Remote power trouble

  • Next day it somehow made it to the sleep mode (red led) ON ITS OWN!, I shut it down and it never woke again.

    If you have a Red Light and it won't cold boot or power on from remote but have a Red standby Light you have a bad soldering on the board.

    They use Flow soldering method on these boards.

    Heat gun on the board will reflow the solder. Google it.

    [S905x] Tanix Tx5 Pro


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  • I did it, saw your problem, but not sure how to help. I am running though Libreelec 8.2, not 8.9, not sure if hat could be the reason, probably not:(

  • hello @all

    please test:
    u-boot for S912 devices q200, q201, with remote factory_code = 0xfe010001 and 0x40 power key scancode.

    u-boot.bin (emmc/nand version) (sd card version)



    use at your own risk:!:

  • I would like to test it on my sd-card, but I don't know what I have to do?

    In which folder or where on the sd-card I have to copy the ""?


  • HI bumerc!

    How did you get those? Did you build them from sources??

    Please give use instructions on how to test it without bricking our devices.. ^^

  • Fortune favors the brave! ;)

    Many will wait someone to have the courage and be the first one fixed/bricked its box. :D

    Probably - it won't be me, because I've lost interest in this H96Pro+ box and it's catching dust for quite some time...

  • I would like to test it on my sd-card, but I don't know what I have to do?

    In which folder or where on the sd-card I have to copy the ""?


    I will soon provide a complete image (u-boot + LE) for testing purposes. To boot your box from the sd card, the bootloader in the internal memory must be deleted or you know exactly how you put your box in upgrade mode (eg by shorting the pins -> change bootsequence ..) I have no time at the moment to test it yourself and no h96pro + box.

  • To test the bl301 firmware of this github I compiled a version for gxl_p212 devices (S905X) and successfully tested it on my mini m8s II board. Then I compiled a version for Q200 / 201 devices, you should test yourself.:)

  • Hello guys, I have good news.:)

    I have compiled a new version of u-boot - adapted for the following board:

    H96 Pro +

    PCB: blue

    3G + 32G + 9377

    S32-V6 (LPDDR3), clock rate 800MHz

    Installation instructions and photos follow a little later.

    For other RAM memory types please use the links above.

    My test results (power off / on not yet tested).

  • skybluega

    When I turn off I get the following error:

    one of the reasons for an exception could be MPU mismatch

    see also here, starting with CFSR..

    Interesting is the state of the MMFSR (see Table 4.25), in our case:

    Instruction access violation
    mmfs = 1, shcsr = 70001, hfsr = 0, dfsr = 0

    The bit assignment of the MMFS register is as follows:

    [1] DACCVIOL -> Data access violation flag..

    I have another idea, in a couple of hours I will report the results.