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    There is nothing wrong with current Intel NUC's hardware. HDR support has just appeared in Linux kernel 5.3 and it is not yet implemented in Kodi.

    The Milhouse Matrix (Kodi 19) LE alpha builds with Linux 5.3 have just started. I’ve ordered a new NVME SSD especially for testing these builds on my NUC8i3BEH. I’ll leave my current LE 9.2 SSD untouched so I have a fully working Kodi 18.4.

    I’ve been using LE9.2 on my old NUC (i3) for a few days with no issues, although I’ve only played multichannel music and music videos (mostly HD videos with DTS-HDMA, TrueHD and Atmos).

    You might want to check on your receiver what type of audio signal...

    Just to be clear. I’m talking about the Player setting: Adjust display refresh rate -> Always

    Apologies if I wasn’t clear in my original post with my loose description from memory.

    I’m definitely getting DTS-HDMA Atmos etc displayed.

    On a whim I tried the latest Milhouse generic build from May 9th and I am getting the same results. Researching further I found this thread where there is a comment with regards to passthrough issues and v5 kernels. I am trying to find a 4.19 kernel build and see if it has coffee lake drivers.

    The official LibreElec 9.0.2 build (with Kodi 18.2) uses 4.19 kernel and works perfectly with my Intel NUC8i3BEK with HDMI Passthrough. Last Milhouse build with 14.19 also works perfectly (I think it’s build 311 from memory). Build with 5.0 kernel are bad for audio Passthrough.

    Don’t forget to set Kodi to sync TV to Source otherwise audio Passthrough will fail.

    I have NUC8 -> HDMI -> Denon AVR X7200WA -> HDMI -> Sony 4K TV (2018)

    Have you tried the blacklist fix suggested by Milhouse?

    1. echo "blacklist snd_soc_skl" >>/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
    2. reboot

    No. I was hoping the official LE release would resolve the issue.

    Thanks for reminding me. I may give it a try over the weekend.

    The later Milhouse LibreElec 9 for Kodi 18.2 (Generic) test builds using Linux 5 have ALSA problems on NUCs (no Passthrough Audio). I’m hoping this will resolved with official LibreElec 9.0.2 build.

    I’ve had to stay with last Milhouse LE build using Linux 4.19 to use Passthrough.

    ok Maybe a stupid question.. I changed the Kodi resolution to 3840x2160/24 and it works fine.. but then when try to watch Live TV.. I can hear audio but no video... If I switched resolution back to 1080P/60 I'm able to play Live TV (audio/video) no problem.

    So for Live TV do I need to keep the Kodi resolution to 1080P/60? Or is there a way to have the resolution in Kodi set at 2160/24 or any other and play Live TV without problems?

    I’m no expert on Kodi Live TV but I doubt Kodi will upscale live video to 4K.

    LibreElec 9 with Kodi 18 currently does tone mapping HDR > SDR to show ‘correct looking’ colours on your screen. It does not output HDR. (Without tone mapping HDR 10 bit video looks washed out).

    There’s a thread in Hardware here where chewitt posted that true HDR output is being worked on now but won’t make the LibreElec 9.0 release, but will make LibreElec 10 release and will probably make a future LibreElec 9.x release. So our best scenario will see HDR added sometime this year (hopefully sooner than later, e.g. in LibreElec 9.1 - but it’s too early for anyone to know for sure)