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    Somewhere in the manager, there are settings to exclude certain apps like netflix & bbc iplay

    Just realised you from scandanavia,

    I'm in the uk, even if I i have UK set as my location on nord, it won't work

    Hi, first of all: Many thanks for providing VPN Manager!

    But unfortunately I also struggle with OpenVPN manager on LibreElec, NordVPN and BBC iPlayer. When I use my Android with Nord-App, iPlayer in browser and signed in with BBC ID, I can watch BBC.

    When using (2 different) LibreElec on Raspberry connected to NordVPN UK and signed in with the same BBC ID I always get the message that this is restricted to UK locations.

    I marked BBC iPlayer as AddOn which uses VPN UK per default and see some success messages when connecting.

    I think it might have something to do with the connected server. Is there a way to control which UK server is used?

    How can I prove that the connection is really up and that iPlayer is really using it?

    Best regards