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    ok Maybe a stupid question.. I changed the Kodi resolution to 3840x2160/24 and it works fine.. but then when try to watch Live TV.. I can hear audio but no video... If I switched resolution back to 1080P/60 I'm able to play Live TV (audio/video) no problem.

    So for Live TV do I need to keep the Kodi resolution to 1080P/60? Or is there a way to have the resolution in Kodi set at 2160/24 or any other and play Live TV without problems?

    I’m no expert on Kodi Live TV but I doubt Kodi will upscale live video to 4K.

    LibreElec 9 with Kodi 18 currently does tone mapping HDR > SDR to show ‘correct looking’ colours on your screen. It does not output HDR. (Without tone mapping HDR 10 bit video looks washed out).

    There’s a thread in Hardware here where chewitt posted that true HDR output is being worked on now but won’t make the LibreElec 9.0 release, but will make LibreElec 10 release and will probably make a future LibreElec 9.x release. So our best scenario will see HDR added sometime this year (hopefully sooner than later, e.g. in LibreElec 9.1 - but it’s too early for anyone to know for sure)

    I’m using a Minix Neo A2 air/gyroscopic mouse/remote (wifi). Amazon sells these for around $25 and available online worldwide. It includes a wifi dongle and works with no config on my two NUCs (5th gen and 8th gen) with LibreElec 9, plug and play (although I haven’t got it to turn turn the NUCs on/off yet, the on/off button is IR apparently)

    The gyroscopic mouse it really nice to use and no reception problems even it large rooms.

    I have a 8th gen i3 and no problems with LibreElec Leia viewing 4K UHD HEVC/HDR (tone mapping) content, 1080p video, HD audio via pass-through (Atmos, DTSHDMA etc), Multichannel FLAC 24/192kHz etc. All via 1GBE LAN from NAS.

    There doesn’t seem to be much love on this forum for Generic x32 x64 processors. There’s not a sub forum for some reason, maybe visit Kodi forum.

    You’ll need to use Milhouse builds for Leia with these new NUCs. I suspect it will support same remotes as official Krypton release.

    I’m particularly interested in high resolotiin multichannel audio playback in PCM/FLAC formats and looking for devices that support LibreELEC and HD Audio.

    As far as I can tell only Intel NUCs can do FLAC/PCM at 96kHz/24bit (or higher) but there’s info spread all over the Kodi forum, it’s hard to work out.

    AMLogic devices all only do 16 bit PCM only, right?

    What are the currently supported HD Audio (PCM) devices?


    All my Minix U9 tests in previous post were using LibreElec. MCH = multichannel all audio only PCM (from FLAC). I tried 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 as long as you limit sampling to 48KHz then all ok.

    I didn't try 7.1 apologies. Will try later today and post here.

    The interesting thing (for me) is my Denon AVR only plays Quad (4.0) PCM/FLAC if I set Kodi to 'Fixed' - 'Optimised' and 'Best Match' only produce stereo. That looks like a Kodi bug.

    Awesome, looking forward to your results. My Linux ISOs are a combo of FLAC and Opus, so multichannel PCM is a requirement!


    Just finished mucking around today after I had a problem with my Denon AVR refusing to see MCH PCM from any device. I have a NUC I've used for 3 years with no probs. I had to power off and unplug to reset the AVR. Took me a while to work that out.

    I'm using latest LibreElec 8 (not 9 alpha). The Minix U9 plays PCM MCH but its limited to 48kHz max. Won't play 88.2 or 96kHz etc

    It does play 4K and DTS-HDMA ok. I have an Intel NUC that is way faster and plays every MCH flac I have. If you want high resolution audio I wouldn't recommend the U9.

    You can set Kodi to limit sampling to 48KHz and higher rate files will play with Kodi down sampled to 48kHz, so it will play high res but not at the original sampling rates if > 48KHz.

    I had some trouble turning the U9 on with the remote control too. Takes a while to pick up the command even with the remote 300mm in front (20 or so button pushes). There is no on/off button so that's a pain. I guess you could leave it on 24/7...

    I bought the Minix U9 mainly for 4K. Would have been nice to use it as my Audi player too. I will keep the NUC and upgrade to next NUC that supports UHD/HDR and MCH PCM.

    Next step for me is to try LibreElec 9 alpha on the Minix. I'll do that tomorrow.



    Does anyone know if multichannel PCM works on a Minix U9-H running LibreELEC?

    I just completed setting up my Minix U9-H on using my PC screen and will move to my home theatre system later today and will post my findings. I have a heap of quad, 5.1 and 7.1 FLACs at various sample rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz mostly 24bit but some 16bit. Fingers crossed.