.

    Here are the results from 'KodiLounge', where the amp did not pick up an EAC3 signal via HDMI

    Here are the results from 'KodiBedroom', where the TV did detect it as a DD+ signal via HDMI.

    Also on this box I'm offered 'TrueHD' and 'DTSHD' options in System/Audio settings (I'm not offered these on 'KodiLounge') which is more unexplained weirdness.

    Thanks for the reply, edid-decode threw an error, so I had to change it to this:

    edid-decode /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:gpu/drm/card?/card?-HDMI-A-1/edid

    but that then yielded this:

    which maybe matches this in the log and certainly matches my expectations on what the amp can support:

    I'm assuming the next step is to get a full log of me playing one of the EAC3 files and share here. Do I need to enable any particular level of debug?

    Thanks, was a skin issue, flipped back to Estuary and the EAC3 transcode option appeared.

    What I did notice is that one of my boxes connected directly to a tv recognised a DD+ stream no problem (accepting the issues in the GitHub you linked), but the box connected to my new Denon amp did not, with the same file. Nor did it display HD options (again, accepting they don’t work here). Is there some smarts related to maybe the HDMI cable version that means I’m offered limited options in Settings? I’m loathed to try changing the cable because it’s such a rats nest of cables I’d need to deal with!

    Before I dig deeper, should I expect that EAC3/Dolby Digital+ gets passed through HDMI? It’s received as stereo when the receiver is definitely capable of decoding EAC3 streams. And DTS and DD are working just fine.

    I thought there was an option for this in LE9 that seems to not be there in LE10 on my RPi3.

    VPN Mgr will just call openvpn with the ovpn files you pass it. If you use the wizard, it'll make some minor modifications to accept the password from the Kodi GUI environment. You control everything else in those files, and indeed can see in the log what was used to start openvpn.

    It means the definitions it uses are out of date and I don’t have the new ones. You can use it and if it works for you, great, otherwise you’ll have to use the User Defined option with definitions that you download from your chosen provider

    deepee I think they've changed since I did the repo, for sure, I can see this in the emby repo going back a couple releases. So it does look like this is something that can be fixed prior to 20.0

    I'm not sure that repos auto update though so it might need a new repo to be installed by the user which is a bit rubbish

    If you start and stop openvpn outside of VPN Mgr then you’ll probably see some conflict as VPN Mgr tries to restart openvpn if it sees it go away. You should choose one way or another of controlling openvpn but definitely not both.

    VPN Mgr has an API which can be called from scripts allowing some external control as well as from within Kodi. It’s documented on the wiki.

    The userdata directory is for the user to put stuff. New files get downloaded there, along with user overrides being stored.

    Files are copied to /addon/service.vpn.manager/UserDefined (I think) to be used. I can't exactly remember what triggers the copy but it's probably the validation of the connection. A bunch of other stuff gets updated/copied at the same time too.

    You'll probably need to do your downloading, update the active connection, then restart it to take effect. There might be cases where it reverts any updates you've made as anything in the addon directory is fair game for updating with no easy way to disable this.

    But VPN Mgr does what you're doing anyway for Nord - it's uses the API (providing the logon to the API works....) to go and fetch the recommended server during connection. It doesn't use static definitions like other providers.

    You can see if openvpn is a running task using ps. VPN Mgr will manage the stopping and starting of that task.

    It'll also redirect the output to a log (/run/openvpn.log maybe?), but I think the log will hang around even after the task dies so just looking for the existence of the log is not enough.

    That's some good work debugging, thanks! I'm running Pi3s most everywhere and haven't been brave enough to upgrade to the new release. Here's the Python 2 behaviour, which is different.

    >>> import os
    >>> os.system("pidof openvpn")
    >>> pid=os.system("pidof openvpn")
    >>> print pid

    I think the latest version of the add-on requires Python 3, so I think your proposal should work. I'm gonna do some testing in a non-LE environment and see if it's true for 'all' Linux platforms before making the change though. Thanks again.

    Do you only get the flood of messages when you're running openvpn?

    As I said to you on github, this isn't something the add-on is knowingly doing, but you could eliminate openvpn logging by just invaliding all connections or turning off connect on boot.

    This is good feedback to share, thanks. The Nord support uses their API, to which I no longer have access to the documentation, so nothing here is getting fixed. I think I've seen issues wtih :

    Multi-factor authentication being enabled

    "Weird" symbols in the password

    And now password length.

    The advice above is good if you want to connect.