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    HI All,

    Long time supporter and user of LibreELEC (as far as back to the OpenELEC days). I've been using the docker add-on for a long time to run a few odds and ends on my LE pi.

    I know there are currently workarounds (e.g. installing a docker compose container) but figured it would be a more elegant solution to simply bundle the docker-compose binary with the docker addon.

    Is this be something that the team would consider?



    FWIW I also ran raspbian with kodi and it was OK but never as good as libre. I thought I needed to operate that way given lack of apt get on libreelec. That was until someone in here pointed me towards the Docker addon.

    Now I run all and sundry services in docked containers on my libreelec board whilst getting the tuned kodi experience.

    Perhaps not suitable for your use case but something to consider. have a fairly comprehensive list of Docker images that are well maintained.

    Sholander wrxtasy  chewitt, I'm curious as to where Amlogic devices sit now with the (semi) fork of Coreelec, this ongoing and excellent community build and whether the intention is for Amlogic to become an officially supported Libreelec SOC. It certainly seems that Amlogic is the most active, by far, community build forum suggesting that most libreelec users that arent using a RPi are using a Amlogic box.

    I know its normal but perhaps unfortunate consequence of OSS but it always sucks to see a bifurcation and also perhaps duplication of efforts.

    Anyway, like to hear where the projects sit in relation to each other and where you guys envision things moving going forward.

    Hi Guys,

    Couple of interesting points. I'm running a bunch of docker containers in addition to kodi on my 2g S912 device. All works great but RAM can be limited. Most surprisingly kodi seems to be caching quite aggressively, so that even when i have nominally 200 mb free playback freezes etc. Reading around the default cache size is mentioned to only be 20 mb, with 3x that necessary to work. Based upon that I should have loads of free space. Is this information still current?

    Secondly, I looked at moving over data to the eMMC so attempted to follow instructions from kazaq. But to my surprise not /dev/data listed under blkid. Given this, and unsurprisingly, "reboot to android" no longer works. Puzzled as to what has happened as this was working in the past. I noticed on list of new dtb's for oclock gpu. I haven't replaced my dtb since first setting up librelec some time ago, somewhere around the first Wrxtasy builds. Is this the root of this?

    Interested to hear thoughts.



    I ended up solving this. Discovered the issue was in fact audio related and not due to HVEC. I had incorrectly set audio decode to 5.1 rather than leaving it at its default of 2.0. In hindsight, I recall now seeing mention of leaving this setting at 2.0. I pass through virtually everything to the amp and so there was no reason for this to be changed. Brain fart!

    I've started experiencing video playback issues with and on S912.

    I'll experience a couple of glitches.

    1. Audio sounds slight accelerated and stutters periodically.

    2. Above + at start screen remains blank and no audio plays. Otherwise video appears to be playing (timer counting up etc). Skipping forward fixes the blank screen issue.

    3. Regular audio glitches.

    In stopping and starting the video would rectify this. IN this no longer works. 1 and 2 seem to seem to only effect HVEC. 3 has also been seen in H264.

    All of this is new to 8.2.4* series. Was previously on 8.2.* without these issues.

    Logs recreating the issue @

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    Have reset guisettings.xml as I was also experiencing periodic freezes but that has otherwise had no effect. Note: Box was upgraded from

    Anyone have any ideas? My thought is that it is related to my HDMI audio pass through (ive set HDMI audio out and channel number to 5.1 with everything toggled to pass through). Perhaps that is incorrect?



    Ok, dug further and talked to people more familiar with Docker. This isn't supported by cockpit-project and isn't possible through docker at the moment. Cockpit is only installable through apt-get etc. So a Kodi addon really is the only solution.

    @lrusakj, any input? Was there a show stopper error you ran into when developing this? I'm a developer, though have no experience with Kodi addons. Is it possible to build this as a Kodi addon?

    The thought had crossed my mind but I wasn't sure how running it inside a container would work. Unlike a more normal container it exists purely to monitor the host IO rates etc and so, I would think, need the kind of access that docker is designed to abstract away? Naively I thought it would be monitoring the containers various attributes, not the host.

    That said, far from an expert on docker. So is this right? Its for that reason I went down the addon path.

    I love and use protainer to monitor docker containers but nothing beats bash for setting em up :)

    What kind of temps do you get running with passive 4 x 4? The current heat sink seems pretty firmly attached. Im worried removal would involve excessive force possibly damaging the chip itself to get it off. Are you aware of any active cooling solutions bare sticking a axial fan in a hole on the roof?

    I wasn't suggesting the cooling was sufficient, just that it was a great deal better than the tiny chip sized heat sinks that I saw on the previous boxes.

    I ended up purchasing a KM8Pro as it was the cheapest S912 board on ebay in Oz. Fantastic little box, works as well as some 30-40% more expensive. On top of that, it even has a power button! I opened it up to have a look at the cooling solution and it was actually decent! A 2 x 2 cm heatsink attached to the chip. Thats closer to the minix series than your typical budget Android Box. Best of three different boxes that I've tried (don't ask!)


    Cockpit is a common tool I install on my linux servers. I've been so impressed with docker support on LibreElec so far that I was fingers crossed on finding the cockpit addon. Unfortunately no joy! Google-fu only references this from lrusak but after that the trail seems to have gone cold.

    For those who aren't away, cockpit is a very clean and well designed web admin/monitor for keeping tabs on your linux server resources and performing admin tasks (though thats less of an interest here). Perhaps there is not much in the way of enthusiasm for its inclusion but I figured I'd esquire nonetheless. At the least so someone else googling this see's an 'official' answer.



    Ok thanks for the tips. Yes I'm running the Kodi GUI at 1080p 60Hz. I am however running a bunch of other services via docker so I could see how that would lead to overheating. I haven't done anything to overclock, I'm just running stock

    Well aware of the cheapo cooling, have a few spare tubes of artic silver so was going to mod the cooling stack anyway! I just wanted to have a look at /var/log/syslog to rule out a driver issue before cracking her open. I guess a bit of modification is due.

    Just a professional Q wrxtasy , I'm a software developer myself yet wouldn't know the first thing about modifying the kernel and the various other bits and bobs that you do. How did you pick that up? Professional background, curiosity? I've always looked upon the guys dealing closer to the hardware as the real guru's yet I dont see how I myself can go from a regular software guy to a on the bare metal dev like yourself.

    Also, "Hi" from a fellow Aussie (Brisbane).

    So my M96X Pro locked up over night so i was forced to power cycle it. I went to look at /var/log/syslog to see what happened but of course its not there in Libreelec! I am aware of debugging mode in Kodi but as this issue seems to be random I'm loathed to leave it running in that mode for a few days to see if I can get it to 'on tape'. Is there any other way to view the dmesg content before current boot?