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    Wow, Intel has found a cheaper way to fix problems: simply disable the problematic feature.

    We've had the problem with the catastrophic ethernet performance and Intel disabled ASPM. Then we have these glitches and Intel disabled FBC. Is at least one power-saving feature still enabled in the current kernel?

    I will never ever buy an intel cpu or gpu again. I use 20 EUR ARMs and 50 EUR Rasperries without big problems, but only my 300 EUR Intels have problems as this

    The problem is not only with samba, it's because of the shitty realtek network drivers in kernel 4.19 upwards.

    202945 – Realtek rt8169/rt81xx performance issue in kernel 4.19

    I've also tried the workarounds mentioned there, some seem to improve the situation, but after all it's still there. If you have a realtek network card and only want to watch movies from a samba server, try to modify the video cache

    HOW-TO:Modify the video cache - Official Kodi Wiki

    Kodi has an excellent cache mechanism and with decent settings you can hide the problem (I've nearly no stalls while watching movies from my library). But that doesn't help for playback methods, where Kodi hasn't implemented caching (LiveTV, Netflix, Amazon), they are still nearly unwatchable

    I don't know the boot time of a HDD with this system, but I have the Asrock j3160-ITX and the cheapest Kingston 64GB SSD and the boot time is 15 sec max with Krypton and Leia (even with the LibreELEC setting "Wait 10 sec for network" which I need because of my external MySQL-DB)

    1 minute seems way to long, you should check your settings and temporarily deactive a few addons. I can see many exceptions with librespot and transmission-daemon (addons that I've never used) and


    seems to block loading for a few seconds

    I know this thread is very old, but for completeness and because this page is the first search result for "libreelec silvermont" on google

    TARGET_CPU="silvermont" already enables MMX, SSE and so on


    mfpmath=sse is default for X86-64 and higher


    So piotrasd tip should be the best option for compiling for silvermonts or are there other reasons why redundant PROJECT_CFLAGS should be set?

    And where is the best place to set -O2 or -O3 flag for LibreELEC? PROJECT_CFLAGS?

    I've never used TVHeadend, but you can use MediaTomb (miniDLNA has never worked for me) to share your tuners via DLNA/UPNP. You should be able to create your muxes in TVHeadend with the m3u file from your box.

    MediaTomb can transcode, but I've never used transcoding, because my box lacks this feature.

    A different approach could be to use OpenWebIf and port forwarding, but be careful if you make your box visible to the internet

    Thanks vpeter, but pastebin would be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    There is only one command in my file
    wget powerstate?newstate=0
    This command sends a standby to my pvr. I will try a few params, curl instead of wget, ip instead of url and check the return value, perhaps that gives me a clue whats wrong when using a timer

    Thanks for the feedback and thanks vpeter for the shutdown_with_net service in general. I have no clue about systemd, so your work was a lifesaver for me

    You are right, the script is also executed with shutdown timer. I have integrated some logging and can see the script is executed. The script has no dynamic parts and its the same script, so I have no clue why it's working if called by button and not working if called by timer. At least now I know that everything works in LibreELEC and I have to search on server side



    I use LibreELEC 8.0.1 with the vu+ pvr client. Most of the time I want to shutdown the pvr server (a linux box in another room), when I shutdown LibreELEC. This works with the approach from thread-107-post-1367.html#pid1367

    If I shut down LibreELEC with the menu entry in the log out menu (or the mapped key on my remote), the script is executed and everything works as expected. But if I try to shutdown with a timer (e.g. set the timer to 5 min), the script is not called.
    The regular approach also does not work, because I have to execute the script before the network of LibreELEC is disconnected and is called after the network is disconnected. The same applies to the KODI Callback addon, if I execute a regular shutdown, everything works as expected, but if I try a shutdown timer, the script is not called.

    Does someone here have a working solution to call a script when LibreELEC shuts down by timer or is this a problem in KODI, that shutdown by timer and shutdown by menu entry don't call the same events