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    fab233 I can’t quote your notes about editing your last post but I have same results on my NUC8 with latest SMP build and official 11.01 LE.

    Here are your notes. I wish we could get a response from the experts as this last versions of smp builds and LE with Kodi 20.1 the HDR colour is not the same as older builds:


    Edited 2 times, last by fab233: edit : probably this is NOT an HW Decode problem on KODI & N95 ! Hevc, 4k hdr10, 2k/4k DV , 2k/4k AV1 finally runs quite well when DRM PRIME is let disabled on the Player menu (as it's the default) ... BUT such runs are then w/o the rich colors of hdr10 nor with DV color mapping). More : with VP9.2 w/o PRIME, and when DRM PRIME is set on, all codecs become so slow that the mouse'arrow is like a full animated cartoon and nothing is played on the video... : these so very slow frame rates of mouse w/o any frame on screen made me upper write that they were no hw acceleration... There are, but no HDR10 nor DolbyVision for Adler chip. I used your previous 20200830 version on my GLK to decode HDR10 videos, on a Beelink X45 mini-PC, i recalled my testings and HDR10 was working in DRM PRIME with Direct to plane (that were at that time the default values) and VP9.2 was also played HDR. On this same GLK box with your latest 20230331, i got only one of my 4khdr10 video to play ok as hdr10, this w/o PRIME ! as with PRIME et EGL set (the new defaults), only washed colors (hdr,dv,vp9.2). I hope you understand what pn the road from 2020 to 2023 made all this changes ... GLK was 9.5 gen, N95 is gen-11 GPU in gen-12 CPU, but do have AV1 decoding when i3-1125g4 did not !! Still need some testing and time to get intel things working on unix ! (Saturday, 7:05 am).

    Thanks. I have two NUC8 i3BEK (two rooms with LE/Kodi). I moved 2nd NUC with Dec 29 build to the system that had problems and Atmos plays without an issue.

    I’ll try the NUC that had problems (with reverted build) again and test. Maybe the AVR and 4K TV being switched off has reset something external to the NUC?

    I wish there was an Generic x64 sub-forum here. Anyway…

    I’ve been using nightly LE 11 builds on my Intel NUC8 i3 for some time with no real issues. Yesterday I upgraded from Dec 29 build to Jan 19 and Atmos audio is skipping (missing audio for a second or so) quite often. I switched back to Dec 29 build and now that is skipping on Atmos too! I now cannot watch/listen to any Atmos movie, music…

    Was there a firmware update in Jan 23 builds? Why has the Jan 23 Atmos issue not be resolved when I go back to Dec 29 build? I have not had any audio issues in LE 11 builds since early smp HDR builds over 12 months ago and none in LE 11 nightlies until the latest build.

    My Intel NUC Kit NUC7i3BNK won't play HDR with the nightlies (whereas SMPs builds do) ... do I need the generic or legacy?

    Don’t use DRPrime on the nightly builds (I think is the solution). I have it off on my NUC8i3 NUCs and both produce HDR on my two TVs (one Sony, one LG). Nightly from about a week ago on both.

    Updated build in post #1.

    Thanks for the new build. I installed on my two NUC8i3 LE boxes today and played a variety of movies, music videos and multichannel music and looks good! No issues.

    The previous build would crash Kodi if I switched between those types of files, but was quite stable if I just played music or a movie.

    Thanks again for all your HDR builds!

    Arcam have a history of HDMI issues. I stopped using my AVR600 because of this. It was a great amp but HDMI was compromised and could not be fixed with firmware. Maybe the 550 has issues too.

    Try this one

    Thanks. This build installs and runs on my NUC8 i3.

    I haven’t done a full test to see if it’s more stable than the Feb build I’ve been using but did confirm:

    4K HDR video is playing with no issue

    Atmos music only is playing with no issue