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    Thanks for info, Da Flex!

    For now I am leaving anything as it is and focus on the next problem: advancedsettings.
    I installed a few addons - one of them changed the advancedsettings or adds the very same. There was a message while installing, but I can't remember which add-on was responsible. Never seen this before....
    After that I can't ssh or teleguide with Kore anymore - checked network and there is no Raspberry to be seen. Rebooted, Pi is connected to router for about 20 seconds, and then gone.... Same behavior with my advancedsettings file, which basically was this:











    # <gui>

    # <algorithmdirtyregions>0</algorithmdirtyregions>

    # <smartredraw>true</smartredraw>

    # </gui>


    Since I can't connect to LE anymore I put the SD in a linux machine and the addon did this:







    So I found the Emby-addon as the damn bugger which is responsible for changing the timeouts. I stop here since I think Emby isn't an official addon as far as I know.
    Deleted the addon and the advancedsettings, but still no network, so back to square one...

    The rest seems to be a problem with some settings in config.txt:








    config_hdmi_b o o st=7


    But since you told me that things changed to cmdline, I'll leave it the way it is for now.

    Thanks so far....

    - fresh install of the latest LE 10 Beta

    - activate debug logging at GUI (HUD will appear on top)

    - reboot

    - reproduce the error (edit a config file in a way, which produces an error)

    - login by SSH and post the resulting link of pastekodi

    1. Fresh install. This time with your SD-Creator.
    2. Debug on
    3. Reboot (everything fine until now)
    4. Edited only one line in the config.txt (this time ONLY changed gpu_mem from 76 to 512, rest of file and system untouched!)
    5. Result: No HDMI connection (like in the other cases above)
    6. Kore Remote still working this time
    7. Checked and changed HDMI cable and port on Pi this time, and connection directly to monitor without AVR in between, changed SD-card to a better one without effect. Seems it has nothing to do with hardware and wiring.
    8. Paste -Link here:

    I will check with other settings in config, distro or cmdline and files in *userdata and in .config a bit in a hurry, will check everything again later this week...
    Thanks very much an Greetings to you earthlings!

    FYI, not entirely tested, same behavior with B2 and B3, RasPi 4

    - Changing anything in config.txt (e.g. gpu-mem) results in black screens and or Kore not working anymore. Switching back to default config -> Sometimes everything works again, sometimes not. After fresh install everything seems fine until you touch anything in \flash\config. Even adding a comment line ( "# I am Batman") does sometimes end in black screen, but for sure in Kore not connecting anymore. No difference if I replace the whole file or change a line in my SSH client.

    - HEVC, even in low bitrate, unwatchable

    - Adding iptables in and a few unrelated things in advancedsttings.xml somehow HDMI does only work every second time, black screen, ssh and Kore still working - after deleting both files (autostart and advancedsettings, .config and storage/userdata in default), still the same... fresh install -> everything fine....that's extremely weird.

    A fresh install without touching anything seems to produce no problems at all for hours. I know it sounds weird - still figuring out everything.....
    Thanks for listening

    Same here with and without subtitles, depending on audio format and a few other things. Found no long-term usable solution over the last few months.Until further development with the Pi4 software I fall back on my TV-player and or emby.
    I mean no offense, LE/Kodi is great free software by volunteers, developed in their spare time, but with the RasPi 4 we still have to wait, I think...

    BTW, even playback with emby for Kodi is much smoother and subtitles work without the frame drops.

    In my experience, keeping at a distance the USB3 peripherals from the Pi4's ports gives noticeable benefits.

    In my experience the "distance" of the Pi4 is a problem at all.
    The WiFi of my AVR or of my Xbox nosedives if the PI is in range, I have to put it at least 2 feet away. Same problem with my wifi-sockets and and 2 2,4 GHz transmitters for Zone2 and my subwoofer. E.g., if i put the Pi directly on the X-Box, the wifi has heavy dropouts with overall10-20 KB/s instead of 100 Mbit.
    Everything works again like a charme, if I remove the Pi4 from the cabinet.
    I now separated The RasPi with 2 layers of tinfoil, with only a small exit for warm air et the top and put it in the corner of the cabinet. That seems to do it in principle.
    Funny, the only thing with no problems is my Logitech 520 wireless keyboard that has no problems 5 meters away on the couch. ?(

    No change with the edid file form AV-R. I tried the edid data of the TV, connected directly to the TV and or the AV-R..doesn't work either.

