[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

  • Please make a update with more stable.. My Gt1 ultimate is always crashing...

    If you have a lot of crashes its probably something with your hardware, sd card or most probably a bad plugin.

    I have not had a single crash yet on my H96 Pro but im using it with a minimal of plugins.

    Also please post a log, not much can be done without it.

    Dont forget that these builds at done by persons for free at there spare time.

  • Everything is working fine but when I try to run installtointernal get this message:

    Type "yes" if you know what you are doing or anything else to exit: yes
    Backing up device tree...done.
    Backing up recovery partition...done.
    Formatting SYSTEM partition...Warning: could not erase sector 2: Input/output error
    Warning: could not read block 0: Input/output error
    Warning: could not erase sector 0: Input/output error
    Warning, had trouble writing out superblocks.

    Output of dmesg | paste - S912 - 3G/32GB Android 7.1.2 on internal

  • Auto update is working perfectly for me on S912 mecool m8s pro 3gb thanks! Is there a changelog for the recent update?

  • I’ve been running kszaqs builds on S912 since the early 8.0alpha releases and with every update it becomes better/faster/more stable, i know we still don’t have Mali drivers but after all the improvements that have been made how far away performance wise are we from where it would be if we had the proper drivers?

    Thanks again for all the hard work kszaq!

  • Wizzi07 Currently a significant amount of CPU power is used for rendering GUI and software-decoded videos which with proper Mali driver could be spent elsewhere or would save power with the same usage.

  • Just downloaded the latest build ( & tested on:

    R-TV BOX S10 3Gb/32GB + Technisat Skystar usb hd (dvb card).

    GUI and Live Tv : Working like charm :) on SD, FHD, UHD (4k) channels (very smooth).

    *Some times the dvb card tunes but returns no data... so channels not working.

    Any way thanks a lot kszaq.

  • Hi, I am just a newbie, read the starting 15 pages of this thread. And I am thinking of buying a H96 Pro+ S912. So, is the latest built working on the android version of 7.1.2 that the box has been receiving and can we use the android OS just by removing the SD card/USB that has LE just by removing it?? Please answer... kszaq .

    And does the latest build is supporting Atmos passthrough as I am having an Onkyo Atmos AVR.??



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  • I have Alfawise h96pro+. I make dualboot with android 7.1.2.

    In Libreelec to shutdown i have to manualy put shutdown icon then ->restart. After this my box is getting sleep and tgis makes posible to wake it from ir remote by pressing power buton.

    When i'm in libreelec and pressing power button directly on my remote system shuts down but i cant wake it from remote.

    is there a posibility that libreelec make a restart ( like i described ) when i click power buton on remote?

    Another thing:

    When i connect bluetooth headophones i'm hearing sound from gui and local movies (audio output changed to bluetooth). i can wath local movies with sound. but when sound is through bluetooth i'm losting wifi connection.

    I cant run live tv over iptv , plugins which are using internet connection cant access anything.

    When i disable bluetooth and change audio output to hdmi - everything is working fine again..

    Regards and thx for great job with this project !

  • Hi all

    I wonder if it is any add-on I can use to change or monitor the video chroma subsampling output. 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 or is LibreELEC always sending

    no subsampling at 4:4:4 ?

    If so. Is LIbreELEC sending full RGB 4:4:4 0 - 256 or Y'CbCr 4:4:4. 16 - 235 ?

    I have the MInix u9-h device with latest LibreELEC installed.

  • Check first:

    cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/dc_cap

    You will see what are your options.

    And then you can change it.

    For example:

    echo '422,8bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

  • OK Pelican

    Thank You