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    I have a problem with amazon addon since 8.90.4. Sometimes screen is black, oder its extremly stuttering. In version 8.90.3 everythings works perfekt! What was changed? SOmebody any Idea?

    i need a download for 8.90.3. Can somebody help me?

    I agree, 8.90.3 is the fastest for my S905X boxes. No hiccups when playing 120mbit Jellyfish video, good response to IR remote.

    I has some problems, occasional KODI crash upon entering Libreelec settings or when indexing folder with many movies in subfolders...

    After upgrade to new versions playback of high-bitrate video is jumpy and IR remote control reactions delayed.

    I hope optimizations will fix those problems in the future, but for now I reverted back to 8.90.3 version.

    This is a very important issue for S905 models owners.

    Number of HDR movies is growing, S905 models can play them, but they look bad - very bright and unnatural colors.

    Please implement some HDR to SDR conversion to allow proper output of SDR signal, if possible. Thanks

    Recently I compared my 2 boxes, both connected via ethernet cable and samba server (W7 and W10 PC):

    Beelink Mini MXIII (S905) - 1Gbit ethernet

    Vontar Mini M8S II+ (S905x) - 100 mbit ethernet

    S905X box is unable to play Jellyfish testing videos 40 mbit and above without frequent buffering issues.

    I am a bit disappointed, expected to play files at least 60 mbit videorates smoothly via S905X 100 mbit ethernet interface.

    On the S905 Box I can play 200 mbit test files without buffering (decoding is not fast enough, of course, but no buffering issues).

    Is this normal, or my S905X box has some problem?

    I can confirm the same problem on my Beeling Mini MXIII (S905) with gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb

    Also have many retries (about 600) during every iperf test and speed results vary a lot, probably related to retry count.

    On S905x based Mini M8S II box no retries on the same cable. Strange.

    Anyone has tested the RTL8188CU chip wifi dongle in LibreElec?

    My friend has a Vontar Mini M8S II+ with AP6212A chipset and wifi connection is very bad.

    No ethernet cable in the room, router on the other floor so he needs a stable wifi connection.

    Any suggestions or list of supported USB Wifi dongles?


    Hi afl1,

    Looking forward for your KI Pro box review...but I'm a bit impatient :)

    I'm considering whether it's a good idea to buy it now or wait...

    In case you already did some testing and have your opinion, could you please share at least whether the box has your recommendation and lookout for libreelec port (possible or not)?

    Thanks a lot

    Me too, it's unvatchable. Also, my Mele Deluxe remote stopped workking after upgrading to 008 (I have a A95X S905 non X). Any suggestions?

    Best regards!

    Is MELE Deluxe support fixed on newer builds? I'm looking for a good airmouse for my Beelink MiniMX III.
    "MELE Deluxe" is my favourite, also consider "Rikomagic MK705" and "Minix Neo A2 Lite".
    Which one would you recommend for LibreElec?

    I have similar problems with usb audio. Sound crackles or is a bit distorted. Happens when amcodec acceleration is used. Even with the fixed version.

    My box is the minim8s, S905, 2Gbit ram and 100mbit ethernet.
    I think Kszaq wrote amlogic usb drivers aren't very good. But since the problems appear when using hardware video decoding, it might be something else.

    Thank you for your info. Can the acceleration be disabled somehow for music playback as temp. solution?

    Seems like usb audio is working for some people in Armbian/Ubuntu S905 builds based on C2 kernel.
    I hope this problem could be fixed in the future LibreElec builds...
    We need UAC2 (USB Audio Class 2) compliant kernel, Amlogic :huh:

    Installed the first(non-fix) version onto SD card with my brand new Beelink Mini MXIII.
    After importing the keymap file and screen calibration this build is working very well with my old Sony TV (used HDMI for audio output).

    Problem appeared during testing external USB audio DAC (based on Amanero Combo384 chipset) for music playback.
    After selecting USB DAC device for audio output in both ALSA driver modes (Analog or SPDIF) the sound is heavily distorted with strange noises.
    Changing different output frequencies or resampling modes didn't help.

    Except the audio issue all is working fine. If someone can advice how to fix it I'd be very grateful.
    Many thanks to all developers involved.