Support for USB Gigabit LAN/802.11ac adapter?

  • Then the problem is with the addons, not libreelec or kodi. They most likely utilize some peer-to-peer functionality to provide the videos, which will use up both your cpu and upstream bandwidth.

    Please note that unofficial addons will not be discussed or supported in this forum.

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  • Anyone has tested the RTL8188CU chip wifi dongle in LibreElec?

    My friend has a Vontar Mini M8S II+ with AP6212A chipset and wifi connection is very bad.

    No ethernet cable in the room, router on the other floor so he needs a stable wifi connection.

    Any suggestions or list of supported USB Wifi dongles?


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  • In past experiments on the original 100BaseT equipped AppleTV (which is why LE/OE have support for nearly all the chips involved; I tried them) moving to a USB gigabit adaptor lifted speeds from ~11MB/sec to a whopping ~14MB/sec. Why so little? .. because running networking over the USB stack requires a lot more computational overhead than using Ethernet, and this taxes the CPU and negates many of the theoretical gains (even at USB 2.0 speeds). I would be very surprised if anyone reports a significant user-experience improvement using one.

    TL;DR .. cheap boxes with 100BaseT are cheap boxes with 100BaseT .. caveat emptor

    Hi there

    Looks like things have improved then ; Running iperf on Raspberry Pi 3 | NetBeez

    Quite a few people have been using Gigabit->USB3 adaptors on Raspberry Pis to improve the network performance a bit (doesn't get round the shared USB 2.0 bus but that's a separate issue related to the Pi)

    With the 10/100 internal adaptor they are getting iperf figures of ~95Mbs on a Pi 2 or 3, with a USB->GigE adaptor they are getting 170-220Mbs. (Pi 3 performs better than Pi 2) This is around double the performance of the internal 100Mbs (which itself is performing well for a 100Mbs solution)

    Wouldn't it be fair to expect similar results on similar ARM chips?

    AIUI the USB->GigE solution is likely to be a way round the S905X internal 100Mbs Ethernet limit for >100Mbs content, such as high bitrate UHD rips that a larger buffer doesn't solve (i.e. if the content is not just occasional >100Mbs spikes). AIUI one UHD title that is quite taxing is one of the few (only?) 2160/59.94p releases - Ang Lee's 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' (which was shot at 119.88p, and release at 59.94p on UHD)

    (For those wondering - USB 3.0->GigE adaptors do work in GigE mode when connected to USB 2.0 ports - assuming there is driver support. You can't saturate the GigE connection with a USB2.0 connection, but you can get significantly better throughput than a 100Mbs Ethernet connection.)

  • I use USB2.0/Gb adapter based on ASIX AX88178 Chipset for a long time- working perfect.

    The USB3.0 ASIX AX88179 Chipset and Realtek RTL8153 Chipset is working too.

    Everyone asking why, have a look here Best settings for 4K HDR playback?

  • I'll have to remember what sock drawer the USB widgets have been cast into at home, because I'm playing around with an S905D box which sadly has 100-BaseT networking :(

  • after switching to an usb AX88179 gigabit adapter (recognized as usbnet0) smb and ssh access sometimes do not work until I disconnect & reconnect from the libreelec addon. pinging and network access (from within kodi) works fine.

    edit: ssh/smb access problems was due to the libreelec firewall setting being auto-reenabled even when set to 'off' before a reboot. switching to 'public' seems to have fixed the issue.

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  • I'm using the Ugreen ethernet to usb adapter. Is it normal that I have to set the firewall inside Kodi to "OFF" to be able to connect to the box via PC or iOS remote?