Need help to set up VPN

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    I have configured the VPN Manager as per instruction in this link. Got this link from this forum. (tutorial by zomboided ) [mention]zomboided[/mention]

    OpenELEC Mediacenter - OpenELEC Forum - VPN Manager for OpenVPN (1/63)

    The issue is while testing the connection authentication is failing. Here is the VPN log contents. I can autheticate from the desktop app with same credentials. Any idea what is wrong?

  • Well that's what the log shows *shrug* "auth_failed"

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    I agree with this. Check the pass.txt file mentioned to see if you/your environment has added erroneous spaces

  • I have reset all the setting of VPM manager to default and tried to set up first VPN connection
    Now the error is

    "Error updating .ovpn files or creating user credentials file. Check log to determine cause of failure"
    I managed to log in to Pi using putty.I canr see any password file too

    Please help

    Kodi log file says no space left on device but I can see free space of 660 MB :(

    Upon checking the file system it shows mmcblk0p2 is 100%

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  • So you got an authentication error, but didn't believe it was a problem with your ID, and now you're seeing file system full errors and you don't think that's a problem when the add-on wants to write files? I think you're better off using openvpn via systemd. There are some good guides on setting it up if you google.