Power on/off with CEC

  • Hello

    I have a quick question about CEC.

    On my X92 ( in internal) I activated CEC and set that the box shutdown when I power off my TV. Is it possible to let the Box power up when I start my TV?

    Or are there other options to power on/off the box? I dont use the standard remote, but should it be possible with an ir remote or smth else? Otherwise the box is 24/7 powered on..


  • Generally most small computers (RPi etc) once shutdown cannot be restarted without a power cycle. I know that some AMLogic computers can be powered on with the remote - but I'm not aware of anything that would wake up when you switch the TV on.

    I'm not aware of a X92 but if it's like other SBC the power consumption is limited. (An Rpi (depending on model) is only about £5 - £10 py)