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    MikeKL can you edit /storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/libs/ change

    log_file = open(getLogPath(), 'r')


    log_file = open(getLogPath(), 'r', errors='backslashreplace')

    It's on or around line 57. There are multiple versions of this line so please check you're in within the function which starts def popupKodiLog():

    I don't know whether you're a Python coder or not, but don't mess with the indentation or tabbing, just add the extra parameter within the brackets.

    You don't need to reboot or reinstall, you can just go back into settings and use the display log option again.

    When you've done this, it'll hopefully display your log. Please take a look at it - you should see some characters that are backslash escaped, but the log should still be very much readable. If you can't see any but the log is good, then no probs.

    If you can't do this, I'll need to spin a build, but family stuff is happening first today.

    It’s fine, the error you were seeing is understood and fixed in the definitions that are downloaded. If you see the problem where you were getting an error when displaying the Kodi log, I’d like to see that.

    MikeKL Go to settings/utilities, clear your downloaded files and try connecting again - should get you past the problem you were having. This exists in pre-19 versions too.....

    Then can you switch off debug in Kodi and switch it on in settings/advanced for just the add-on please? There's so much crap in the log from other things it makes it difficult to read. I'd like to see a log with the failure you mentioned when looking at the log please.

    Appreciate you trying this out.

    wgking Can you post these two files please - they don't contain your data (the key and cert do)

    dh dh2048.pem

    ca ca.crt

    I've looked around the VPNSecure website as much as I can without an ID and certainly everything points to the configurations not having changed. I'm wondering if klashh88 was pulling config files for a particular device (maybe a router)? Either way, if I can't get clarification I'm just going to check the files you provide and switch this back to the old config.

    My entirely unscientific, undebugged experience was that trying to run a similar config yielded similar results to you. Having TVheadend server on a separate dedicated RPi made the Kodi system more stable. I was using 3 tuners to stream/record at the same time though which may have been an influence in terms of memory/bandwidth usage though, and I was doing this on earlier versions LE8 which may have been less stable than the current ones.

    ceyar or anyone that wants to try a Kodi 19 Matrix build of this add-on you can get it here

    You'll need to download the zip and install it directly. I'm not putting this in my repository yet.

    It's been tested on Windows, but not on Linux. Run with settings/debug enabled and post logs showing any issues.

    wgking You're not supplying a full log (which is irritating), so I'm assuming you're using the latest version of the code (6.3.7 I think). VPNSecure got changed because of this post a month or so ago and needs the latest version.

    klashh88 supplied a current (?) VPNSecure ovpn file which is different to the one you're sharing and I modified the settings to make it work with that ovpn. The one you're sharing looks like how VPNSecure used to be supported.

    I have no VPNSecure account (and I'm not going to pay to get one) and two users contradicting each other. I need some clarity as to which definition is right. It looked to me like klashh88 went to get the latest files and engaged with their support team so I've no reason to doubt him (or indeed you).

    You're asking me questions directly about scripting. You're better off posting your question in a separate thread in the LE forum. There are people more familiar with the functions available in LE that I am.


    I'm having troubles now with PIA configuring the manual port forwarding. They seem to have a new script for that as well - did you come across already?

    Their script is an alternative to applications (like this one). If you want to use port forwarding then you're free to implement what's required in an up/down script that's called when openvpn connects/disconnects. I don't have plans to add it natively.

    Something wrong with Cyberghost?

    Only they know that, did you ask their support team?

    Regardless, the reported location for any VPN (which is from one of three third party APIs) is far from 100% reliable in terms of its location data. What this does tell you is that the interweb thinks you're connected somewhere else to where you are actually connected.

    User Defined "just" uses an ovpn that the user supplies. The wizard is not 100% full proof for sure, but if you're capable of managing a VPN server, then you're capable of debugging ovpn issues. Ultimately, if you don't supply a working ovpn, then it won't work, for sure....

    If you don't understand the variability built into PiVPN, and the variance with the way people will set it up and use it, then nothing I can say will convince you otherwise. Either way, I'm not adding native support because it makes no sense. And I'm definitely not adding native support for your specific usage of PiVPN - that's way too limited an audience.

    Also, I'm not even clear on the use case of PiVPN. If you're always connecting to the same end point just use systemd to achieve this. You'll still need a working ovpn for that though.