LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 BETA5

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  • LE 10 beta is BY FAR the best version for our Raspberry4, if you can live without deinterlacing.

    Great work Dev-Team!

  • Audio passthrough has stopped working on my x86 install. Was working fine on B3 and I skipped B4. Any chance this is a known issue or do you need logs etc?

  • Do Beta-Auto-Updates on Raspberry 4 work at the moment or do I have to update manually from 9.95.3?

  • I have been using LE 9.2.6 with the Xonfluence skin (Intel system).

    Since Xonfluence has now been modified for Matrix, I wanted to update to LE 9.95.5.

    A "Clean Install" is recommended for Kodi Matrix. When I do this and try to install the Xonfluence Matrix Skin (via Zip), the process terminates: Necessary dependencies are missing.

    However, if I upgrade from LE 9.2.6 (from the Libreelec addon menu), which is explicitly not recommended, I can then install the above-mentioned Xonfluence Matrix Skin via Zip without any problems.

    So far everything runs perfectly, but it is strange.

    Does anyone have an explanation or was able to install the Xonfluence-Matrix-Skin after a "Clean Install"?

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    Does anyone have an explanation or was able to install the Xonfluence-Matrix-Skin after a "Clean Install"?

    A "Clean install" will not have any possible pre-existing settings from a previous version which could cause havoc in the new installation.

    And Xonfluence seems to be pretty well Matrix-compatible, which helps.

  • I'm running Xonfluence on multiple various devices & OS including LE 9.95.5 and I can report that there are no specific problems related to that.

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  • Updated to the latest beta, all pretty smooth! I have just a two extra observations and comments.

    -I metioned about not being able to play a sample 4K HDR video before, (the Sony sword-making one). I've tried played it from a USB stick directyl connected to the Pi and playback was much smoother! Turns out my NAS is simply too slow to keep up. The video is 60fps, really high data rate I guess.

    -Using the build-in File Manager once I access enough folders, I cannot return to root... Is this a common issue? I'm accessing my NAS server.