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    Hey HomerJau (Garry!)! If you don't mind my asking, what model NUC are you running LE10 on, and are you able to get HDR? If so, could you kindly let me know what buid or link to the download you use?

    I installed the BETA2 from the main downloads and cannot get HDR on my NUC8i5BEK.



    No HDR in official LibreElec yet.

    I’m using two NUC8i3BEH NUCs with the build in post #629 by smp and HDR is working well.

    I’m hopeful the latest build a couple posts back today by smp will also do the job.

    Excellent. Thank you!

    smp Is there any chance you could please do another HDR build for LibreElec from the current (or recent) Kodi 20 master?

    There were two committed fixes for 19.1 (and 20) around early April that resolve CUE file read issues in the Kodi music library. These fixes don’t appear to be in your LibreElec build dated 27 April.

    I’m saying they aren’t included because using your build I have the CUE file issues these fixes resolve.

    There’s at least two of us I know using your build daily that need the CUE fixes (discussed by personal messages). I run your build on two NUCs here.

    Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated!



    I'm not 100% sure about this. Someone tried my build with Kodi compiled from that branch some time ago and it didn't work for them, so I assume it works only on Gemini Lake.

    I can confirm no HDR on your image 2 above on my NUC8i3BEH. I’ve gone back to image 1 that’s ok except for subtitles.

    Does ffmpeg render subs?

    The red subtitle block is just the video stretched to fit in the subtitle frame but shaded red.

    I'd like to hear a valid technical reason why bitstreaming is supposed to be better than decoding to LPCM. Since Kodi can decode all known HBR audio formats and send LPCM 7.1 over HDMI I don't see a single good reason why anyone should bother with passthrough.

    Kodi (and every other consumer software audio player) cannot decode Dolby Atmos to more than 7.1 and cannot place Atmos objects in their mixed locations in 3D space. This is also true for DTS:X. The only way to decode Atmos and DTS:X correctly is via HDMI pass-through to an AVR or AV Processor with an Atmos or DTS:X decoder onboard.

    5.12 will work too. LSPCON HDR support was finally merged into kernel 5.12

    This is great news! Linux 5.12 onwards will support Intel Kaby Lake graphics through to current. My NUC8i3 should be ok. I can now replace my NUC5i3.

    The burning question: When will we see LPSCON HDR support in an official LibreElec release? LibreElec 11, I guess ?

    I’ll definitely try one of the unofficial patched LibreElec 10 versions with HDR in coming days. Running Win10 and Kodi 19 on my NUC8 is horrible!

    There is nothing wrong with current Intel NUC's hardware. HDR support has just appeared in Linux kernel 5.3 and it is not yet implemented in Kodi.

    The Milhouse Matrix (Kodi 19) LE alpha builds with Linux 5.3 have just started. I’ve ordered a new NVME SSD especially for testing these builds on my NUC8i3BEH. I’ll leave my current LE 9.2 SSD untouched so I have a fully working Kodi 18.4.

    I’ve been using LE9.2 on my old NUC (i3) for a few days with no issues, although I’ve only played multichannel music and music videos (mostly HD videos with DTS-HDMA, TrueHD and Atmos).