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    Updated to the latest beta, all pretty smooth! I have just a two extra observations and comments.

    -I metioned about not being able to play a sample 4K HDR video before, (the Sony sword-making one). I've tried played it from a USB stick directyl connected to the Pi and playback was much smoother! Turns out my NAS is simply too slow to keep up. The video is 60fps, really high data rate I guess.

    -Using the build-in File Manager once I access enough folders, I cannot return to root... Is this a common issue? I'm accessing my NAS server.

    What HDMI port in your receiver is the audio only hdmi cable connected to? I have a similar situation. My soundbar focuses on vc4-hdmi0 (connected directly to the TV) and thus display 'TV'. I have to manually set it to a HDMI output so the audio plays too (vc4-hdmi1)

    Also, are you sure you are audio your receiver can handle? Do you have passthrough enabled?

    Now here I have a CEC question.

    I have the Raspberry Pi 4 connected to the TV (main HDMI port) as well as my soundbar (2nd HDMI port) for HD audio as it does not support eARC. On the TV when I change to HDMI input where the pi is, the soundbar is still on 'TV', meaning i have to use the soundbar remote to change the soundbar HDMI output. Is there any way to automate it or use a CEC command so I don't have reach for the soundbar remote?

    DTS HD-MA playing without a problem so far. It didn't work too well back on 20210224.

    You have to give us a bit more detail. What kind of AVR have you got hooked up, or soundbar?
    Any HDMI splinters? Have you tried with a different HDMI cable?

    I tried another similar file Downloads Page - Demolandia but that one stuttered too. I thought it might have been my NAS so played it locally from a USB; was smoother but still jumped around.

    Few observations from using the latest LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.80-nightly-20210218-7e43082

    -HDR/HD audio pass-through seems to work fine

    -As someone mentioned before, DD+ pass-through doesn't work (but when disabled soundbar outputs as PCM)

    -High frame rate (60 fps) videos don't work (memory issue or not supported yet? My settings perhaps?)

    like the sony sword one: Sony: Swordsmith HDR UHD 4K Demo | 4K Media

    Sadly seem so...

    "HDCP 2.2 is specifically designed for 4K Ultra HD (4K) content, as well as movies and TV shows available with High Dynamic Range (4K HDR)."

    from: Roku

    Hey guys, first post here but been using LibreElec for quite a quite now. Fantastic stuff!

    I finally got around to test a nightly build with HD Audio. The few minutes of various films I played have access to sounded very promising.

    Got a few questions:

    1.The latest blog post says " [we] would like to encourage wider testing." What should nightly users focus on testing? Any specific areas, ideas, media combinations?
    2.What is the preferred way of sharing logs. I came across pastepin a few times in this and other threads but I'm not entirely sure how to use that. Any guides, tips somewhere else on the forum?

    Thanks again and looking forward to the next stable release!