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    ok, I know, I can handle this misbehaviour (connect the box to TV directly, change GUI-refreshrate to 30Hz, connect again with AVR).

    Drawback is, that 4k-movies with @50Hz and @60Hz cannot be displayed, only until 30 HZ. Movies with [email protected] play ok.

    Believe it or not, I can only repeat my conclusion:

    Use a new HDMI cable with a specification of 18Gbps and all issuses with [email protected] or 60p are gone! :)

    With all other things you will only waste your time. ;)


    sorry adamg, I did an fresh install of LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-devel-1522642177.img on a SD-card,

    but the HDMI-synch problem remains.

    Do you have try another HDMI cable with a specification of 18Gbps datarate?

    I had a similar issue and I changed my HDMI cable to a newer cable with 18Gbps datarate, and the most of video issues ar gone! ;)


    hi, i ve a H96PRo+ with Blue PCB CZ-S32-V5 (3gbram) with 1glan

    Using LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.6.img and booting from an 32gb USB Stick.

    When power off i cant use the remote to turn it on again

    Buy another box or read this thread! ;)

    In other words, it isn't easy with a H96pro+ to get power ON with your remote control.

    The easiest way is to plug OFF/ON the 5V-Power-Supply.


    At the moment, you still use the bootloader installed by the manufacturer of your device into the internal flash. When starting from a sd card or usb, this bootloader reads aml_autoscript from the first partition (mounted as /flash) and executes it. Having received the necessary data to start the kernel + dtb, the loader starts the LE kernel and passes control to it. The kernel in turn launches the LE system.

    I've seen You have updated the install description at Your Post #109.

    So I have last questions:

    1. Is pt. 2 necessary for users that only use to boot LE from SD-card?
    2. Shall I the downloaded file "" directly unzipped copy to the root ( /flash ) on SD-card?
      Or have I to unzipped the file and only copy the "" to root?


    That sounds great!

    If I understand your installation instruction correct, than will this work only for users that boot LE from internal.

    But was is with users that boot LE from SD-card?

    Could You get please also a installation instruction to install the ""?


    Then I upgraded to LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2-Chroma-422.img.gz (by wrxtasy) for better 4k 10-bit payback, which giving me issues with remote control. I did try putting a remote.conf as well, but no joy. Are you saying that remote cannot be fixed with that version?

    All these test builds from wrxtasy are not lirc compatible, that means all the IR - remote control doesn't work.

    See here!

    You have to use a wifi keyboard or wifi remote control!


    I have tested this new version, but I don't get audio!

    In Settings -> System Settings -> Audio the "Audio output device" is fixed to "Default, Bluetooth Audio (PULSAUDIO)" and this is not changeable!

    How can I set an other Audio output device, e.g. ALSA PCM?


    the earlier versions, used a different way for the remote.

    Create remote.conf from scratch

    remote.conf repository

    you basically create a remote.conf & put it in the config folder

    Yes, that is also a way to use my Universal remote control with LE-

    So I have to create a new "remote.conf" for LE- and can't use my "keytable" from LE-8.90.5.

    If there is no other solution I will do that at weekend! :)


    PS: Sorry for my english, but this is not my native language. ;)

    I use LE- with my Alphawise H96pro+ (S912) and for me works all things fine.

    I have tested the new LE-8.90.5 but without success to play videos or LiveTV with 3840/50p. And so I use these "older" LE- version.

    With the LE-8.90.5 I have to use "ir-keytable" for my remote control and this is really great, because I can use my Universal Remot control after create a "keytable". And this works perfect!

    And for this reason I would like the same with LE-, so I can use my Universal remote control in place of the original remote control, but it doesn't work. What have I made:

    • In the Libreelec-addon I have deactivatet "lirc"
    • I put my, under LE-8.90.5 created, "rc_maps.cfg" to .storage/config and also my createtd "keytable" to .storage/config/rc_maps

    After a reboot I found out that my Universal remote control doesn't work.

    • If I logged in the console and put in "ir-keytable" I get only an error message: "/sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory"

    And so I have a question: Is there a possibility to use ir-keytable with LE- or can I only use "lircd" with this LE version?

    If YES, can you say what I have to do.


    PS: Sorry for my english, but this is not my native language. ;)

    I would like to test it on my sd-card, but I don't know what I have to do?

    In which folder or where on the sd-card I have to copy the ""?