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    USB interface is detected, that's good. Install via BootcardMaker (see method 3), insert the SDcard into the card slot of the box and start it again.

    where I can get a uboot file for a M8s Pro L (lq version)

    I have the problem that I cant flash the box via Usb Burning tool. It always stops at 2% and give me the romcode error. Tried everything but nothing works..

    Is there a way to change the bootscreen of the box? I dont mean the logo of LE.. E.g on my X92 there's a ugly pic as bootlogo.. I installed LE in internal. On android I did it on a other box, but how in LE?


    I have a quick question about CEC.

    On my X92 ( in internal) I activated CEC and set that the box shutdown when I power off my TV. Is it possible to let the Box power up when I start my TV?

    Or are there other options to power on/off the box? I dont use the standard remote, but should it be possible with an ir remote or smth else? Otherwise the box is 24/7 powered on..


    Thank you, Sholander and The Coolest. You guys pointed me in the right direction. I guess the T95Z had a hardware issue or something with the Ethernet port. The information led me to a command to limit the ethernet speed. Everything works now (still fighting to get the VFD working though) with LAN.

    Even though I limited the ethernet to 100M, I'm getting faster than 100M speeds and can now stream files without buffer/stutter. So all seems to be well.

    how do you solve this problem? I have a M8s Pro "912 1gbit 3gbddr4. In the LE settings there no Ethernet option.. so the sasme problem.

    which device tree I should use?

    Im on 8.2.5

    sam problem on


    Downloaded the file for the X92.

    Renamed it to vfd.conf

    Copied it to storage/.config

    Installed the openvfd addon and reboot. But dont worked.. but its not urgent I can life without that. Im only wondering why its not working..

    Then I suggest you install @wrxtasy's build. It already included the driver. Just make sure you use the correct dtb.

    I said im on so its wrxtasys build.

    With this build I can do the first cd command. With the second I get "Open device failed" error. I put the files in /downloads/fd628 folder and get the same error..

    /shrug I don't know what you're doing, or what OS you're using. Sorry.

    This is a screenshot of CoreELEC, but the idea is the same with LE.

    I do the same that u do. I installed new so clean. now when I type everything is same like yours but at the end in terminal I get the error: Open device failed.


    1. I recommend you put the files into downloads/fd628.

    2. Connect to the box, type in: (note: paths in linux are case sensitive)

    cd /storage/downloads/fd628 

    You can also run a search to see in which folder the files are:

    find / -name ""

    I said that I dont have a "downloads" folder, however I created one. But theres no file that named "fd628" only "fd628Service"..

    When I type the cd or sh comman it come on both the same error: sh: cant open...

    I think you're not typing the command correctly or you're not doing it from the path that you extracted the file into.

    There's nothing preventing it from working on older builds, I'm running it on LE7 on one of my boxes, but kzsaq's build doesn't include it. I assume you added it to your builds - that's great.

    Just to clarify: you don't have to 'compile' the addon, it's written in python, and available on github. Here's a direct download link from GH to the latest version.

    I definitly type the command right. How I can select the Path in terminal? When I only typye sh or the test command it dont works. So first of all I must select the path? Is there a command for that?

    I put the files in .kodi/media

    I'm not sure to be honest.

    It's simply impossible to test all AMLogic hardware combos and device trees.

    The new ones are all based on @kszaq's originals anyway with mods for GPU overclocking.

    I might recheck when I get time.

    Are the new device trees only for gpu oc? I have now with the device tree from kszaqs and I activated gpu oc in the AML settings and everything works with no problems.

    I tried to install this on my X92 3gb and 1gbit lan. Dont worked. I tried kszaqs and it worked. Then I tried a update to your audiofixv2 and chosed the 3gb, 1gbit device tree from your mega link and dont worked again. It freezed always on bootlogo. After I put the sd card with kszaqs and his device tree and copied to internal the version works.. Is there any mistake that I done? Or is there a error in the decive tree? I used in the 1000M folder gxm_q201_3g_1gbit.dtb and it dont worked.


    I'm not sure why it's not working, what's the exact error message?

    I always extract it into the downloads/fd628 folder. I suggest you try 'sh' first to make sure that it's working. 'sh -x' may show what line fails exactly. Sometimes there's a permissions issue, so you may need to run chmod to give the files execute permissions.

    As I said, doing it this way is a pain, and I can't really support this. I use this method for testing on my dev box, but I can recommend its use for end-users.

    the exact error: "sh: cant open ''
    Have I does the update dtb right? I only put a .tar and the correctly device tree from ur attached zips into the update folder. I have no downloads folder.. Only Kodi and Storage and in these there no downloads folder. I use LE in internal.

    But the thing that I dont understand is why you attached 2 zips with device trees? Which zip is the correct one for


    Yes, VFD support is only built into Leia builds.

    It's possible to make it work on LE8 builds, but it requires a bit of work and I don't provide support for it.

    Look at this post.

    So I put the device Tree in the update folder with an tar and it updated now. I extracted the zip in .kodi/media and run the code "sh" via SSH but I get an error: cant open

    what now? I use in internal. What do I wrong? I tried both zips with the correct device trees...

    The X92 config file is already in the .config folder