X96 Max Plus A100 libreelec - anyone succeded?

  • X96 Max Plus A100 libreelec - anyone succeded?

    I decided to participate in the X96 Max Plus lottery :) and I got the A100 unit, which is:

    X96Max_Plus_A100 . _ no gigabit, 2 antennas, AM7256 radio module - WiFi 2.4 and 5, BT, photo ."

    found that out tnx to the 4pda guys. I even instal slimbox tv and it`s good, but ... i want libre or coreelec. But no luck with booting, let me know which logs I can extract so we can have a look.


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  • Update: manage to install coreleec it via USB stick and then used eemmc, I will try with libre too.

  • LE has good core OS support for SM1 (S905X3) hardware but there are no drivers for the Amlogic WiFi chip thats inside and unresolved issues with 10-bit output and hardware decoding. You can run LE but only with software decode up to 1080p and Ethernet. There's no device-tree for that box but there are several other SM1 devices based on reference designs which will probably work.