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    No, I’m not writing custom scripts for you to work around Netflix not working! Go read the documentation on the wiki about how to use the API and the Kodi documentation about how to start addons.

    You shouldn’t need to reboot, as soon as the VPN is gone, the network connection should return (it does for me, I switch the VPN off based on addons all the time across Windows and Linux based platforms).

    It’s conceivable that the Netflix addon is doing network things before the VPN Mgr addon gets a chance to disconnect and subsequently getting upset and hanging that the network is not there/has been pulled from under it. The VPN Mgr addon needs the Netflix addon to start to know to filter it - this aspect is never going to change.

    Either the Netflix addon needs to be more tolerant or you can do something like create a keymapping to disconnect before starting the Netflix addon. Or you could script it to disconnect and then start Netflix.

    Use the filter settings to exclude Netflix from the addons that use a VPN then it’ll disconnect when you start Netflix. How to do this is documented on the wiki linked in the first post.

    I don't use multiple Kodi user profiles, or multiple users within Emby, so no.

    From my brief play just now, it looks like it allows you to install addons per user, and therefore I'm guessing this would start and stop the addon as you change users.

    It should mean that when you switch users, any existing connection would be terminated as part of the addon stopping. I'd then expect there to be a period where the addon starts for the new user and the VPN is re-established. This shouldn't affect local connections though (assuming you're using Emby from inside your own network).

    I'm happy to look at a debug log (from within the addon, settings/advanced/debug on) covering a system boot and then a user switch to confirm this. I'm not gonna debug Emby for you because I can't do that for myself when it starts playing me up and not playing stuff.

    The error message is saying auth error...either the password or userid is wrong or you’re not supplying the right key. From memory ExpressVPN wants the right key for the connection, but it might be that it wants the same key for all connections.

    Clear out your keys (settings/utilities) and reset the provider and try again. It works fine for other folk and the message is pretty clear that you’re not supplying the right credentials

    You'd have to manage those connections yourself by getting an ovpn from Nord and using the User Defined wizard to create a connection. As they change so often you'll quickly run up against the issue that Nord likely change their servers to combat the issue and you'll have to keep doing this.

    Nord connections are all dynamically generated based on some requirements they gave me a year or so back and corresponding API. Those requirements were to display a list of countries as a way of selecting servers. They didn't want to surface the more complex aspects of their service such as dedicated IPs, or I'm guessing IPlayer preferred IPs.

    I can’t/won’t spend time debugging other addons. If you can demonstrate the problem does not exist when you use the command line to start openvpn, with an ovpn file provided by the provider then I can look at what the addon is doing wrong. If you’re using third party software to connect and not openvpn directly, I can’t guess at what extra steps the software is taking (such as dns manipulation, or dynamic profiles) to make it work

    Those lines started happening with Kodi 18, which changed the way settings work.

    I have no idea why the other two addons are not working - if the VPN has been estabilished, then the issue is either with the VPN provider or is something for the addon author to resolve. Honestly though, I think this is a VPN issue - connect manually via the command line (which is 'all' my addon does) and ask your provider why things are still blocked.

    I'll update the BulletVPN files somewhen this week when work is less hectic, thanks for sending them across.

    I can't get the link to BulletVPN to work, it needs an ID which I don't have. Post the files here or on Github in a new issue and I'll update them.

    Good luck finding a VPN that let's you access iPlayer...the only success I've had when travelling has been with Nord (maybe that was to ITV though) in the summer. In the UK, if I'm still connected to a PIA UK server, iPlayer and ITV won't connect. Maybe the apps are doing some DNS manipulation that's outside the scope of the VPN...I really have no idea.

    I don't use CoreELEC, or understand the versioning relationship to LibreELEC (if there is one), however, this was an infrequent problem on the LE8 level. Once settings.xml has been cleared, all bets are off. I never understood why Kodi blew away that file (it's not something that the addon does), but I put some changes in my code to reduce the likelihood of timing issues (writes/reads of the settings overlapping) around about the same time I put in support for LE9.

    You should be able to recover by going to setting and clicking default/ok, that should create a brand new settings.xml file that's valid, but you'll still need to set everything up again. A resinstall will probably do the same thing.

    Nothing obvious to me that I can do to fix this (other than some irritating backup/restore of settings.xml maybe, which is just a band aid, not a fix)

    peanut is right...if you don't want to always use the same DNS servers (no reason not?), then you could use the up/down scripts to modify them on connect/disconnect. There's enough info on the web to guide you.

    SOOOOOO, after receiving a notice from my ISP that I need to stop accessing UK content or legal action will occur, I got a VPN. ProtonVPN. (And yes, the free plan, as I am a broke person. The free plan does not include the config files, sadly) Included with my account is an OpenVPN account login. Now, I'm not a noob when it comes to kodi, but I cannot figure out how to use an OpenVPN account with either the OpenVPN extension or the Manager for OpenVPN. And I did Google it, and just got back crap that doesn't help. SO I am asking you many people of this forum, How do I do use my OpenVPN account detail given to me by ProtonVPN on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Libreelec 9.1.002 ? I was told to move this here by someone on a different forum.

    I'm guessing the alternative they're offering you is to use their software to connect. VPN Mgr uses the config files that they're not giving you so that it can connect and manage the connection itself. It doesn't have a way of interacting with third party software to do this.

    So your choices are : sell a kidney and pay for a VPN that does give you config files; or run Kodi in an environment where you can also run their software, but accept that you need to manage the connection yourself (so no connected only when needed in Kodi).

    The list is all of those defined as an xbmc.python.pluginsource, which translates as music, picture, video and program addons. More info here.

    This generally excludes all background processes, such as scripts because filtering works by detecting whether an addon window is active (and background processes have no addon window).

    What the addon doesn't do is filter the VPN traffic by addon, which is what I think you're asking for. Either the VPN is on or can't be on for some addons and simultaniously off for others.

    I personally don't use sonarr, but have a similar issue in accessing TVheadend when i'm outside of my network. I had concluded that my two choices were SSH with port forwarding (but I can't work out how to get that to work with my iPhone), or running my own VPN server. I think the latter option would work with the Kodi box still connected to a VPN but due to my lethargy I've not tried this theory yet.

    I agree the settings don't show the filtering on the settings page, that's a GUI/settings change in Kodi. If you go into the dialog, the filtered addons are shown as selected from previously. And the actual filtering/changing connection is still working just fine for me though (similar set up to you)

    Nord is controlled via their api, they determine the server to use based on the country selected. If you want to use a specific country you can create your own ovpn file and connect directly to that server

    You can see If the vpn is connected by looking at the ip table or checking running processes via the command line. Or you can check whether it’s connected within the addon menu