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    after switching to an usb AX88179 gigabit adapter (recognized as usbnet0) smb and ssh access sometimes do not work until I disconnect & reconnect from the libreelec addon. pinging and network access (from within kodi) works fine.

    edit: ssh/smb access problems was due to the libreelec firewall setting being auto-reenabled even when set to 'off' before a reboot. switching to 'public' seems to have fixed the issue.

    I've read through all posts but still have not found "my" box. I'm looking for something that...

    ... supports 4K HDR 10bit

    ... supports Netflix

    ... has gigabit LAN

    ... is reasonably priced (<= $66 to avoid import taxes & processing fees that are almost as high as the device price itself)

    the VORKE Z6/TX92 looked promising but does not seem to support Netflix according to some Freaktab posts. any recommendations?

    my current box is a Mecool S8S Pro Plus which with its 905X and libreelec 8.90.5 happily plays 4k HDR and 720p Netflix, but lacks of the gigabit LAN which causes some problems with high bitrate content.

    None of the AVRs supports HD audio on ARC (Audio Return Channel). The tv boxes have no ARC on HDMI they only send the av data.

    HDMI 2.1 will bring eARC which will support HD audio.

    yeah... I was hoping that when the box sends the data as PCM encoded audio, the TV would just forward it through ARC without doing more stuff to it. unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

    anyway, I understand now that it is not a libreelec/amlogic bug. thanks all for your input and info!. for now, getting a HDR capable AVR seems to be the only way to enjoy both TrueHD and 10bit HDR at the same time.

    Don't turn off passthrough, just disable DTS-HD & Atmos in Kodi Audio settings;)

    yeah that is exactly what I meant with "turning off passthrough": I only disabled the formats that my AVR does not decode. this results the decoding to PCM with the wrong channel mapping for AML-M8AUDIO (using the TrueHD channel check from Samples - Official Kodi Wiki test file)

    I suspect the problem might be related to using PCM over ARC to feed the AVR (mecool => lg tv => sony avr). when connecting the box directly to the AVR (mecool => sony avr => lg tv), PCM decodes properly. was hoping to not have to switch the devices as the AVR cannot handle 10bit HDR video. :(

    my 7.1 AVR does not support Dolby HD/TrueHD Atmos 7.1 through ARC passthrough. unfortunately, when turning off passthrough, the channel mappings are wrong: for any speaker configuration >5.0 there's no sound from the front speaker.

    the debug log seem to indicate that the front center (FC) and subwoofer (LFE) are switched:

    (the problem seem to happen on all multichannel audio formats, not just Atmos streams - but my AVR supports the other formats via passthrough)

    this is on a 905x (mecool m8s pro plus) using the 8.90.4 build.

    according to the log, there's a broken url called during the autoupdate check:

    maybe this is a leftover from my 8.2 inplace upgrade? defined in /usr/share/kodi/addons/service.libreelec.settings/