[] LibreELEC Kodi Krypton - S905 & S912 devices

  • Updated 16 Jun - see the link below for details.

    This will be a series of personal S905 / S905X / S912 releases to finish off the LE 8.2.x Kodi Krypton series and provide a stable LE platform with some easy to use AMLogic specific Kodi options and bug fixes added.

    [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds on S905/S905D/S905W/S905X/S912 device

    LE - S912:

    Release LibreELEC - S912

    Please read the release Notes, otherwise you might get stuck on a black screen.

    To stop video with a black screen and restore picture outputs make sure you have a working Stop button on your remote or attach a USB Keyboard (x stops)

    Then disable 444,10bit autoswitching in Kodi settings.

    When time permits S905 (C2 only) and S905X updates will be released soon.

    Important Point - I will NOT be providing time consuming, ongoing individual troubleshooting bug fixes.

    These releases are distributed "as is" with minimal support.


    S905 devices testing starts:

    Post # 201 (click)

    The fix-lost-audio-v2.tar is the current S912 LE TEST release found in the following folder:

    (S912) Kodi Krypton-AML


  • Mate your a champion. Continue to be in awe of guys like yourself that are comfortable working near the bare metal in linux land.

  • Looking to be the ultimate 8.2.x version.

    Btw, any chance to solve "blocked merge" for the updated Mali drivers to r7p0 on CE?

    ODROID N2_S922 4G - 1GB Ethernet, X92_S912_q201 3/32G - 1GB Ethernet Box_Android 7.1.2, Mocool KM8_S905X 2/16 0.1GB Ethernet Box_Android 8.0, X96Mini_S905W 2/16G 0.1GB Ethernet Box_Android 7.1.2

  • Installed to internal on mecool m8s pro and everything is working perfectly!

    Overclock works and Resolution switch works perfectly for 4k and 1080p and tv detects 4k 24p hdr(pq)

    Menus are snappy as is browsing through the libary even with something playing in the background

    No subtitles stutter at all

    Best build by far in my opinion!

    Thanks for the hard work wrxtasy !!

    Mecool m8s pro S912 3/16gb installed to internal

  • thx wrxtasy

    But I'm not sure if its Enable autoswitching Chroma and Bit depth working every time corectly.

    Sometimes with 10bit 4k hdr movies I see "reset" (not 444,10bit) when checking cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

    And I lost few times hdmi signal what never happend before with echo '444,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

  • Bit depth auto switching has not been finalized by Sam (OSMC) yet. Therefore it is better to use fixed settings.

  • Same problem with this like the other releases from you where it just crashes while trying to load a channel from mediaportal

  • Quote
    • There is no 4:2:2 Chroma Subsampling support for those with 4:2:2 only projectors.


    Kodi with full 3D & HD audio home theater enthusiast

  • When I set the GPU setting "Set GPU Clock rate to 792Mhz" can I delete this code from the autostart.sh ?

    echo 2 > /sys/class/mpgpu/scale_mode
  • Yes that autostart.sh GPU line can now be deleted

    But I'm not sure if its Enable autoswitching Chroma and Bit depth working every time corectly.

    Sometimes with 10bit 4k hdr movies I see "reset" (not 444,10bit) when checking cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

    Known issue that I forgot to bypass. Thx for the confirmation.

    I've forced 444,10bit Chroma and bit depth again, bypassing the currently unreliable auto detection.

    You can still use the current AMLogic Kodi GUI 444,10bit setting.

    Leave it enabled.

    Please do a force.444.10bit.tar update and read the Notes:

    Release LibreELEC - S912

  • i did try to load this build onto my t95U pro .... it does load as soon as i change smb settings it freezes,,, i enable gpu overclock it freezes .... it worked it the build u made with subtitle fix perfectly .... i dont know what could be the problem is anyone else having this issue

  • I also encountered random freezing issues on my Minix U9 (the whole box, not just Kodi). Had to revert back to 8.2.4-ff version for now.