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    1. That is what I have been doing but CEC is not working correctly when using both HDMI ports at once (10.0.2)

    2. I've re-encoded on film and compared the output: they dont seem to be very different to my eyes but it could just be the opening scene. The HDR one triggers to the TV to Rec 2020 mode, the redone one does not. The HDR one stutters a lot (bandwidth or perhaps HDR10+?) where as the other plays smoothly.

    Regardless, I've learnt a lot!

    Thank you for the detailed write-up, this is far more complex than I imagined! My PC is nowhere near powerful enough for this to be done in a relatively decent amount of time.

    Currently I have my rpi4 connected via the soundbar which is 4K compatiable but not HDR. When I play 4K HDR files naturally HDR tag is not active but the BT.2020 one is. Is it fair to assume that the soundbar is passing over an accurate image?

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I had some free time yesterday and today to play around with this but no luck; something CEC related in 10.0.2 and using 2 HDMI outputs just does not work. I currently run my Libreelec machine through the soundbar. Its an older one so no HDR for me but I rather do that than curse at the remote not working every few minutes!

    Updated to 10.0.2, rpi EPPROM too via ssh. All smooth and all but CEC decided to stop working sadly. I use both HDMI ports, one directly to TV, the other to soundbar. Interstingly, if I switch over to just single HDMI throguh the soundbar, CEC functionality is back no problem. How would I provide more info on this for you guys?

    Here's the latest:

    • Playing just DTS (rather than DTS-HD) still doesn't play smoothly
    • Playing DTS-HD from a drive directly connected to the device, success!

    So I guess a bandwidth problem with my NAS/nfs?

    I don't know the specifics between DTS and Dolby but Dolby True HD 4K files play from the NAS without any issues.

    The "display reset" is weired. Maybe your HDMI cable doesn't support high data rate, which is definitely the case when playing 4K / dtsHD. Make sure your HDMI cable is conform to HDMI 2.0 / 2.1 standard.

    Thanks for that. I checked, both cables are marked as 'High Speed'. As I use both HDMI outputs, I swapped the two cables around, tried using one directly into the soundbar but the issue still persits in some way or another

    . I have lowered the UI resolution from 1080 to 720 and... it feels a bit better? Could placebo though.

    Yes, even with the default skin. By pure read speed, I still should have enough overhead.

    My NAS averages at 10 MB\s read speed.

    A 4K file I'm trying to play with 57 Mb\s video steam spped with DTS is stuttering.

    A file at 60Mb\s with Dolby HD and HDR is giving me no issues.

    I've also played the same problematic file directly from a USB directly connected to the Pi 4. It mostly fixed the issue but there were still some stuttering to be found.

    Hello all, I mentinoed this in an another thread but came back with some more data. First, the log:

    Basically, 4K files with DTS\DTS HD soundtracks go out of out sync after a few minutes and become unwatchable. I've swtiched over to using a sigle HDMI directly through my soundbar yet that still chokes the system. On the other hand, files with Dolby HD audio even with HDR play flawlessly. With my limited knowledge on the topic, it's either a DTS issue or bandwith (files are not compressed in anyway, played from my NAS). Any help or ideas welcome!

    Thanks guys, great release as usual!

    Where and how should I post some logs? There is one 4K file which just goes out of sync after a few seconds of playback. Its the only one with a DTS audio track, everything else I have is Dolby and plays without any issues.

    That is my setup too (one HDMI is TV, the other is soundbar)

    -Are playing DTS or Dolby audio? Make sure you have passthrough active.

    -On your soundbar you might need to change to a differnet output to get sound. Mine defeaults to 'TV' but audio is coming out through the other HDMI.

    Updated to the latest beta, all pretty smooth! I have just a two extra observations and comments.

    -I metioned about not being able to play a sample 4K HDR video before, (the Sony sword-making one). I've tried played it from a USB stick directyl connected to the Pi and playback was much smoother! Turns out my NAS is simply too slow to keep up. The video is 60fps, really high data rate I guess.

    -Using the build-in File Manager once I access enough folders, I cannot return to root... Is this a common issue? I'm accessing my NAS server.