    While manually forcing edid.dat files, I realized another problem. The max resolution my RasPi scales seems to be 1920x1080. All above ends in a small unscaled picture on the TV. If scaling is done by another device, everything is correct. Please see attached picture (sorry dark, forgot the flash on my phone). The unscaled picture relates to the GUI and video, no matter which resolutions are allowed and other settings. 4K=1 allowed in config.txt.
    Any ideas?

    I've watched some movies which had judder with MMAL other without-it.

    So, your RasPi connects directly to the TV, without AV-Receiver?
    Could you do me a favor: While judder and frame-dropping...can you switch off the TV (let the RasPi run!) and switch it on after 20 seconds again.
    Does this make any difference and the judder is gone for a few minutes? Thanx, Greetings!

    That's what happens to me at the moment: First I had the same problems you described in the first post, than I could get rid of it for a few weeks ( algorithmdirtyregions) and now all is back much worse.

    Does it work, if you set Kodi to 2.0 speakers, pass-through enabled, and let Kodi encode the stream to AC3 (second point below passthrough)?
    Did you uncheck HD-sound formats for testing and cable? New FW on NUC?

    I have the same issue, 100 dropped frames recorded with 5.1 audio. Doesn’t matter if it’s pass through or not. Switch to 2.1 audio and it’s fine.

    Are you talking with subs or without? I don't have audio problems any more (pass-through or not) since V 9.2.1 without(!) subtitles. AAC or AC3?
    Even with subtitles, "algorithmdirtyregions and smartredraw" seemed to worked, but frame drops appeared out of thin air a few days ago.

    Thanx very much, Klojum!

    As far as I can say now, I can't see any difference, but I still have to check and report exactly...
    But as I set the manual edid, I learned 2 other things:

    1. In resolution settings there are all frame rates (23,97, 24, 25, 29,97, 30, 50 and 60) with 1920 and 3840.
    But with 1280x720 there is only 29,97,50 and 60. The rest is missing, don't know why. So I forced Kodi to 1920 and higher and one part of stutter and judder is gone, the one without subtitles in which Kodi played 720p files with wrong frame rate. That's a start, don't you think?
    As I said, I have no idea, who doesn't give my 720 with 24 or 25 Hz. Maybe Denon?

    2. You can choose resolution for each file in the submenu while already playing. But when I change this, let's say I play 720p and change it to HD or UHD, the screen doesn't render it 100% but i see only a small picture in the top left corner. I don't know, if Kodi, AV-R or LG-TV is the problem. If I restart the file, Kodi remembers the new forced resolution, but only to 1920 and gives me a full-screen picture.

    The third point is, that picture quality is excellent with low resolution files, if Kodi is scaling from 720 to 1080 and the TV does the rest from 1080 to 2160! Even better than if the Denon (3400) does all the upscaling or the TV does it alone. I have nor idea why this can be...but for all the people in Yurop, who often still have TV or recordings in e.g. 720 - try it out!

    Thanks, I am testing right now....

    Regarding my problems like in this thread ( LibreELEC 9.2 beta 1 video judder and stuttering. ), I made a discovery yesterday.

    My video stuttering and the frame drops with subtitles are back these days. I don't had the slightest clue why, because there was no change of any kind. There are even micro-stutters as an extra every few seconds, very similar to the 23.97 framerate problem. The subtitle drops are nearly a second long and much worse than in the old thread.

    Now I realized that these things disappear, if i change the order in which I power on the devices:
    If the AVR and TV are already running and I switch on the Pi: Stuttering, in 90% of the cases.
    If I power on the Pi first and second the TV and or AV-R: Everything fine.

    Is this possible or a coincidence?
    TV is a LG UM7450 model and AV-Receiver is a Denon X3400H with PI4. No log yet, Pi3 still works flawless in every case, no matter what device I power-on first. Checked HDMI cables - no difference. What the hell is going on in my living room?

    Thanks. Stay safe everybody!

    Ha. This solution seems to be working for me too...Great, I love you..kind of ;)

    Did anybody report the audio setting stutter problem related ro rpi4 to kodi/xbmc already? I looked at the issues on the xbmc github, but did not find anything related, so I'm wondering if anyone of the developers is aware?

    I only asked in the official Kodi Forum without answers.

    Seems this is the only entry in Githun Bug Tacker, but closed because of ignored rules
    KODI 18.5 playback still stuttering ONLY with subtitles · Issue #17001 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
    So there is no open issue.