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    jernej I did testing on my Orange Pi PC. Playback no problems (h264 and h265), ethernet and usb works, suspend works but need to be sure I'm doing it right. After pressing suspend in the power menu, lights on the board goes out and after pressing power button on the board it resumes, this is the right procedure? Regarding deinterlacing I don't have any content to do the testing, is there any big buck bunny type of video for testing deinterlacing?

    I can't get past the splash screen on the latest nightly for Orange Pi PC. On the first boot everything went fine, filesystem is written, all check marks passed with OK but after the reboot I'm stucked on the LE logo. Tried another sd card, downloaded image twice but no change. Does anyone have older nightly version for Orange Pi PC for download?

    Hey, tnx for informing us Jernej, great progress.


    - H6 is planned to switch to completely free and open source mesa GPU driver soon! This means that H6 won't use any kind of blob for essential functionality (RAM, VPU, GPU, etc.)


    What is the situation with H3, will it be free too (if not already)?

    I guess not. Can you determine if this is Allwinner only issue? This sounds like platform independent issue, but it still may be.

    Two options to remove usb safely, when I click on the first one device stays listed but when I go back and then resume drive is not listed anymore. When second entry for remove safely is hit device disappear as expected. No pop-up windows for both options. I think it's only a cosmetic issue, nothing serious. LE remembers playing time for all the videos from usb when it's disconnected and connected again.

    I haven't experienced heating issue on the latest nightly I'm using (October 17 build). My Opi is running in a case that is sealed pretty well, case gets slightly warm on the touch when playing more intensive stuff (I have a heatsink installed on a cpu though).

    Just tried LibreELEC on Orange PI PC, it runs great, even on an old not so fast sd card. One small thing I noticed, when I click to safely remove USB device nothing happens, device stays listed, no pop-up window with message that device can be safely removed. Is this expected behaviour?

    I've been using an ancient ASUS USB-N11 with Orange Pi PC Plus for 8 months, it works well.

    I bought TP Link TL-WN722, very satisfied with it.

    Of course WiFi works, just not Realtek SDIO based modules, at least not some of them. OrangePi PC doesn't come with such module, so that doesn't concern you. Many USB based dongles should work, I just don't know what to recommend. I never did any test.

    Nice. I don't mind using ethernet cable or streaming from USB, wifi is a good bonus. I see CEC is also working, very, very nice. Tnx for helping and your work sir.

    Just got my hands on Orange Pi PC and wanna try LibreELEC on it, wonder how well will it run. I don't need anything fancy, just need it for x264 vids, 720p to 1080p quality at max. Also, I read last few pages and I'm still not sure about wifi, doest it work? If yes, what adapters are best choice?