VPN Manager for OpenVPN

  • zomboided Been trying to install OpenVPN onto a 10.0.0 LE Pi 4GB. It completes the repo successfully, but there is only a Video add-on for "Kids TV". No Services option at all.
    Just did this successfully a couple weeks ago, and am following the same procedure. THAT system (that was working) is now not connecting to my VPN. FWIW, my VPN connects just fine via PC, but the Pi version seems to be having serious issues.

  • See previous page/the posts directly before yours, you need 6.9.3, which you'll need to get from github

    Negative--'dependency not resolved' error. Tried installing outright, tried removing previous version and installing 6.9.3, same error.

    So should I roll back LibreElec and try 6.9.3? Or will I have to rebuild completely and hope 6.9.3 works on a raw unit?

    EDIT: You have to start from a raw build.

  • Good morning,

    having problems here as well. Trying to install the VPN Addon. I get the error message that xbmc.python in version 2.7.0 dependencies can not be resolved. Also tried to use 6.9.3 without success. any suggestions?


    ###SOLVED### all went well, I had to download the zip file manually (wget...) to my pi and it works now :)

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  • I’ve pushed v7.0.0 to the repo now for those using Matrix. I left the older 6.4.3 version on there too for those using older versions of Kodi but I honestly haven’t tested if it can still be installed.

    If you’re not on Matrix you'll see a message that 7.0.0 doesn’t meet the pre reqs and it’ll not upgrade. This is working as designed. 7.0.0 needs Python 3 which only Matrix has

  • Version 7 run without any Problems on my Device and i updated from 6.9.3 to 7.0.0


    HP ProDesk 600 G1 Desktop Mini PC - LE10 Nightly dualboot with Android TV x86 Pie

    Shuttle XS35GS V3 - Intel Atom D2550 - 4GB Ram - AMD Radeon HD7410M GPU - LE10 Nightly

    T95Mini 2GB + 16GB eMMC

  • Hi there I am trying to connect to ExpressVPN via this addon I put my user name and password in? I am using the email and password i set is this right or am I meant to use the openvpn username and password that I can get for express VPN?

    once I select my server it loads and i get the message "Express VPN requires key and certificate files unique to you in order to authenticate. These are typically called client.key and client.crt or user.key and user.crt or can be embedded within .ovpn files." so I press OK. Then I get "ExpressVPN uses the same key and certificate for all connections. Make either the .key and .crt, or the .ovpn file available on an accessible drive or USB key." How do I get these files that I require? and am I using the right username and password please?

  • You need to get an ovpn file from Express VPN, it will have things in you need and those things will be extracted. I'm not a subscriber so I can't describe where or how Express offer this download.