LE 10.0.1 / Rpi4 / No picture after update from LE 10.0.0

  • enable_uart=1 or freq_min=500 brings good results for my LG TV and RPi4 with a fresh installed RaspiOS Bullseye and LibreELEC 10.0.1.

    No more additional commands such as video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected] are needed.

    What I can't confirm at this moment, if it will affect anything else.

    I will let you know

    My understanding is enable_uart enables the serial port over the GPIO pins, with a TTL to USB serial cable you can get bootloader logs (with uart_2ndstage=1 + enable_uart=1). See here for bootloader documentation. I have been running with it for a while and haven't had any issues.

    Reported the problem over at:

    No signal after Xorg startup · Issue #4695 · raspberrypi/linux
    Describe the bug Running latest bullseye image, See the rainbow screen See the splash screen As soon as Xorg starts, No signal, monitor goes into power saving,…

    If you want to share your experiences on that issue. They are aware of it but I think with the release of Bullseye and the new KMS display stack those guys are pretty buried in solving issues on a lot of fronts.

    I stumbled on this initially with LE 5.15.2 testing, when trying to figure out why there was no display. It also seemed to affect my USB wireless dongle. As soon as I enabled it and plugged in my TTL cable then Kodi came up fine and I was like "what the hell". :)

  • Same issue for me. This time no AV Amp direct connection to old Sony Bravia LCD (cfl backlit) via direct HDMI (Official RP Cable)

  • I am guessing this might be the fix for the black screen (no HDMI output) issue, it was just committed today to the rpi-5.10.y branch:

    drm/vc4: hdmi: Fix clock value used for validating hdmi modes · raspberrypi/[email protected]
    We are using mode->crt_clock here which is filled by drm_mode_set_crtcinfo() which is called right after .mode_valid. Use mode->clock which is valid…

    Hopefully this will make it into LE 10.0.2 and the LE 11 nightly builds soon.

  • Translator:
    Stop misleading people. This is a problem with LibreELEC itself, not with HDMI cables or other weird stuff. They f up version 10.0.1 and that's it.

  • Something *is* different in 10.0.1 compared to 10.0 for sure.

    10.0 starts and runs without any issues but 10.0.1 ends up and stays with a black screen...

    Same cables, same TV, same setup.

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1

    => Just my 5 cents...


  • sorry, no difference here with the development build from the last post. Same behaviour as with 10.0.1

    The update finishes with "System reboots now" and after that only a black screen after the rainbow square. What logs would help, before I downgrade to 10.0.0 again?

  • Enable debug logging in kodi either via GUI or .kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

    <advancedsettings version="1.0">

    then reboot, then ssh in and run these commands and post the URLs

    modetest | pastebinit

    Also please answer the following questions:

    Does switching HDMI inputs on the TV help?

    Which TV/monitor are you using, is a TV in the chain?

    Do you use the official RPi HDMI cable or another one or a micro-HDMI adapter?

    Do you use an Argon One case or some other case with built-in HDMI adapters?

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  • I always use HDMI-1 on my pi (without problems until version 10.0.1), because with HDMI-0 HDMI CEC doesn't work. Here the results for HDMI-1 (black screen)



    modetest | pastebinit


    is this command correct? I've copy & pasted it, but the file in the URL seems strange

    If I switch to HDMI-0 on my pi, everything seems to work (but not HDMI CEC). Here the results for HDMI-0 (same cable as before)



    modetest | pastebinit


    I've tested with many different cables (all were miniHDMI to regular HDMI cables, but not the official one) last time, but no difference, no picture on HDMI-1 for versions after 10.0.1 (incl.), but for versions until 10.0.0 (incl.) I get a picture in kodi on HDMI-1.

    The TV is a Samsung UE32F5370, the pi has a direct connection to it (no receiver in between).

    The case is from Joy-IT https://joy-it.net/de/products/RB-MultimediaCase01 it uses the pi HDMI connectors and doesn't have an adaptor.

  • zehner please try without the case. It seems to use an internal adapter (board) for the HDMI ports, like the Argon one case, and those have a long history for causing issues like yours.

    The first log shows that display detection on HDMI0 doesn't seem to work. The second one shows that it's fine on HDMI1. Most likely the hot-plug connection of HDMi0 is broken (could be the adapter board) - connecting the HDMI cable directly to the RPi4 will bypass that and very likely solve your issue.

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  • How can the case be the problem, if the same case with the same cable on the same port renders the screen before 10.0.1 (everytime, not only sometimes) and only the update breaks the signal (everytime, not only sometimes). I went the downgrade route again and now I have picture and HDMI CEC on 10.0.0. That's clearly a regression and I wouldn't blame LibreELEC or Kodi, because RaspiOS users have the same problems after recent updates. Even if the source is a problem with the port, the old driver/firmware laughed about it and rendered the screen anyway, only the new driver/firmware crashes on every little problem. Have a look at this thread or

    RPi4B goes to black screen with vc4-kms-v3d after commit#1e494f1 · Issue #1647 · raspberrypi/firmware
    Decription of issue: RPi4B goes to the black screen of TV LG 42LK450-ZB (2012). The booting process with 4 raspberries is visible, after that the black screen…

    RPi4B/Kodi goes to black screen with vc4-kms-v3d after commit 19272ccd69049aaf42c78a235a0bf37dbabd5ea7 · Issue #1648 · raspberrypi/firmware
    This commit leads to a black screen (TV says no signal) after Kodi is started. This occurs with all tested kernel versions (5.10.60 - 5.10.75 and 5.14.14) and…

    [BUG] Black screen with hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 on current nightly · Issue #5929 · LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv
    Describe the bug Yesterday I updated to LE11 nightly from LE10 - wanted to test the new deinterlacer. After the update I had only a black screen. However, Kodi…


    All users have the same problem, the screen is rendered without problems before the upgrade and no signal after the upgrade

  • For me the strange thing with fiddling the config.txt & cmdline.txt i get on my Onkyo with pi connected picture and sound (sometimes sound also disappeared!).

    If i connect the pi directly to my new Sony Bravia i got nothing. No picture at all.

    Tested with two HDMI cables, booth are working. LE11 nightly.

    So we must wait for the devs to fix something.

  • Does anyone have a link for me to download and test 10 with please for the Raspberry Pi 4..? I can't seem to find the images for 10, just 10.0.01

    I do seem to be having blank screen issues after the coloured square screen when booting and the latest nightlies.

    I had been noting some of my issues here...

    Raspberry 4, Libreelec 10.0.1, no picture after reboot - General Support - LibreELEC Forum

    EDIT: never mind, didn't realise that I could just "show all" within the creator. I am now making a version 10 to test out.


  • chewitt thanks for that. I now have both the original version of 10 build and then that one you linked wit hthe latest drivers etc.

    Could you tell me how long it is before my posts can be directly sent to the forum without moderator approval, thanks.

  • Could you tell me how long it is before my posts can be directly sent to the forum without moderator approval, thanks.

    You're still behind that point. I don't want to tell the exact number to avoid any spammer motivation.

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  • How can the case be the problem, if the same case with the same cable on the same port renders the screen before 10.0.1 (everytime, not only sometimes) and only the update breaks the signal (everytime, not only sometimes).


    Have a look at this thread or


    The answer to your question is in the issue report you linked, read this and the following comments: https://github.com/raspberrypi…8#issuecomment-1003779792

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