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    In fstab, i have the below setting (be sure to create a full backup first -- mess up fstab tough to recover). This assume a share is set at /media/UBS1.

    I should add this is on a RasPi, Raspbian. So it may not apply to your situation.

    /dev/sda1 /media/USB1 -t ntfs-3g defaults,nofail,x-systemd.device-timeout=1 0 0 

    Note: i had to remove "usbmount =sudo apt-get remove usbmount"

    Hi all,

    I have a M8s Pro (S912 2/16). I am using LE 8.2.4 build. Before i went onto Ethernet I was using device tree gxm_q200_2g.dtb. This worked with wifi and the remote.conf I found on here for this box, and the remote worked fine. When i went to Ethernet, I found i could not connect, so used the gxm_q201_2g.dtb, and this allowed a wired connection. However, now the remote does not work at all, despite putting the same remote.conf file in place (same as before).

    So, maybe I am still using the wrong device tree? I will need a wired connection, so cant go back to q200. Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    ir-ctl timeout is important, but if you use a NEC protocol remote presses quicker than 4 times a second (250ms) won't be recognized as distinct repeats - NEC protocol doesn't have a toggle bit like rc-5 or rc-6/MCE protocols. Use an rc-5 or rc-6/MCE remote if you want better response to quickly repeated button presses.

    so long,


    Ok, thanks for the education. using remote.conf was smooth in this regard. I do use NEC so will tinker more with settings, or just have to chill out a bit on the clicker.

    Also I use ir-keytable -D 525 -P 135  for delays, you can test your own delays

    And ir-ctl -t 45000 for release button delay

    Everything saved in file so after reboot all settings are used :)

    Sorry for a rather basic question. I like to go through pages pretty quick, and use time skip often (repeat right arrow) during viewing. But with the setting above, when i click the arrows fast (ie, 4x) some are missed (ie 3x are recognized). what variable and which direction would i go to help resolve this? I have also lowered each of the above, and still has the behavior. Thank you.

    Here are the config files for the following three devices:

    Sunvell T95X:sunvell.txt

    Thank you tavoc, used the T95X on a T95V Pro remote. Works after Unix EOL conversion in Notepad++.

    Throwing this out there - not really a LE concern, but Many of my remote codes for my LE box also are used for the Roku (TCL) TV I have. ie, vol down in LE/kodi is mute on the TV, etc. Any ideas on how to solve this? sure i can move the LE keys around, but they still hit Kodi/TV when i hit those impacted keys (the vol down Kodi and mute on TV is a real pain). Thanks

    sabre6 ,

    cat /sys/class/display/mode

    If it's wrong you can try command bellow and shutdown and test again

    fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hz fw_setenv outputmode 1080p60hz

    Thank you. it shows 1080p60hz. So seems right

    I put my S905 box on that TV to see if it still worked, and now the TV no longer puts out that signal after turning off/on the box from remote. So, it must be the TV? I have not changed any settings and CEC boxes are all checked. it is a Roku TV from TCL. always something...

    sabre6 , I have the same box, but doesn't have this problem. Try to switch manually on correct hdmi port before powering on the box and check if it found. And also check the CEC settings

    And check the resolution via ssh, may be it wrong

    Thanks boot2k3. Yes, i have tried to turn on the TV and go right to that port before i turn on the box. Still no signal. I also went into the input settings / CEC, and played with some things there, like dont send inactive signal... really just trying anything. also moved around HDMI port on the TV. Kodi resolution shows1920x1080 - Tried ...x2160 in Kodi, but no luck. Does check by SSH do the same? could you let me know which code to use to check and change if needed? Thank you

    You misunderstand how HDMI works, your TV does not sense HDMI output, it listens for the CEC wake up command, it is the box that doesn't send this after waking from standby.

    I think the issue is with the bootloader because it works fine on LePotato, put it down to one of the pitfalls of buying a cheap chinese device.

    Yes, for sure. Thanks for all your work.

    Hit or miss, as the other box was much cheaper POS. The X92 does not go into standby but always shuts all the way off, and then boots all the way back up. But same issue i suppose. Will maybe look to flash another firmware to see if that helps.



    I have a X92 and running LE from SD card. Most functions works well, but wondering if someone can help with a HDMI/output issue.

    When I turn on the box after power is pulled, it will start up nicely, and the TV input will sense the signal (HDMI) from the box and show the LE interaface. But when i power the box down, and then power it back up, the box goes on, but the TV is not sensing the HDMI output as the TV is blank looking for input. I know the box is on, as i can hit remote and hear the movement. Only way to get signal back is to pull the power, or pull the HDMI cable and put it back in.

    I have a S905 box with same Krypton 17.6 version, and that does sense each time it powers back on (and goes to that input).

    Any ideas? Thank you.

    There is a new 8.90 Version [8.90.4] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

    It´s a hard work to get remote working - I stay at for a long time

    Thanks Tim. The remote does not work out of box with 8.90s, but does with Or for both did you have to tinker with the remote.config file? If the latter, any way to see your file?

    EDIT -- ok, i see what you mean with the new remote work to be done for 8.90.4.

    Hi Tim,

    I have the Vorke Z6 box coming. Can you tell me which dtb.img did you use? And does the front LCD work properly under LE? Thank you.


    Sorry to rehash here, but coming from H96 Pro Plus - with power boot issue - and want to take another stab at another device that others have tried that meet the following.


    *Gigabit LAN

    *At least 2GB/16GB.

    *Able to power on from LE (not via internal)

    *Able to play Netflix at least 720p (on v18)

    *If front LCD, it works (optional, but preferred)

    *Sub $100 price.

    If anyone has tried similar and has a view, please chime in.

    Thinking of KM8 Pro, M8S Pro, T95Z Plus, A95X A2, BB2...

    Thank you.

    When i type blkid, i do not show a - /dev/data -- thus am unable to label it. This is on a H96Pro+ S912. Any hints? On 8.90.3.

    /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"

    /dev/sda1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" LABEL="LIBREELEC" UUID="2301-1436" TYPE="vfat" PARTUUID="70347706-01"

    /dev/sda2: LABEL="STORAGE" UUID="8fbb1db9-b05f-4805-a71c-9ce8a0989c23" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="70347706-02"