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    Hi heitbaum

    about xorg und GBM I saw in the Systeminformationen under Grafik

    I check the Links what you send and I read a little ...

    But I think Kodi bring the option back under Kodi Nexus (maybe in later builds) ... Then I buy for the first time some external splitter so I can change the video output .. and I have time to testing


    maybe you understand what I mean if I post a few picture

    LibreElec with Kodi 19.3 on my Mac (you have Display settings and the video output I can change)

    LibreElec with Kodi 20 (Nexus) ..last Nigthly (the option are missing and video output is only possible on 1 display


    I don't open a new Topic ... (Macs with normal EFI)

    I used a Mac mini Late 2012 and a MacBook Air 2011

    I prepare me a Stick and LibreElec run very fine on both Devices (last Nightly)

    Audio = Analog, Displaypor,HDMI, Bluetooth = run without Problem (on all Ports I have Audio)

    Display = I can use only 1 Display and I can't change the Display in the Settings ( the system used the first one what is registrated) but Audio I can send to all Displays and I have Audio!

    HW Decoding = works on both devices

    Question: can I force via settings so LibreElec force all Ports for Display output (I want check so I can use all Display - as clone)

    at the attachment screens from the System Information

    Would be nice some people can help me to force the picture output on both displays via config file:)

    I testing a little with this Hardware and actually i use IPTV, the VPN Service and my local videos. with Audios and Display outputs.

    Later i testing libreElec as fix installation on the Harddrive on both Devices and may newer Apple Devices too! (Intel Based)


    DP + HDMI (both cable in the Mac mini)

    only HDMI

    then I have a display Output on this device

    AUDIO is not a Problem ...

    Is this maybe a Problem with the new Kodi version (because Nightly) because under Display I don't have some Option for

    - Monitor

    - Display Mode

    This 2 Option are Missing

    Regards Semiotik

    PS: on the Boot both Display active and i see on both Display the LibreElec Bootscreen and the messages wait of network ....

    All Clients use SMB3 as Version

    in this case now:

    Kodi: 20658 nobody nogroup (ipv4: SMB3_11

    MacBook Air with Catalina: 19880 nobody nogroup (ipv4: SMB3_02

    if I change to smb2_10 was is standard in Kodi under SMB2 there change nothing ... Kodi can only read and not write

    on my server run

    Samba version 4.9.5-Debian

    May you or the other have a Tip and I try tomorrow again but now I go to Bed

    Danke euch


    i have in my Network a small Fileserver and only Kodi dont want save something on this Device ...

    Ubuntu (Public and via User can write, read and delete files)

    Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur (Public and User can write, read and delete files)

    Windows 10 and 11 (Public and User can write, read and delete files)

    Kodi 10 Matrix (via Zeroconf and manuel with Public and User can only read this device ..

    Where is the Problem ...

    8 Devices can used as Puplic or via User and dont have a Problem with read, write and delete files only Kodi

    So i think my server run fine because all OS dont have Problem!



    what platform/version ?

    Only x86_64

    always Last Nightly

    I have the same issue on libreelec beta5 on the rpi4. inputstream.adaptive version

    Im trying to find a compatible version 2.6.18 for the rpi4 to get this fixed.

    i have installed the version 2.6.18.X on the x86_64 and i get this messages!

    Nachtrag: CvH

    With Nightly LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-10.0-nightly-20210718-2e9262e.tar stream is again in HD with 1920x1080 .... (you change the inputstream adaptive from 2.6.18.X back to 2.6.17.X with this Nightly or?


    i try a screen recording with FFMPEG as uncompressed

    ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 1920x1080 -r 30 -i :0.0 -qscale 0 -vcodec huffyuv recording.avi

    I think the Problem is not the Screen recording he run and he save the file fine ...

    ... but I always have a flicker from the surface in the video (picture) and I don't think it's because of FFMPEG but because when I navigate through the menu ...

    Does anyone have more experience with it and can help with a clean screen recording


    i try used libreeelec 9.2 seperate for Gamestarter via USB

    I used Retroarch on other Plattform too (Laptop, Android etc.) here i have 1 Problem with Nintendo Gamcube / Wii

    The Sys folder is on the right Place

    The Core is download

    But i cant used this Core ...

    Via settings - Load Core Nintendo Gamecub / Wii

    Retroarch dont load this core

    Can anybody help because would be nice my roms run there too (on other devices run all fine)

    Servus , Moin or Hello :)

    There is a showroom but i dont know whether the topic belongs in the offtopic or in the showroom!

    I used LibreElec and i love LibreElec really and i used the lasted Nightly on my Device but i used as dualboot my Android TV Pie x86 too and I wanted to show you guys.

    Maybe it is of interest to one or the other because you keep hearing why there are no Android apps running on LibreElec!

    I am very satisfied with the Android TV x86;)

    You are also welcome to take a look at it:

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    (maybe i create in future a better video with sound and the short BlackScreen in Prime Video is the DRM :rolleyes: )

    Apps that work on my Device:

    - Prime Video (no tablet version - the version from the playstore in version 5.5.12-armv7a)

    - Netflix (a older version actually)

    - (georgian TV)

    - OpenVPN for Android with autostart after the boot

    - Joyn (german tv)

    - TuneIN

    - waipu TV

    - all standard Apps

    Google Assitent works really fine!

    My Question here is ....

    is your Laptop always on and on your side?

    Then is better you used a PI with CEC. With a script the PI Start your Receiver or TV on your wakeup time and with a delay then start your Youtube Video.

    I think is better as the Laptop always on!

    I can't get the authentication method to work in windows or linux. In linux it insists the websocket-client module isnt there even though i just finished installing it and pip3. In windows it says Access denied. If I run it as administrator it literally does nothing.

    The Addon run fine on Windows and without Problems and dont need same root / admin access on windows!

    Then your user rights in windows are wrong!

    Regards Thomas