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    You haven't stated the LE version, but if you're using LE 8.2.x the results are as expected and you need to test again with a current master branch (e.g. Milhouse) release which contains drivers and Kodi with basic HDR support (emphasis on basic as Intel drivers are still "work in progress" on the HDR topic).

    Sorry chewitt, it was getting late and my brain wasn't thinking straight, yes i am running LE latest stable release, as in 8.2.5, thanks for confirming my suspicion that it is currently broken for LE 8.2.5 (i get its driver and/or kodi related and not LE issue) and hopefully will be fixed in the later versions of LE. I will go and have a play with the latest millhouse release and for what it's worth i will post my results back here for any other fellow NUC users.

    i’m running LE9 milhouse testbuilds wich is running fine.

    I have only one issue with vaapi deinterlace with live tv but that is a known bug.

    hi Marciano, so just to be clear you are using the intel nuc7i5bnh with the latest millhouse builds and you arent seeing any playback issues with HDR 10 bit media?.im asking as i have been seeing strange colour banding and washed out playback on the latest stable LE and wondered if its worth switching to the alpha releases to give it a try, so i would love to hear your feedback before i take the leap and reconfigure what is a mostly (ignoring 4k playback) working system.

    Hi so i purchased a Intel NUC7I5BNHX1 a few months ago and have recently got around to trying out some bluray 4k remux's on the box. Now some movies play fine, although they do look washed out, and other movies (also 4k remux) playback with strange colour banding and lost of strange artifacts shown (see link to screenshot). So im assuming this is either an issue with Kodi's inability to support 10 bit HDR content or a driver issue, or maybe even both, if its an issue with Kodi is there any sign of this being resolved?, if an Intel driver issue has anybody heard of any later driver that fixes the issue?.

    I have tried disabling GPU decoding and whilst it obviously stutters due to CPU topping out i then do not see any artifacts or banding, so the issue looks to be related to GPU decoding in some manner, so im happy the issue is not bad media. I have the NUC connected to a 4k capable TV (Samsung UE49KS8000).


    please excuse the use of code, broken link otherwise, go figure

    Hi guys, so i bought a Intel NUC7i5BNH and on the whole im pretty happy with it, i am fully aware of bitstreaming issues for HD audio, but i dont have audio equipment capable of this right now and probably wont have for some years so its of no concern to me.

    In any case that aside, i decided to get the final bit of the puzzle solved for me, which is 4k resolution at 60hz output to my Samsung ue49ks8000 TV, which is capable of this, so i thought hey this should just work out of the box right, i just plug in a high speed hdmi cable from the NUC's HDMI port and connect it to my TV right?, err no its not that easy.

    So whilst i could then select 4k resolution via kodi i couldn't select 60 hz, it just isnt shown, the highest refresh rate i could achieve is 30 hz, hmm odd, so played around in the bios trying different options, played around on the tv trying to see if there was a magical option to "turn on 60 hz" for a particular hdmi input, nope, nothing!.

    So a bit of googling later and i happened across a post where somebody has a similar experience and ended up switching from using the HDMI port to using the USB-C connector (its actually thunderbolt i believe) and converting to HDMI, they linked to the following cable:-

    ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1503396892&sr=1-2&keywords=choetech usb c 60hz

    Which in short gives me exactly what i want, 4k resolution at 60 hz, now im not saying this is THE answer, perhaps i had a duff cable (amazon basics high speed [latest revision]) maybe i was missing a setting or something, i dunno, but hey it works for me and as far as i can tell so far (only had it in place for 12 hours) it seems to work flawlessly, so this is purely a post to help out anybody else who might have a Intel NUC 7th gen and wants to achieve the same.

    edit - note to self, you also need to enable UHD on the TV for the HDMI port that the NUC is connected to, without doing this step you still only get 30 hz max refresh rate

    However, I can not select 50 Hz or 59,97 Hz (which I can when using Windows 10 and Kodi). Not sure why?

    i too have an issue with my Intel NUC7i5BNH, i can now playback 10 bit HEVC and it uses the GPU for decoding (awesome work guys!), but im not able to select a refresh rate higher than 30hz when the resolution is set to 3840 × 2160, i know the NUC is capable of 4k at 60hz output, the cable i have is high speed hdmi, and my TV is capable of running 4k at 60hz (Samsung UE49KS8000) what am i missing? anybody got this working?.

    edit - and just to make things simple, right now the NUC is plugged directly into the TV, so no passthrough via audio equipment.

    solved:- Getting 4k resolution at 60hz on Intel NUC 7th Gen

    Same for me - LE x86_64_generic - NUC6CAYH

    add me to the list too, i didn't knowingly have this switched on prior to the update (8.0.2 intel generic), after updating to 8.1.0 intel generic (using manual update process by dumping in target files to smb updates folder) i noticed the double remote click issue, found this thread and sure enough Lirc was enabled in LibreELEC settings.

    probably not relevant at all but hardware is Intel NUC7i5BNH

    4k 8bit hevc should work without any issues. But HD Audio doesn't work at all. Intel has to fix it in his driver. So you can only get Dolby Digital and DTS.

    thats not strictly true, HD audio does work for LPCM just not for bitstream.

    I simply use the following command in the

    /bin/dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/null count=512

    This forces the external drive to spin up before kodi starts thus ensuring it's available to all services.

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    I had the exact same problem, solved it by forcing a spin up of the external drive before kodi started. I'm not by my Kodi box right now but I will past the command you need shortly.

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    I'm seeing the same behavior too, noisy shutdown/restart with systemd service status displaying, I'm running generic image 7.0.2 x86_64

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    hi guys, im a developer over on the unraid forum and have produced a fair few docker images. a while ago i spotted on the openelec forum that docker was possible via kodi addon and started playing around getting the docker images i had produced running as containers on openelec, all was good after some tweaks to allow the user to define the account the container runs as.

    one of my main drivers for this was to allow me to independantly upgrade tvheadend backend by running it as a docker container, this then meant i wasn't reliant on the openelec build of tvheadend (which was out of date for some months).

    so this was some months ago and i am happy to say i have been running tvheadend as a docker container on my openelec system quite happily, so i would assume this should run just as well on libreelec.

    if anybody wants to take a look at the tvheadend image i have produced (or any of the other images for that matter) then please take a look here:-


    usage examples should give you a clue as to how to create the container, i have also got a systemd unit file i have created so that i can register it with systemd to start on boot, i can post this too if anybody is interested?.

    i have also been toying with the idea of creating some user friendly bash scripts to make the whole pull, create, and register with systemd a simple process for *elec users, its going to be some effort to do this but if there is any interest i will take a look.