Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

  • I have just received my Tanix TX7

    It has an Amlogic s905x CPU/GPU, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, 2-band ac WiFi (2,4 and 5 GHz) with an external antenna. It comes with an IR remote, power adapter and a hdmi-cable. It has a nice full-metal (alu) case. It runs on Android 7.1.2, with preinstalled SuperUser root.

    I could boot the latest Libreelec 8.2 with Kodi 17.6 (kszaq´s build with 2g device tree) and latest 9.0 mit Kodi 18 alpha without any problems (Toothpick method, it has a small hole on its buttom with reset switch). Everything works out of the box like Bluetooth and WiFi, thanx to kszaq . Tested some h265 1080p files without any stress on the system (CPU <15%), with flawless HW-acceleration.

    I dumped the internal firmware and I guess it must have a Mediathek MT7668 radio chip inside (dual-band ac wifi and BT 5.0), iI guess it has a Broadcom AP6255 radio chip (dual band a/b/g/n/ac wifi and Bluetooth 4.2)

    I wanted to make a TWRP backup from the original Android 7 Firmware but unfortunately I could not find any TWRP version that booted from the SD-card :( I would need one for p212 reference board, for Android 7. I would flash Libreelec onto the internal memory as I want to boot to Libreelec always without a toothpick... or is there any other solution to this without nuking android? Any ideas?

    I guess I can recommend this box although I did not have much time to play around with it still.

  • I wanted to make a TWRP backup from the original Android 7 Firmware

    Interesting as my TX7 runs 6.0.1 see pic.

    Also i think Wifi chip may be different ??

    Can you compare my findings to yours ??

    Edit: Just saw this TX7 Android 7.1 Amlogic S905X Quad Core 2/32gb Dual Band WiFi 2.4GHz + 5GHz Bluetooth 4.0 -

    Looks like the TX7 has Android 7.1 now.

    I am pretty sure the Hardware is the same as mine or older stock.

    No idea where the Firmware download is.

    I asked Tanix for it 2 weeks ago with NO REPLY.

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  • yes, that is mine. It loks like it has a AMPAK6255 Chip from Broadcom, I made a wrong assumption. Unfortunately TWRP is android version specific and the older ones for Android 6 do not work with Android 7.

  • Guys, you have convinced me to buy Tanix TX7 for my parents.

    Seems to be good, nice and cheap S905X LE box.

    Thanks for the tip :)

    Tanix TX7 @ LE 8.90.3, Mecool KI Pro @ LE 8.90.3, Beelink MiniMX III @ LE 8.90.3

  • Hi,

    can i use your BUILDS for this Box: H96 Pro+ TV Box - 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM EU PLUG

    Main Features:

    Amlogic S912 CPU with octa core is rapid and stable, it can give you a high-speed feedback and smooth response

    Android 7.1: comparing to the former version, people can easily install or uninstall applications and games

    ● Dual-band WiFi: 2.4G plus 5.0G can improve the speed which can implement multi-task

    ● 1000M LAN can improve the net speed and the performance to a large extent

    ● H.265 and VP9 - 10 Profile - 2 decoding will offer you high definition pictures and movies

    ● The remote control is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

    ● Support OTA

    Simultaneos display only available for big brand Android phones and iPhone.

    ● The language interface only can be operated by the mouse model

  • Yes but that box as a problem with turn on after shutdown (you cant turn on by remote)

    No solution

    - Box Android Mini M8S II (Amlogic S905X, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM)
    - Ugreen USB Ethernet Adapter Usb 3.0 2.0 [ASIX AX88179 Chipset]
    - LibreELEC 8.2 (Nougat Kernel) builds aimed at devices based on Amlogic S905/S905X SoC.

  • Yes. It makes a great LibreELEC device, 4k, bla bla, just the caveat with the power off/on if you can leave with that.

    Also consider modding for cooling down that S912 beast.

  • Yes. It makes a great LibreELEC device, 4k, bla bla,

    Does 4K with HLG-HDR works with this Box under LE?

    My H96pro+ 2/16GB can't replay 4k HLG-HDR, only "normal" 4K HDR10 with LE- Does it works with LE-8.90.3?

    If I boot with Android, then 4K with HLG-HDR works!


    Alfawise H96pro+ with S912 and 2/16GB

  • Yes. It makes a great LibreELEC device,

    Not from what I've read from members with this box. Plus below.

    Amlogic has not released fbdev Mali libraries and has no plans to release them. These builds use libhybris and Android gralloc Mali driver to provide OpenGL for Kodi - an experimental approach with CPU overhead - meaning suboptimal GPU performance.

  • And GPU performance is only needed to draw the Kodi user interface and when software decoding video like the 720p Kodi Leia Netflix hack.

    S912's with @kszaq's recent tweaks draw the user interface at a normal 60fps now anyway.

    For day to day usage with hardware decoding of virtually all video most S912's are fine provided they do not overheat due to inadequate SoC cooling.

  • I do own a Rpi3 and the H96 pro plus. Tried to stay on the Rpi3 and avoid the S912 but it was too much of everything so at the end I switched off completely to S912.

    Had to install additional heat sinks, change thermal paste, drill vent holes in the box and mount a 92 mm fan, but with that said, and I realise it is some effort, now all running fine :)

  • Could anyone with a 4K-HDR-TV give me an answer to my questions at post #407 ?



    Alfawise H96pro+ with S912 and 2/16GB

  • Hi

    Thank you for the post.

    The s905x got gigabit Ethernet controller.

    In practice I didn't see company that use it, but its there.

    They choose to cut down costs with the 100Mbit PHY.

  • Sorry to rehash here, but coming from H96 Pro Plus - with power boot issue - and want to take another stab at another device that others have tried that meet the following.


    *Gigabit LAN

    *At least 2GB/16GB.

    *Able to power on from LE (not via internal)

    *Able to play Netflix at least 720p (on v18)

    *If front LCD, it works (optional, but preferred)

    *Sub $100 price.

    If anyone has tried similar and has a view, please chime in.

    Thinking of KM8 Pro, M8S Pro, T95Z Plus, A95X A2, BB2...

    Thank you.

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  • I have the H96 Pro. 2GB/16GB power button works. Occasional freezes. No temp issues.

    Seems like Gearbest are selling it at the moment. Be quick, it might be on sale :)

    Not sure of the rest

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