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    I force ping settings into the configs (controllable by one of the advanced options) to keep the connection active when there's no work flowing. What the error is telling you is that it clashes as it does exactly the same thing. If you see the connection drop occassionally then you might wanna work out which option turns off the ping (its on the wiki) and go with the keepalive option.

    jotakswe You're saying it works without up and down, but that you want up and down to work. But you don't want to / can't put the effort in to learn Linux (or more accurately, just enough of it to solve your problem).

    LE is a pretty closed environment. Unless you're willing to learn a lot more than you know now, or understand the errors you're getting, you're not going to get very far. I certainly don't have the time or inclination to work through everything you're asking here - all of which is outside the scope of this add-on.

    OSMC might be a better option for you (if that's still maintained?) as that's a bit more of an open distribution than LE and may even have the packages you need already installed.

    You’re trying to run the referenced scripts when they don’t appear to be available or properly installed on you box.

    You could try removing the up and down lines from the ovpn script but the dns might not get updated properly. Try it and see

    The thread says that there is a Premium/LocalDNS version of CyberGhost and a regular one. When I changed the servers to point at the premium one, it stopped working for loads of people, so it's back to the regular one.

    I could support both, but nobody has provided me with all of the ovpn files for the premium, and I don't have an ID to get them myself (nor if I'm honest, the interest).

    So as pointed out in the Github thread, I think you could assign your Kodi box to the regular versions. Or you could use User Defined. If there's a problem with the regular versions, I'll fix it if someone tells me the right server - it looks like you've shared the premium version with me which won't work for most people.

    Feed the wizard an ovpn for each server and it’ll just use them. It doesn’t need them to be the same at all. It’ll treat all of them separately. As others have said you can cycle between them like any provider

    Cyberghost changes made in December have been reverted, it should fix issues people were seeing.

    Those Cyberghost users using LocalDNS will probably not be happy with the changes, but I think you can change the servers your LE box is using within the Cyberghost site. Or use User Defined.

    The same problem as what? SDSD was having an issue that was weird. Yours sounds like a "regular" connection issue and might be related to CyberGhost changing their servers again. If you have a log with debug (VPN Mgr settings/Advanced/Debug on) then post it and I'll look.

    Recreate on a vanilla LE build without anything else running. There’s a bunch of crap running on the build you have which could be stopping it. There are no errors in the log to show the service stopping so I think it’s something else interfering.

    No, I’m not writing custom scripts for you to work around Netflix not working! Go read the documentation on the wiki about how to use the API and the Kodi documentation about how to start addons.

    You shouldn’t need to reboot, as soon as the VPN is gone, the network connection should return (it does for me, I switch the VPN off based on addons all the time across Windows and Linux based platforms).

    It’s conceivable that the Netflix addon is doing network things before the VPN Mgr addon gets a chance to disconnect and subsequently getting upset and hanging that the network is not there/has been pulled from under it. The VPN Mgr addon needs the Netflix addon to start to know to filter it - this aspect is never going to change.

    Either the Netflix addon needs to be more tolerant or you can do something like create a keymapping to disconnect before starting the Netflix addon. Or you could script it to disconnect and then start Netflix.