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    This topic is rather installing libre to the SD card but use internal memory for data. If you have installed LibreElec on your internal EMMC, then Android is already gone, unless you did not opt for a dual-boot type of thing I am not sure even that`s possible with your device.

    Anyway, that`s not the best thread, look for "flashing LibreELEC to internal memory". BTW - last I ve heard that`s not directly recommended.

    On the other hand now you don`t have the problem with Android, and run a pure Libre box :)

    Had to play a Blu-ray 3d rip (MVC), what a shocker to find out that it works on RPi3, or on PC using a patched version of Kodi. But on Rpi3 - - No HD audio bitstreaming - so it`s still not perfect.

    God damn, after ditching the Rpi3 for H96 pro+ and using heavily the latter for months I `d thought it could do almost anything :) Limitation seem to be though on the Kodi.

    So in case just if somebody ever will want to watch a blu-ray 3d MVC have in mind:

    Kodi does not yet support software video decoding of MVC (Multiview Video Coding) encoded 3D videos, which is the format most commonly used in raw Blu-ray 3D backups/rips (and on original Blu-ray Disc media with stereoscopic video.

    However, hardware decoding of MVC (Multiview Video Coding) encoded 3D videos is supported in Kodi on some platforms/operating-systems if the device drivers and hardware supports it, like it does for the Raspberry Pi. For hardware decoding Kodi relies on the SoC/VPU/GPU chipset hardware manufacturer to add support for this to their SDK (Software Developer Kits) and for the media player box manufacturers to implement that into their API, firmware, kernel, and/or device drivers images as needed.

    Anyway, not even sure who still be watching 3d Tv/Movies on Tv in 2018 but me...

    I do own a Rpi3 and the H96 pro plus. Tried to stay on the Rpi3 and avoid the S912 but it was too much of everything so at the end I switched off completely to S912.

    Had to install additional heat sinks, change thermal paste, drill vent holes in the box and mount a 92 mm fan, but with that said, and I realise it is some effort, now all running fine :)

    I did it, saw your problem, but not sure how to help. I am running though Libreelec 8.2, not 8.9, not sure if hat could be the reason, probably not:(

    So as you can imagine, I was not happy with the temp drop the grizzly thermal paste gave me with the stock heatsink.

    So I did this:

    Aaand that`s better. 45-50 idle. 50-61 max 65 playback. I used a copper plate on the main S912 chip, another copper plate on one smaller chip and the heatsink for 2 other chips.

    Think this is the best I can go without adding overseized heatsinks and still be able to close the box.

    I just pray that over night the paste will harden, cause now... the copper just weighs more :)

    I have succesfully applied some Kryonaut thermal grizzly to the S912 SoC and inserted again the stock heatsink. Yoi may or may not believe it, but the stock "solution" was rather a simple thermal pad... haha, that`s a joke.

    So I stitched back the stock heatsink and you were right, this thing weighs nothing, it stuck perfectly. Now immediate switch on - I would say I can see some improvement probably with 1-5 Celsius.

    Running/playback ~58-61 Celsius - update library up to 70... I ran it for a while, now it`s switched off, hope that after the paste cures I will get even better drops. If not I have to look for a bigger heatsink, but even and 60-70 Celsius - I believe it`s still okay, isn`t it?

    In Android it went up to 97 Celsius before the mod :) Just using LibreELEC drops by 10-15 Celsius.

    Yep, sorry bout that, last post - I discovered that the 3 pin on the board apparently provide 3V, that`s why it cannot power up a 5V fan. So let`s see. Soldering to USB or USB direct is the decision.

    Now back to the original thread, how about cooling the stick? :))) Does not look so easy.

    Heavily modified TTC-CUV2AB/RHS(DIY)

    I am not using the fan, which comes in the kit, but a smaller heatsink+fan (5V), which fits entirely in the Titan copper heatsink. Costs less than 2 euro.

    It's even more effective than TTC kit. And much more silent. ;)

    Note that this won't fit neatly inside the H96Pro+ (Alfawise) box (worst thermal designed chinese crap I've seen)...

    Did you solder the fan to one of the USBs or use directly USB? There is a 3 pin connector on the board, looks like cpu fan?

    Gee, made me revisit urban dictionary re "sweet F.A. "got it now :)

    Hi guys,

    started to mod my box, drilled some holes on the top and the bottom.

    No difference (as I expected) - still idle at 55-61 C in LibreELEC and 70-75 C during playback and 80 during library update.

    It requires a good thermal paste at least + a nice heatsink and a fan for optimum result.

    I really hope that with the kryonaut grizzly I will get at least 5 C down :)

    It could be the cable, who knows... For me the exact opposite side, opposite USB port works. Anyway, I plan of cutting my box open, to unhide the 2 USBs, not that I will much use them whatsoever but :)

    Else - I "solved" the problem by just leaving the box on.

    It idles now at 59 Celisus:

    LibreELEC:~ # cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp


    Well, dont like that too much, hence will change the termal paste tomorrow. Hope it will lower 5-10 Celsius.