LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 BETA1

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  • Why there are no Orange Pi PC (H3 SoC) on the list? I'm running nightlies on it for months without any issue.

  • Unfortunately no update file (.tar) available yet

    You can also update with the .img.gz file (as already replied in another thread. Don't doublepost.)

  • Great, but I could not find Chrome. Is it because that's a beta or Chrome is permanently removed from LE ?

  • I upgraded from 9.2.6 and updated YouTube, InputStream, SACD ISO, Multi Weather and Pandoki. I deleted the old apps and it only took about 20 minutes total. Nice work guys.

    (2) Intel i5 NUCs

  • Houston,

    all smooth here (in Hollywood, err :cry:, ... on moon )

    switched from nightly to beta (generic)

    THX !

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

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  • I rebuilt my Raspberry Pi 4 with a new SD chip. Everything working fine except doesn't seem to be working. It is the same one which was on my 9.2.6 build.

    import xbmc


    The window isn't opening on restart.


  • Everything working fine except doesn't seem to be working.

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  • I was curious to try LE10 out. It has loads of new options for RPi4 Users in my opinion. Much newer kernel, new rendering. Really BIG changes.

    I had high hopes that the „subtitle stutter“ vanishes with LE10, sadly the subtitle stutter is still there (hdmidirtyregions zero doesn‘t help)

    Another reason i wanted to try out LE10 was to get rid of micro stutter when using audiopassthrough over hdmi (with DTS and E-AC3). I have to check this out further with LE10. It seems to be better at least.

    IPTV with TV-Headend Server on LE10 is sluggish (continuity errors) and the Server takes aaaages to start, but hey, it‘s Alpha ;)

    I wasn‘t able to take over my homebridge docker container and had to set it up as new, no big deal .

    The RPi4 CPU gets hotter with LE10, seems it has more work to do with LE10 than 9.2

    After all: good work for the first beta, i am excited to test the out the coming betas :)

    Hopefully the subtitle stutter on RPi4 gets fixed somehow in the future. It‘s the most annoying thing on RPi4 platform besides the micro stutter with audiopassthrough. I never had this subtitle stutter on my x86/nvidia LE9 system...

    Thanks LE Team!

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  • The RPi4 CPU gets hotter with LE10, seems it has more work to do with LE10 than 9.2

    The RPi4b needs a decent cooling solution, period. Yes, it can get hotheaded, even with 9.2, so a proper metallic case or an active cooling solution is recommended.