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    I might be able to help you on this as I got very bad juddering/stuttering when I had a new TV this year but mine was Samsung.

    My issue only related to the raspberry pi 3 all other devices connected to my tv for example xbox, my Bt TV box and all the streaming apps on the TV didn't stutter at all but by changing a setting on the TV solved the issue.

    I disable a feature on my tv called motion plus, on your LG TV this setting is called trumotion.

    I first disabled this just for the pi as modern tvs allow you to change settings per hdmi input but after doing a little research on these settings built into these modern tvs it appeared a lot of people do not like this feature as it causes a soap opera effect like picture.

    After playing around with these picture setting myself I decided to turn this motion plus/trumotion feature off completely as it gives a more normal look to the video content being played.

    I don't know why this only caused stuttering on the raspberry pi hdmi input of my tv but either way disabling it solved it for me and I was more than happy to disable completely after comparing it on/off with other video content from other devices.

    Games consoles are not effected as my tv auto puts the TV into game mode which disables all these TV features so called good features that pack tvs with nowadays.

    Hope this helps

    Another way I did it in the early days of me using the pi to tidy things up was to plug my external hard drive into my Internet router.

    Then mounting the share from the router to my pi.

    This worked well but I upgraded to htpc in the end purely for retrogaming as I love my n64 games and the pi3 was hit and miss with these :)

    That processor uses a gma 3650 gpu which I believe is not supported under libreelec.

    So I'm not sure you have any other options with that hardware.

    I would suggest buy a pi or find something else cheap that is compatible.

    Yeah I do not use upnp either, I use libreelec built in samba shares.

    I just threw in another feature that can be used thats built into libreelec.

    I suppose hard drives could be hidden in a TV cupboard but I don't have that problem as my main living room setup is a custom built htpc which is no bigger than my xbox one so doesn't look out of place and everything is inside it.

    I can understand they look messy when using a pi as that's what I started out with years ago and having loads of wires coming in and out of the pi does look messy haha.

    I'm confused Klojum lol.

    So have I been running it wrong all these years.

    My main libreelec setup is connected to my main TV in the living room which has all hard drives with media connected to.

    I then have pi's in my bedroom and both kids bedrooms and they all just connect to the media from my main setup in the front room over libreelecs built in samba shares.

    This method has always been problem free for me and I'm sure that's what similar setup Jareth has.

    Why sacrifice one of his pi's to install raspbian os to create samba shares when that feature is already included in libreelec.

    I'm curious that's all if I can make my setup any better I'm all up for that.

    If you left samba enabled when you first set up your pi which has the hdd connected to, all you have to do is add a video source from another pi on the same network but choose the location as a samba server, as default smb2 and smb3 will be enabled meaning it won't just see it on you network like smb1 does.

    Just enter the ip address of the pi that you have the hard drive connected to then enter the drive name as the folder.

    You should then see the directories on the drive for example movies, TV shows etc.

    Or an even easier way would be to just enable upnp on the pi with the hard drive connected, that way libraries are shared and can be accessed by the upnp source from other pi's on the same network

    I feel like I need to comment here as behaviour of the mce remotes has changed compared to earlier days.

    I have a acer mce rc6 remote and receiver.

    It had always worked fine in libreelec and still does.

    But since ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 it doesn't work on neither of these.

    Windows 10 barely any buttons work at all, ubuntu 16.04 onwards is pretty much the same but also doesn't wake the computer like it use to.

    But to be far through all of this whatever the libreelec guys do it's always worked for me.

    I've had the exact same problem in the past with one of my tvs (can't remember which one)

    I remember though that the only way to fix it was to change the input mode to pc.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi zomboided

    I have a vpn from a friend which is his own vpn.

    Reason why is because he is cheap compared to all the big names.

    He supplies a android app and also a a config file for openvpn.

    My question is can I put this config file into your addon somehow to make it work, or is it not that easy. Thanks



    Strange that, you've come on here to rant about libreelec but I've had the same experience as you but the opposite way around.

    I have a rpi2 and 2 rpi3 and a computer running generic version of libreelec.

    Admittedly the generic version wasn't perfect in the beginning but with the hardware being new it took a while for Linux kernel updates to get my computer stable. But this is beside the point osmc don't even do a generic version.

    But in regards to all my pi's I have tried osmc a couple of times and all 3 of them randomly used to crash with the sad face image at least once a week (usually more than that)

    So I settled with libreelec because of this.

    I understand that but surely I want to spin down a hard drive not a partition.

    The example was from another thread on this forum that is suppose to spin down a drive after 5 minutes.

    I've added that example to the but changed it from sda1 to sdb because my sda drive is a ssd and my sdb drive is a hdd which is the one I want to spin down.

    It does spin down 5 minutes after a reboot so it clearly works but after playing a video it will not spin down after 5 minutes of inactivity it just spins forever (well the 1 hour I left it to see if it would spin down)


    Hi all,

    I'm trying to spin down my western digital hard drive as it always spins and with it being in my tv cupboard it's quite noisy when not in use.

    I've searched the forum and found a thread which tells me to put the following code into the


    (sleep 60;

    hdparm -S 60 /dev/sda1


    Now obviously I've changed it to /dev/sdb as that's the drive I want to spin down.

    I reboot the computer and after 5 minutes it spins down as it should do.

    Perfect I thought it was working.

    I've since noticed it only spins down once at first boot.

    Example of behaviour is I reboot my system, 5 mins later it spins down. I then play a video file it takes a few seconds to spin back up (which I can hear it doing as it should).

    After stopping the video playing the drive will now no longer spin down again unless I reboot again and then it will spin down again after 5 mins.

    It also doesn't work after a suspend.

    I have my remote set to suspend the computer when I press the power button, this allows me to press the power button again to wake. But after a cycle of suspend and wake the hdd will no longer spin down.

    Am I doing something wrong here.

    Thanks in advance