LE 10.0.1 / Rpi4 / No picture after update from LE 10.0.0

  • Hi,

    after the LE 10.0.1 update of my clean installed LE 10.0.0 from the LibreElec menu and a reboot i get no picture anymore. Only the blue screen of my Onkyo AV.

    LE 10.0.0 runs fine since 6 Weeks.

    Switched to the other HDMI out of the Rpi4.

    Completely shutdown and start again the TV, AV Receiver and the RPi4.

    Nothing special added in my config.txt.

    Tried to add in cmdline.txt:

    video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected]

    I can still reach Kodi via SSH and the Android Yatse app. Playing media, controlling CEC via TV remote still works.

    If i shutdown the Rpi4 and start again i see the very first bootscreen with a color square and then LibreElec 10.0.1 top left.

    After that AV blue screen for no signal. :(

    I have a backup from today with the Backup add-on but didn't know at the moment how can i restore it via SSH.

    Update: Updated back with LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-10.0.0.img.gz copied to the .update folder, reboot and voila, it works again!

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  • Please ssh in and post the output of "pastekodi" and "modetest | pastebinit" while running LE 10.0.1

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  • Cris_ from your logs it looks like the RPi isn't detecting the AVR - HDMI shows up disconnected in modetest.

    Can you try adding drm.debug=0x04 to the end of cmdline.txt?

    pastekodi plus modetest outputs from a cold boot (RPi disconnected from power) would be great.

    If you don't see the LE splash then ssh in and reboot. Do you see the LE splash now? If yes, please post pastekodi/modetest outputs of that, too.

    Also try adding video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected] (note the "D" at the end) to cmdline.txt. Does this work? Again, pastekodi/modetest outputs would be great.

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  • debug and cold boot with HDMI0 connected (5min offline from power source)





    No splash or anything else even on cold or warm boot.

    debug and cold boot with HDMI1 connected (5min offline from power source)





    From a cold and warm boot i see the color square and then the AV blue screen.

    cold boot procedure like above + video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected] connected on HDMI0





    From a cold and warm boot nothing, short black switching then blue screen.

    Like above + video=HDMI-A-2:[email protected] connected on HDMI1





    From a cold and warm boot i see the square and then the AV blue screen.

    Deleted debug and video parameters in cmdline, downgraded to LE 10.0.0 connected to HDMI0 all fine again! :)

  • Cris_ according to your logs the drm.debug/video kernel command line parameters weren't active. Did you add them to cmdline.txt in a separate line?

    Note that everything in cmdline.txt has to be on a single line, please add these after "quiet", separated by a blank, and redo the tests.

    While you're at it it would also be interesting to see logs from LE 10.0.0 with drm.debug=0x04

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  • What ... waaahh.. singe line .. ^^

    Ok, will try it again.

    LE 10.0.0, warm reboot with debug and without video parameter at HDMI0:



    modetest | pastebinit


    All normal.

    LE 10.0.1, cold boot with debug and without video parameter at HDMI0:



    modetest | pastebinit


    AV bluescreen only. Also with reboot.

    LE 10.0.1, cold boot with debug and with video parameter at HDMI0:



    modetest | pastebinit


    I can see now the LE logo, then lost HDMI connection and then i can see Kodi but after 1-2min i got a AV bluescreen, didn't know exactly if it is a HDMI connection loss or a reboot. sry

    Did a reboot again and all seems fine for the moment.

    What is the difference between HDMI0 and HDMI1?

    Whats is the difference between [email protected] and with 60D? Deinterlacing?

    Is somewhere more information about cmdline.txt?

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  • You have two HDMI output ports, 0 and 1.

    Ah, i mean why is it for the RPi4 better to use HDMI0 in conjunction with LibreElec. I read it here and there and by my testings i saw that the TV reacts different on these 2 ports.

  • Cris_ your kernel logs, also the one from LE10.0.0, are spammed with HDMI disconnect/connect events.

    I highly recommend checking the cabling, reseating the HDMI cable and/or using a different one could do wonders.

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  • Hi dev team,

    Description of issue:

    Since a fresh LE 10.0.1 installation (LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-10.0.1.img) also I am facing the issue with a black screen after the rainbow cube, just I can hear the GUI sound.

    Not even adding the video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected] or with different resolution, without "M"/"D" to cmdline.txt no luck.

    Other systems Raspbian OS, Retropie, Batocera or LibreELEC up to 10.0.0 no issue.


    • old TV: LG 42LK450-ZB (2012), ports HDMI1-3, factory reset
    • RPi4B: connected with an original cable to port HDMI0, bootloader EEPROM 2021-04-29, FW 000138A1

    How to replicate:

    • fresh install LE10.0.1 via balenaEtcher
    • add ssh to cmdline.txt
    • launch the LibreELEC on RPi4B

    Temporary workaround:

    On the TV select other HDMI source and return back.

    In my case I select e.g. HDMI1 and then HDMI3 -> I get the GUI screen!


    • by this way I also see the LE initial after the first boot
    • after the RPi4B reboot the black screen is back

    Hope it helps

  • So the question is why it works better with LE10.0.0 with maybe a lousy HDMI connection/cable then with LE10 0.1?

  • Cris_ my guess would be either the hotplug fixes in the driver or just luck or a combination of both. Kodi doesn't really support display hotplug, the driver now properly detects and handles it though, and if your TV/AVR constantly dis- and re-appears you won't get display from kodi if it started up when the TV was "gone".

    BTW: It might be worth checking if a direct connection from RPi4 to the TV works, it could also be that the AVR is doing something odd.

    so long,


  • yullaw the info from your logs doesn't quite add up, modetest reports 1360x768 mode, according to kodi log it should be 1920x1080. Did you change mode (manually or on playback via whitelist)?

    Kodi debug-log would have shown that info, other that everything looks fine to me so not sure why you don't get a picture without manually changing inputs.

    Could you give this build a try: https://www.horus.com/~hias/tm…0211107115829-035c5c6.tar - just copy it to the update share and reboot. It contains the latest video driver fixes that haven't made it into 10.0.1.

    so long,


  • Fact for me is with LE 10.0.0 and lower i had absolutely no problems with my HDMI connection. :)

    Anyway next days a new HDMI cable is on the way. Till then i check the direct connection between RPi4 and TV and some other possibilities.